What Is QuickTate About? Scam or Legit – Be Informed!

By | July 1, 2018

Guide on What Is QuickTate About – Is It Even Worth It? 


Is QuickTate a Scam? - All You Need to Know

Those who have come across this transcription service, and wondering What Is QuickTate About (http://quicktate.com – LLC), have landed perfectly! Those asking as well is QuickTat.com a fake site? Is Quik Tate a good and trusted online job? Well, you should have no fear of them being a fake site. They are indeed legit and long time established transcription service that they offer to their customers. YOUR role, should you be looking for a good online typing job, is simply to transcribe word for word, a few minutes of audio files as they are handed to you. Let us look at them in finer detail and see if they are good value for your time.



Company:- http://quicktate.com. Subsidiary of iDictate.

Created:- 26/04/2007. Expires:- Same date in 2019 per WHOIS database.

Founder:- Incredibly, per bloomberg.com, they do not list any founding executives.

Fee’s:- Free to Join but $15 for a background check!

Scam/Legit:- Legit! – We advise you do other research if you still have doubts after this article.

Affiliate Program:- Does not appear to have one.




The Finer Details on What Is QuickTate About.

QuickTate Transcription Job Info - Its Legit!

Time we get into the what exactly they offer to fully answer what is quicktate about. It is free to join, and as mentioned, you do need to pay $15 for a background security check. One must not have a criminal record. The pay dished out by quicktate is a little lower than professional transcribers but they do pay out weekly, which is great.

Quickly we wish to point out, It is usually a little worrying if we can not locate the founders to any site. This is one sign of a scam we are used to spotting with fake sites. BUT! We are confident this transcribing job offer is not one such illegal site trying to scam people. There are too many happy users of QuickTate for it to be anywhere near the possibility of them being a bad site.

They pay out via PayPal as well. Before we continue, I wish to inform you that I don’t work for quicktate, and this article is in response to my readers asking for legit ways to earn online. To this end we are merely answering that question.



How do you sign up to QuickTate to earn money?

Its Easy! Simply go to typists.quicktate.com and you will see a form to fill out. There are a qualifications section but actually we don’t believe you need formal papers to par-take, per our research.


Below are the requirements:-


  • Requirements – (?) not linked to what those are on their form.
  • Qualifications – again, does not state, but other reviews state you don’t need formal papers to do this job. Of this we are positive!
  • References – you need legit employer references confirming your transcription past services.
  • Legal Agreements – standard non-disclosure and the like I imagine. All normal stuff.
  • Background Check.

**It has to be said but I believe you do need the necessary equipment of the foot pedal to start and pause the transcription.


Who can apply?

Worried that you don’t qualify to join QuickTate because you are not based in the USA? Despite this good online company being based in San Francisco, they will consider global applicants – so that is not a problem.

How much do they pay out?

It is quite low so you need not think that you can make a full time income from transcribing with them. However, they offer 1/4 cent for every word and 1/2 cent if you are transcribing medical audios. The 1/4 cent per word is for more generalized transcribing.

QuickTate App for Customers!

Learn About QuickTate's App

For those interested in using QuickTate.com for their transcription services should very much look into their App! Their API (Application Programming Interface – I just Googled this 🙂 ) allows customers to vocally record up to three hours worth of content.

Furthermore, their service to customers is one of the oldest and most reliable of its kind online! They will give a free $5.00 bonus for all those that want to use their service for transcriptions and offer a trial period. Should you command a service greater than $5.00 in this period and then you will incur those charges.

You may get their Free App on the Google PlayStore!

How Frequent are the jobs?

Sometimes you could be transcribing one audio and have a list of them to do. This appears to be rare enough. You can login into you account at any time and there should be a job or two at least on a regular basis. It is the type of online job you need to leave that browser window open to be alerted instantly of new jobs.

What are the kind of jobs I will be transcribing?

  • Writers-Authors-Novelists material.
  • Insurance data.
  • (API) filling out forms.
  • Memos and Letters.
  • Insurance Matters.
  • Voicemail Messages.
  • Tod-Do Lists.
  • Veterinary Reports.
  • General Reports.
  • Medical Reports.
  • Field Notes.
  • Legal Notes.

*The above list is clearly displayed on their home page for their customers to view.



Is QuickTate the Best Transcription Job Online?

We don’t peg it as the best, no. Our research shows it is a very reliably paying typing job that accepts people all over the world. It is more than excellent starter-off job into the world of paid transcription jobs. If we are not entirely mistaken, they are looking for people with a word speed of abut 70wpm. Some transcription jobs require 120wpm!! Well, that would disqualify me always 🙂 .



What if my words per minute is too low?

Don’t worry, we have just the thing for that and it won’t cost you a penny either!

Back in 1997 I did an IT Course where I quickly learned to type. It landed me various roles like Audio Typing, Data Base Entry Clerk etc. It proved to be a useful skill, as the Solicitors Office I worked in as Admin/Secretary/General Dogs-Body (LOL!) proved. So, to my utter amazement, I was the ONLY ONE in the office that had the ability to actually touch type. Even the head of the Office, my employer, dictated letters for hours on end to me to type up. Hence, having good word speed per minute really can land you some useful part-time roles.

The Software that taught me how to touch type is called Mavis Beacon. That is the Inventor of it to your right.

Mavis Beacon Free Typing Software

Up Your Word Speed/Learn How to Type in No Time!

This is the free version software that educational bodies use regularly, for some decades now, to teach their students how to type correctly from the get go. In about two weeks your speed will rocket up like never before! I highly recommend it, so much nostalgia attached to this free typing course, I don’t mind saying.


Simply download this free software to your laptop and apply 20 minutes a day for two weeks:-


Click Here for Your Mavis Beacon Free Download! <<<—– there is NO CATCHIT REALLY IS FREE!



Are there other online jobs that I could earn money with?


We are endeavoring to compile a list of the most trusted online companies for all who are sincere in seeking part or full time online self employment.

To this end, we suggest you bookmark this website, and check back with us regularly for such updates!

For now, we did a review on Affilorama. They can teach you how to make your own website and make good money from it. We feel though, it is a little pricey.

Another way, for all of you who love to type and want to earn from it, is to Learn How to Blog and be shown ways on how to earn up to and beyond $10,000 a month. This is of course a long term goal but very much worth it when you consider the good money one can earn in doing this.

Simply read our article on how you could be making this amount of money in a relatively short amount of time.


Affilorama Review – Train to Make a Full Time Income Online.

What Are Some Ways To Earn Money Blogging? This recommendation is a Free Sign Up (no cc for free account) to learn to make $10,000 a month for the long term! Highly Recommended as a Legit Paying Typing Job!




Final Thoughts.

The Online Typing Transcription Job we have just recommended has many good online reviews of happy customers recommending them. However, there are some level of complaints that the money ain’t too hot! So, should you wish to sign up with them then do know that you won’t be making a fortune. It is only a way to earn some part-time income but at least it is legit and paying out.

Did we get something wrong in this article?

If so, then do feel free to alert us to that and we will make the changes where valid.

Do YOU know of another good and trusted typing job online?

Go ahead and leave your transcription job recommendations below so others may navigate past all the typing scams online.

Have YOU or anyone you know had payment success with QuickTat?

We would love to hear about it in the comments below. We respond to all comments as this website is heavily moderated.

Were you scammed by an online transcription job?


Just drop the URL of the suspected scam site below in the comments section and we ill get right on to it and expose them for you.



It was a real pleasure to recommend the typing job we just reviewed. They have been online providing their services for a very long time now and have, as said, many good reviews from customers and transcribers. Quick Google Search will make this apparent to you.

We wish to thank you all for having a look into our research on What Is QuickTate About and sincerely hopes it helps you make up your minds about them. Come back soon as we are doing a host of good and trusted online companies reviews to recommend to our readers. We wish you well and hope you find the online job that suits you the best. Looking forward to responding to all of your comments to come.


Please feel free to share this article with family and friends.


6 thoughts on “What Is QuickTate About? Scam or Legit – Be Informed!

  1. Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Philip,

    Thanks for the information about quick tate and Mavis Bacon touch type software. I can definitely make use out of it. All the best,


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      You are very welcome Ivan and yes Mavis Beacon is a fine resource. I downloaded myself and regularly do the training to increase my speed. It is brilliant to have. Thanks for your comment Ivan.

      – Philip.

  2. Simon

    Hey Philip, thanks for informative review regarding QuickTate. It sounds legit the way you describe but I would imagine it’s difficult to earn substantial income partaking in transcription services, especially the speed I type; my wife on the other hand can type 120 words per minute, she’d doddle this kind of role.
    Sounds like there’s a lot of happy users with QuickTate whilst having them payout weekly via PayPal is quite reassuring however not being able to locate the founders to any site is quite a worry but like you mention, there’s a lot of happy users, therefore sounds legit.

    I am interested in the Mavis Beacon software to help speed-up my typing, this does sound an excellent course which would effectively enhance my blog publications, thanks for the link.
    Do you think transcription services are rather limited for the future with the advancements of speech recognition combined with translation services?
    I keep wondering whether to try speech recognition software to write my blog publications, this would certainly expedite my performance.
    All the best Philip and thanks for your honest information,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Simon,

      I can’t believe your wife can type 120 per minute! I will certainly let you know if I can ever hit that word speed. Speech recognition comes with too many errors and takes heavy editing to make right and so there is little threat, right now, of typists being replaced. This is to the best of my knowledge.

      You are very welcome for the link and that software will run a little typing test to see where you are and then trains upwards from the current point of your typing ability.

      Thanks again Simon for stopping by and leaving a your comment. It is much appreciated 🙂 .

      – Philip.

  3. Danielle

    I came across this, what is quicktate .com about, post whilst searching for transcription services.

    I didn’t know about quicktate. This gives me an additional resource. Thank you for all the information you provide. You have helped me to avoid a few scams before and this is another informative post. Thank you very much.

    I think in terms of taking up transcription jobs to go full time online doesn’t pay much, not to the point of having a comfortable full time job’s salary and I have looked at your link to, what are some ways to earn money blogging, and I like your suggestions on there.

    Thank you for your helpful content.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you kindly for your comment. Yes, I spent much time researching and verifying what I found to ensure I gave out, to the best of my ability, 100% accurate information around ToCashBack.co.uk.

      Thanks agian Danielle.

      – Philip.


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