What Is PureProfitPro.com? Is PureProfitPro.com a Scam or Legit?

By | January 18, 2018

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Welcome to What Is PureProfitPro.com as I Answer if it is a Scam or Not.

Tempted to join PureProfitPro.com and need to know What Is PureProfitPro.com, if PureProfitPure is a fraud or is Pure Profit Pro a viable online business venture? Based SOLELY on their Home Page, I would not venture near them, as they only have their Login Form asking you to Pay Admin Fee’s – ?. Nothing else, no “Hello, this is what we are about” info. Who operates like that? I have only ever seen sites like this that were scams. I already do not trust them, however, I will hold fire until much-needed research is done, before (if) calling them an online scam. Intriguingly, they offer 100% Commissions which is very high as well and can not be sustained for much time

Right now, I do not recommend them as a lack of transparencies is always a bad sign. Should you need a worry free way to earn online then you may get full details of such in my Wealthy Affiliate Review >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to try it out for yourself.



What Is PureProfitPro.com and How It All Works.

As I begin to answer what is PureProfitProf.com, you should know I did not sign up to them, and have sourced data online for my readers. Let’s begin. Back ground check on site owners reveal there is not even a fake address to pass itself off as legitimate. No email contact and certainly no owners name – classic signs of deceptive website behavior. They registered online in 2015 and set to expire 2019. Further, signs to be concerned about these guys.

They have a pretty complicated earning strategy by making referrals to them. Such referrals will then pay money to you. Therefore, they have structured their business as a Multi Level Marketing Company. Since new sign ups are required to pay older members, they are unfortunately, a Ponzi Scheme as well.


Image from empty website of PureProfitPro.com



However, they do have some training tools, therefore they have some kind of product, so I can not call them Pyramid Scheme. But, since most the money flows upwards like a Pyramid Scheme, they are skirting the edges, and can nearly be considered one!

Ponzi Schemes are Illegal! One can consider giving money away to total strangers online as a cash gifting scheme, and yes, that too is illegal! Thus, they are an illegal online operation!! These websites will soon crash leaving new members without ROI and older members without the same as debt is always created with each new sign up.

Incredibly, you can not sign up to PureProfitPro except via anothers affiliate link. Minimum Buy-In is $250!

Let us now take a look at their convoluted earnings plan below:-

  1. Upgrades! Should your referrals pay money to upgrade you will earn that commission. However, if you are not at that level, you forfeit the commission which is passed on up to your refferal.
  2. Sales! Commissions made via your affiliate link. Again, if someone buys-in at a level you are not in, No Commission for you, and yes, it is passed on up to your referrer.
  3. Roll Up Sales! Should someone you refer, REFER SOMEONE else, who then upgrades to a level your REFERRER is not qualified for, you get that commission – bare with me.
  4. My least favorite of all – Pass Up Sales! Your very first sale, which should be the happiest sale you ever make, is given to your referrer! That is just demoralizing and insulting.

There you have the ways you can earn money. To even qualify to upgrade yourself, you have to make at least 1 REFERRAL, and then you are good to go.


Honestly, this all sounds like way too much work for too much money for initial start up without a reasonable guarantee of success, given how expensive these levels get, and I can not endorse such random cash gifting operations.


Below is the levels and the related fee’s:-


  1. Upgrade Level 1 for $250 – that is already too much.

Products you get for that price are Training in List Building. One hour of Internet Marketing Training Per day. Traffic from Facebook.


2. Upgrade Level 2 for $500.

For this price you get Audio Series in Leadership Development (Such audios are all over YouTube for Free!).

Personal Transformation Audio Set. Law of Attraction Audio Series (What! This is Bonkers). Productivity Master ship Audios. I am confused. One needs real training to be successful online not philosophical ramblings from speakers from 70’s!!

They give you bonus at this level, eight parts, explaining marketing applications. Bit better I guess.


3. Level 3 is $1000.

Those prices do not include Ádmin Fee’s! Did you sign up, and if so, how much were the admin fee’s? You can let everyone know in the comment box below – thank you. As far as I know, the fee’s are $99!

For every level upgraded to you will have PLR (Private Label Rights) whereby you have permission to make edits to the training resources and be able to sell them as well.

The Third Level, I must admit, gives you exceptional value for money. I will not list all the training videos they offer, as that is adequately covered elsewhere, however I can say you get circa 230 video and audio files to download for your study! Are there any drawbacks though…






Why 90% will fail at PureProfitPro.com


One Word:- SUPPORT! You pay your fee and that appears to be it! You appear to be left to your own devices and thus the training assumes you are going to be rip-roaring success.

I can tell you from prior experiences, without SUPPORT after a sale, many will depart with a horrible sense of failure. The products you buy are only e-products. There is no mentor, no coach, no one to explain the more technical aspects, no one to ask questions to, no one to have a look at your work and correct you, no one there to even give you a little nudge of encouragement. This is a pure set up for newbies to fail!!

Should someone be looking for such information, without support, they could just Google and YouTube it till they had sufficient knowledge. However, SUPPORT, is one of the key elements between online success and failure – despite all your hard work.

So, if you will, imagine if you had SUPPORT 247, any hour of the day or night from over 800,000 other Entrepreneurs to turn to for advice, would you not think this would make a huge difference to someones online success?

I can assure you it does and Wealthy Affiliate provides such assistance – even personal assistance from the Founders Kyle and Carson – see image below.



Kyle and Carson. Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson – Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.



I will now give my rating below, after which, one and all is invited to have your say 🙂 .



SCAM RATING:- NON-EXISTENT SUPPORT! NO OWNER ONLINE DETAILS! INVITE-ONLY TO PARTICIPATE! NEED MINIMUM OF $250 TO START! MEMBER SUCCESS IS LOW! A MODEST 25/100! Not the worst I have seen. But, NOT RECOMMENDED! To say they are an out right scam seems a bit unfair given they do give you substantial data per investment. There are better ways though.


*You are invited to share this article to as many as you like to help better inform people and perhaps save many wasting their time. Thank you.




Should you still wish to sign up with the site I just wrote about, I’d be very interested if you kept everyone informed on your successes/difficulties, and offer reasons why you would recommend them or not. I’d imagine there are many people who have signed up to them, and it is to you also, I would ask this:- was it worth it for you? You are welcome to leave your experience below to help others make a decision for themselves. Now that I have answered What Is PureProfitPro.com I will say farewell for now 🙂 .



I only endorse 1 Online Company Business that has been operating successfully online since 2005! They take your success very seriously and have counter-measured every possible stumbling block for everyone to over come. Click Image below to sign up direct or see my review of WA >HERE<.



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I will see you on the other side of success 🙂 .


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