What Is PtrVIPClub.com? Is PtrVIPClub.com a Scam or Legit!

By | March 3, 2018

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Review of What Is PtrVIPClub.com


$100 Per Paid Read Email! In Reality What Is PtrVIPClub.com and Why they are Disingenuous.

Well done for doing some research to answer What Is PtrVIPClub.com! We answer is PtrvVIPClub safe and legit or a scam. This is an unaffiliated review so information is provided on the grounds to warn our readers of Ptr Vip Club. Upon finding their website it was easy to become suspicious given they offer extremely high payouts for far too easy work. They even offer $100 just to sign up, unfortunately, no site would be crazy enough to throw away such money as what is stopping people from signing up and running with the money? Easy to declare them not legit and an illegal company that does not pay out.

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What Is PtrVIPClub.com to offer High Payouts.

Just before we get into answering further what is PtrVIPClub.com we will try to find who owns the site. Unfortunately, they have not supplied any online details that lets us know who owns the website. They come with online complaints of no payouts though they say payout is instant. One member (former, I guess, by now) said they were told to wait three months while that person’s account was being evaluated (sourced:- nrb).

They have been online since 2013 and appear to be shutting down operations mid 2018. In their ‘PAYOUTS‘ section there is a message on that page saying they are new and so no payouts right now. That Message is Still There in 2018!! SCAM! Obviously, they have had more than enough time to pay people. So, no payment proofs and that is always a reliable sign of a scam website. Look to their copyright, bottom of their website, and it says 2017! This is a reliable sign that their website is not being actively maintained.

How It Works.


Review Revealing What Is PtrVIPClub.com

Everyone can sign up for free to watch advertisements once clicked on. Members get 10% for making referrals level 1, 5% level 2 referrals and 1% for level 3 down lines. They also offer advertisement space in their Premium account. A quick note with advertising on sites like this (even if legit) is that their members are the only ones seeing your ads! This means they have no more reason to click on your ad except for a tiny pay of pennies and no one will buy from you – well – likely no one will. This is a notoriously bad idea online to advertise with such websites.

The minimum threshold to get your cash is apparently $20, though I have seen reported, it is actually $20,000. However, I do not know myself for sure. One thing is for sure they don’t seem to be paying anyone right now. Please do let us know in the comment box below if you have received payment so we can include that in our article – thank you 🙂 .

What bothers me the most and tells me without doubt they can’t be trusted is they promise out $100 for every email you receive and read!! This is sheer BONKERS 🙁 as NO ONE online can afford to pay anyone $100 for reading ONE EMAIL! Anything above between 1 penny to 3 pennies is just not affordable and where does their profit come from if they pay out so high? Now we see that if they were real they would be running at a loss to a point of being permanently indebted to their members. We would like to be proven wrong and only state this as our opinion – WHO KNOWS – maybe they really are paying out! But we doubt it very much and so warn you against them.

Email support is available but only to Premium Members. Unfortunately, once more, not even Premium Members get any replies.



How This Online Scam Works.

We should quickly make everyone aware that they have a poor online reputation with blogs and You-Tube videos clearly listing them as a scam website. Upon cash out, which I have further researched and multiple sources state the minimum threshold to get your earnings is actually $20K, we see that it ain’t honest. Honest sites will go a max of just $100 for payouts!

Anyways, upon applying for your earnings you may be asked to UpGrade Your Account. You will of course be required to pay money to do this. We strongly recommend you DO NOT PAY as you Still Will Not Receive Your Earnings. This is all there is to this scam. They get free traffic supplied by their members. They earn advertisement fee’s from their Premium Members and of course they must earn some commissions for getting all those emails read.

Lastly, they are harvesting personal data such as emails etc. These details are highly sought after by online fraudsters. They are then sold onto such individuals which puts their members in the firing line for having their online ID ripped. We clearly can not recommend them out of the safety of the online community and we would ask you help share this article via your social media accounts.


We always seek to be accurate and informative for our readers and so we encourage people to do their own research. Scamwitness.com does not state anything as fact in a legal sense but only in our opinion. However, in this instance, we are confident in coming to a correct conclusion.









THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! We would like to hear from people who have signed up to the site we just exposed. Did you get paid? Are you still waiting on pay? Do let us know in the comment box below to help better inform people to come to their own decision. Are you currently looking at another website online offering huge payouts for easy work? Do let us know s owe can check them out for your peace of mind. We thank you for your time and look forward to all of your comments and questions as we finish answering What Is PtrVIPClub.com. Farewell for now everyone 🙂 .



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