What Is PTEMoney Site? PTEMoney Site RUMBLED!!

By | June 4, 2018

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PTEMoney Site Exposed!



Here we are going to answer What Is PTEMoney Site and Why we CAN’T Recommend them.

This is the very first article to answer What Is PTEMoney Site. This article is for those that want to know as well is PTEMoney. Site straight up about their payments? Is PTE Money Site pretending honestly to rip off people? This is a NON-MEMBER REVIEW of PTEMoney so you know there is no bias here. We will look for pay, work and owner info. We will also answer this:- are they are scam? Well, yes, they are. Apologies to inform you of this. They have many sites that are almost duplicates of PTEMoney.

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PTEMoney Site ‘Ghost’ Site Owners, Their Payment Promises and the Work Involved.

PTEMoney Site Exposed Online.

PTEMoney Site – Not Good!

The site owners of PTEMoney Site are simply not known. They have been making a small fortune from their “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” sites since 2014. They have many thousands of these sites conning members. No one has ever been paid by any of their sites. We can see no email and no legit address attached to PTEMoney and so we can say this is a deliberate attempt to hide owner details. All signs of a scam site!

They are producing these sites in English, German and in Russian and are viral as a whole operation. 1031 COPIES exist in English and many complaints occur about their combined sites. FruMoney Site is their most recent Paid to Click scam site. They also run many YouTube video campaigns trying to trick people into becoming their victims. Don’t for it and do report them on YouTube as Spam.

Here is a review on What Is OceMoney Bid we did recently. That review contains a host of other reviews we did on their many sites. You may wish to view those reviews for more data on their operations. Opens in a new page.

Work they Provide to a Free Labor Work-Force.

The work is very easy and all it entails is clicking on ads all day. Then they want you to add some kind of code. This task will net you 10c per task. This is too high. PTC sites can only afford around 2 to 3 cents a time. Even many will only pay out fractions of a cent. IF this were real, the money would be so poor, that you would be quite lucky to make even $10 monthly. How is this worth anyone’s time when it is not even close to good pocket money?

Commissions on their Referral Program.

Their referral program hands out 50% commissions on your referrals work. That is SO high! That is day light robbery. How is your sign ups meant to earn good money in decent time if half was being taken for each task? And yet, PTEMoney Site says ALL get 10c per ad task. Then where the does the other 5c come from to give to your referral after you are given 5c out of every ad they view? YOU SEE HOW THIS MAKES NO SENSE YET?!

Daily Earnings Guide.

The money per task is cumulatively tabulated in your account for you to observe. This can quickly go up to nearly $500 in a day or two! LOL! That is too much for actions that are not even worth a single penny to perform individually.

They even go so far as to say that all members are in the situation of earning up to $4800 monthly! And yet, none of their sites has ever paid out a penny. There is no proof of these statements anywhere on Google and there never will be unless they pay themselves under a fake account. YouTube videos on these sites will try to convince you they have cashed out – THEY ARE THE SCAMMERS! Should the video be old enough look out for comments telling you they are a scam.


There is a Way to be Your Own Boss but not with these guys I am afraid.


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Cash Out for No Pay.

PTEMoney Site is Note Honest.

PTEMoney Site is Laughing all the way to the Bank.

$150 is when you can ask for your money. This cash out can be achieved in only a few hours. This is another good clue you are dealing with a scammer site. The minimum cash out should never be higher than $100! Anything above that should be considered suspicious and you would do well to look for reviews on it to see if they are a fake site.

Once your request is submitted you will be informed that you may take a shorter waiting time option. This is about $10 to use and then another $9 to buy some referrals. They want 40 new sign ups and without them then here is where the $9 charge comes into play.

Often times, their ‘SYSTEM’ will crash, and then MARTIN WOOD SHOWS UP! He will say he is the ‘Project Manager’ and that you must pay again due to system failure. Total lies! That is more than likely a fake name from some 16 year old genius in Russia. Don’t pay it.

SO! Should you refuse to pay – you won’t see your money. Those that do pay then you will no longer have access to your account. They will keep it alive to make believe to others you are still working away. This is also designed to give the false impressions of high member numbers to new comers.

That is the full scam exposed. Why not tell us your experiences below? It will help so many others to know your story and so perhaps avoid such sites.





For those that experienced the site we just exposed as a scam then we welcome your comments below. Did they take your money? Did you hand over bank/PayPal details? Let us know what you experienced or even found out. We are willing to add to this post if new data surfaces, in particular, who are the real owners?! We shall finish up answering What Is PTEMoney Site and look forward to all of your comments to come. Thanks for popping in and we do appreciate your time. All the best 🙂 .




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