What Is PTCBank. Net? Is PTCBank. Net Legit or a Scam? Review!

By | December 20, 2017

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Exploding The Truth on What Is PTCBank. Net!

YouTube is in uproar over PTCBank. Net! Should you are researching What Is PTCBank. Net and asking is PTCBANK a scam, or is PTC BANK NET genuinely real and just misunderstood to be a scam site, then in my review In answering what is PTC BANK, I will detail the work, the pay and how they mercilessly scam their members. They have been online since 2010 and the creator’s name is James Anderson, which incidentally, is the same name as a famous English Cricket Player – weird. Due to their high volume of poor reviews and customer complaints, compounded by damning evidence sourced from YouTube, I have NO CHOICE but to label them as an online scam site and will be put into my SCAM SITES menu section.

Should you have invested time with PTCBANK without pay, then, I am sorry to break this news to you. I too have been scammed online before and know that horrible feelings. There is another way! That is the good news and I recommend only one online business that does show how to achieve online success. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they can train complete beginners in Affiliate Marketing up to expert level. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. My review of WA is >HERE< for full details and how to set up your own business. You may wish to Sign Up >HERE< to have a look around and ask some questions. I am here to help you should you have the desire to be a great success online!! Free and Premium Accounts available. We shall now cover the rest of my review of PTCBANK.



What Is PTCBank. Net and Is PTCBank. Net a Scam?

As said, the owner – apparently – is James Anderson. In answering what is PTCBank. Net I went to WHOIS. Their sites creation was on the 10/3/2010 which makes them a really old site, considering, they are a real and genuine fraudulent site. No address details and email is WHOIS protected. Sign upon sign of deception and why would honest and legit sites not want to be known for their own online creations? Online scams last for a year or two and then shut down when they are too exposed as not real – most of the time.

To further answer what is PTC BANK I will now detail the work and the pay below.


Home Page of PTCBank.net,











It is a PTC site (Paid To Click) where you get paid to click on advertisements for some small pennies. They will direct you to other sites, that usually, require you to sign up to them as well. Dangerous as you just don’t know if those sites are real or criminal. Keep in mind, as well, 99% of PTC sites are scams!! FACT! Another disturbing FACT about PTC sites is they do not appear to have a filtering system that separates fraud sites from the honest ones, thus, they take NO RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR online safety.

For the time and effort required PTC Sites pay out very little. This is why we don’t recommend any PTC Sites! The money is so low as to be called worthless!!

It is Free to Sign Up to PTCBank and cash out is $100! This is actually borderline OK amount, as I have learned recently, anymore than $100 is the max that lends legitimacy to a PTC site. But I warn you, it is not uncommon with such sites, not to be able to make that amount even after 12 months!


Who’s it for and what is the pay like?


Pay and Who Qualifies.

It is for everyone! If you are able to turn on a device, hook up to the net and have the patience to watch ads, then, this includes everyone. The pay is very low, though they say, the advertisements only last a “few seconds”. In my extensive research such ads last anywhere from 5, 10 and to even 30 seconds with varying degrees of pennies for payment relative to time. Actually, PTCBANK offers $00.10 per ad, which is pretty high considering such sites only earn half a cent per clicked ads (on average), so pray tell, where the heck does the other NINE CENT MATERIALIZE FROM!? ‘Pay’ does not include the time some of these sites loading times take, which at many times, can be very abusive.

A quick look at their FAQ’s and they say you watch an ad for 2 seconds, another page loads where you wait for 3-5 seconds, ANOTHER PAGE loads and you can close it after 3 seconds. Shessh! Should you be viewing more than one ad with two separate windows open you won’t get paid as determined by an ‘X’ and not a ‘Green Tick’.

They admit they will be pop up ads, just like the 90s folks, and you are advised to ignore them. They why have them in the first place? Strange…You have 25 ads per every 24 hour period where you can earn 50% of your referrals work! ALL B. S! Lastly, per their own words – YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL IS VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED! YUP – TOTAL RUBBISH!! They Do Not Pay Out and have not for some time, even as far back as 2013 per one complaint I found online.

Once you hit your minimum cash out of $100 you will not be able to sign back in. Alternatively, you will see a page that requests you to reload it ad infinity!! SCAM OVER!







You may take the ‘mike’ and have your say! I would love to hear if I just helped you steer clear of these horrible scammers, if so, let me know in the comment box below as it gives me a boost as well 🙂 . I hope you are much clearer on What Is PTCBank. Net and hope you consider sharing this article to alert many others to stay clear of them. Consider also my #1 WORK FROM HOME RECOMMENDATION for a stable way to earn online. It takes time and work but once achieved you will NEVER look back 🙂 ! Thank you for reading my article and I wish you much online success in whatever your chosen endeavor. Take care of yourself and I hope you to see you soon – psst – leave a comment even if it is just to say hi 🙂 . All the best!


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