What Is Print Your Pet – Is PrintYourPet.com Scam or Legit? Warning!

By | December 31, 2018

What Is Print Your Pet And Are They A Safe Site? – Report Your Experience Here.

This is a must-read article on What Is Print Your Pet at www.printyourpet.com! Is Print Your Pet good, safe, legit, genuine, real, trustworthy, honest or Is PrintYourPet bad, scam, dishonest, crooked? This Print Your Pet Review would like to point out to you the 100’s of complaints online about their service. While some people seem to be happy, 73% on Trust Pilot Review Site, consider them ‘Bad‘. What has been your experience? Why not let everyone know below in the comments section. 

Fake online stores come from all parts of the world, but there is one part you need to watch out for, and that is China. That is a region that produces most of the fake online shops on the net. We shall be looking at the Founder, contact info and where they are based. We will isolate the scam signs that alert us to suspicious behavior and ultimately scamwitness.com’s Verdict on their site. 

We have reviewed many fake online shopping sites and so very skilled at knowing a fake site when we see one. Such fake sites include CottonZily, BonBoho, AutoZone.Store, HotBuyVip, Rena1ssance, Morderneo, SetComing, FreeHue, ItStylish, Sleepious.co among many others. That is not to say mistakes are impossible and so where errors occur they will be rectified.

In the case of the site in question there is too much evidence online that they may not 100% legit. But, are they a scam? New companies may encounter problems and then come good and improve their online reputation. The site in question has been online some time and so I am worried they do not intend to deliver the service they promise on their site.

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Find Out Here What Is Print Your Pet – Owner, Address And Contact Info.

There are some important areas on a site to see if they are trustworthy. Have they got contact info? Founder Name? Where are they based and is that data visible or all hidden? Where we find this information has intentionally been hidden then that is a bad sign. Let us find out more to know for sure What Is Print Your Pet.


Print Your Pet Review

Be Careful – 100’s Of Complaints Online!


All sites must register online and so here we can see the actual data left by the founder. Legit and trusted businesses don’t have a problem with doing this. If they do not leave it at site registration then its almost certain they will make it available on their website.

However, this is not the case with PrintYourPet.com! Their address is 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA. Going to Trust Pilot, where the founder has ‘claimed’ their business, they have their address as 75287, Dallas, United States. That appears also to be an incomplete address.

Where we find multiple addresses attached to a shopping site then that is an indicator your order maybe being shipped from overseas. The ‘Mowat Ave’ address is being used by many sites online and so how can so many companies being using the same address? This is not a good sign.

Looking at their site, I can’t locate their Customer Support Phone Number, Email, ADDRESS and Founder Name. This is not usual for an honest site and I can’t see why they would not display this for their customers. They do have a contact page but for me that is not sufficient reassurance should things go wrong.




Online Complaints And Scam Signs.

As said they have many online complaints. They are not without some praise but even the good reports point to problems. The biggest problems are listed below.

  • NO response from Customer Support! That seems to crop up a lot.
  • Nothing arrives!
  • Just noticed a report that a customer was charged twice.
  • One of the biggest problems I see are people warning others NOT TO BUY from the site in question! 
  • Long waiting times for delivery!
  • Where product arrives then they are waiting on other items or it took too long. 

That is per the first six pages of the reviews left at Trust Pilot.


Scam Signs.

No founder name on their site.

Email, Phone Number and Founder Name absent.

They have Two ‘Contact Us’ sections.

I Google Dropped one of their images and it did NOT link back to their site.

PayPal Verified? McAfee Secured? These are just images and do not link to anywhere.

Too many complaints online. I thought I might just not be able to ‘Recommend’, but no company can have so many complaints and still be legit – in my opinion.




Do You Have A Print Your Pet Scam Report, Positive Review? You May Leave Those Reports And Reviews Below In The Comments Section – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

That ‘Verdict’ is based on over 500 reviews left on the review site cited above. The complaints are horrendous and I feel that people are ‘screaming’ SCAM as a warning. Not all of those people can be lying. Did you get your order? Was it the right item or good quality? For me, they are a scam and not recommendable given the overwhelming online negative reports, and so, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

I get no pleasure out of assigning that ‘Verdict’ but what choice was there. To recommend them is to put others at risk. Those with questions are welcome to place them below where I will be happy to try to help further. This now concludes What Is Print Your Pet and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come. Before you go, don’t forget about my #1 Way To Earn Online where it is free to begin. 2 Free Websites for all the budding online entrepreneurs. Do check out Ways To Make Money Blogging and how that could just change your financial life for the better.


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