What Is Post Affiliate Pro About? Scam or Legit – Quick Overview.

By | July 14, 2018

Full Details on What Is Post Affiliate Pro About and How to Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program. 

Affiliate Review of PAP

Welcome to our review on What Is Post Affiliate Pro About! Here is an honest Affiliate Member Review to address other questions like is Post Affiliate Pro (https.www.postaffiliatepro.com) genuine? Is PostAffiliatePro even worth the money you pay? We will also cover their Affiliate Program for those looking for ways to earn money online from home. For now, we wish to inform you quickly, that PAP (for short) is not a rip-off! They are good and honest and they provide legit services to allow individuals, to large scale networks, to create their own Affiliate Programs without technical abilities. All the techy stuff is done for you.


Here is what we will cover in this article:-


  • History and Founders.
  • What Exactly Post Affiliate Pro offers as their service and how to set up your own affiliate program.
  • Their Affiliate Program and How You Can Earn Affiliate Commissions.
  • Final Thoughts and Your Opinions/Experiences/Stories and Questions!



Viktor Zeman - Co-Founder of PostAffiliatePro

Vikto Zeman

Company:- https://www.postaffiliatepro.com. Product of Quality Unit LLC.

Founders:- Maros Fric, Andrej Harsani and Viktor Zeman are Co-Founders of PAP.

Created:- Been thriving online since 20/05/2004. Expires:- Same time in 2025.

Affiliate Program:- Yes, as stated, they have such a Program. All New Affiliates Receive a Free Sign Up Bonus of $5!

Fee:- PRO $97pm. ULTIMATE $197PM. NETWORK $477PM. No Contracts so you can cancel anytime you like.

Scam/Legit:- We are very confident in saying they are 100% Legit. We recommend you do further research if you still have any concerns on their legitimacy.





Brief History/Founders Info and more on What Is Post Affiliate Pro About.

Learn to Earn with PAP!

Before we get into further details on What Is Post Affiliate Pro About, even though we are confident they are legit, its just good practice to do a background check.



Below is a short list of what we look for to determine if a site is a scam or not.


    • Can we locate who the founders are?

In this case, yes we can! That is a big one and if you can’t find ANY INFO on any sites creators – usually a good sign they may not be trustworthy.

    • Too many bad online reviews?

So, generally speaking, pretty much all online ventures get some bad reviews. What we are looking for is TOO MANY BAD REVIEWS! When you see this then it is further cause for concern. Not so with PAP!

    • Are they transparent per their service/product/prices and commission payments?

In our experience of exposing so many online scams there are a few common scam traits. Generic and inflamed payouts to affiliates is a big one! Contradictory data on their site is another. No or just a shabby product. PAP falls into NONE of those categories.

    • Has their site got a Privacy Policy Page, Terms of Service Page?

We have noticed that scammers just don’t normally bother with making such pages. If they do then they are pretty much unreadable, and deliberately so, to put people off reading them. Only about 10% people that visit a site will even think to look for these things. That is probably why scam sites don’t care for them much, even though, Google does look for these things as standard. PAP has these pages and is not coming across like they are out to scam people.

    • Longer than a year online?

This list could go on for some time, but lastly, sites that have just started online and only register for a year is a bad sign. However, only when they themselves are offering work to others for payment is it considered such. Check WHOIS website for age of site, and then check the copyright below on the bottom of any website. Should there be a difference, coupled with some signs listed here, then you should probably just not go there anymore.

Otherwise, it is a sign that a website is no longer being maintained!

That is our Top 5 criteria for ascertaining the honesty of any site. The ‘check’ is now complete.



Brief History of Founders.

As mentioned, Maros Fric, Andrej Harsani and Viktor Zeman Co-Founder Post Affiliate Pro. Per WHOIS database, they have listed their region under ‘SK’ i.e. Slovakia. Presently, their servers are situated in the UK and USA and Linode data centers host those servers.

These gentlemen’s skill set enabled them to pioneer new web-based software development and also help refine the process in affiliate marketing. They invented a type of tracking that could track all actions more so people could receive correct commissions with fewer errors etc. They are indeed the one of the leaders in the evolution of affiliate marketing online and in other respects as well.

*Affiliate Marketing:- The selling of anothers product for a commission. That is all it is in a nutshell. Anyone can earn $10,000+ a month in this area.

One example would be to Learn How to Make Commissions by Blogging <<- – that article contains A Free Start Up Online in Affiliate Marketing, if this sounds like something you wish to do.

We are taking applications for a 20 Video Free Course Modules for all aspiring online Entrepreneurs in this area as well.

We won’t go deep into these guys, there is a lot of history, but will say from their creation up to 2014 they had helped to power up 27,000 affiliate programs! Per their website, and up to the date of this article, that number has risen to 30,000!!




PAP’s Service and How to Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program Online.

Want Your Own Affiliate Program?

Those of you that have ever signed up to an Affiliate Program are now presented to start up one of your own, that is affordable, to a great number of people. Post Affiliate Pro offers it to small business ventures way up to huge business networks.

Their product promises extremely stable tracking and a 90-day cookie.


*Cookie’s:- Small bit of data stored onto person’s device when they land on a website and accepts them when asked. It will track the actions taken when that person buys something. The ‘cookie’ will ‘read’ WHO referred this customer and assign commissions to the relevant referrer i.e the one that made the sale.

*Tracking:- I have seen reports that some sites tracking does not work (at times) and it does cost real people real commissions. PAP calls their tracking software ‘rock solid’. Any members herewhat has your experience been in this area? Let us know in the comments below.

The Tracking that are used by PAP can be found at https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/features. Lets just say they cover every thing from tracking different currencies and then combining figures into one currency.


The following tracking methods are:-

  • Different types of affiliate links.
  • Private and Public Campaigns i.e. only certain affiliate members can see or all members can see.
  • Forced Matrix – MLM – Where you personal sales/commissions are tracked plus commissions from your down line.
  • Split Commissions. This will pay commissions to all those that helped with a sale, which is unique to their software.
  • Affiliate Resources like banners and text links etc.

There is a lot they offer but we will leave it there. Their Tracking Software covers a lot of features that helps to ensure smooth operations in your affiliate program without loss of commissions as far as our research shows.


A few PAP Facts:-


  • Revolutionary Proprietary Tracking Software.
  • Proprietary Affiliate Marketing Software.
  • Can scale your affiliate operation without end, it seems.
  • Software helps to run many affiliate campaigns simultaneously.
  • Keeps track of the affiliate applications for your approval or not.
  • Keeps track of all affiliate members actions and their commissions.
  • Software can ‘mass-pay’ on a due date for all members.
  • The opportunity to connect to 170+ CMS (Content Management Systems) and Gate Ways of Payment.

Those are some features on offer and it appears it is beginner friendly as well.




PAP No Contract Packages to Kick-Start Your Own Affiliate Program.

There are Three Packages that is affordable to pretty much everyone. Its start just $97 Per Month with no Contract to tie you in! That is pretty amazing when you consider you are starting your own program that could be a huge brand one day. This is for the small business venture start up package i.e. individuals branching out.

affiliate software

Pro Package:-

can be incorporated into person’s e.g. e-commerce site without charge. PAP will seek to make sure this happens smoothly and will debug if anything does not seem to go right.

Below is three packages with their features and prices and will briefly explain their differences.


Difference Between Them


So we can see you naturally get more features the higher up the packages you go.

The Pro Package is suitable for sites that get less than 30,000 visitors to their site a day.


The Tracking Requests are as follows:-

  1. Banner Impressions.
  2. Click Tracking.
  3. Sale Registration.
  4. Lead Registration.


Keep an eye on your traffic

The PRO package is not to exceed 1 Million Tracking Requests Per Month or you will be billed automatically for each and all additional requests. DO KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR TRAFFIC TO AVOID THIS.


The First Package is suited for Start Ups. *You can upgrade and downgrade packages.


The ULTIMATE PAP Package:-

Allows for no more than 5 Million Tracking Requests per month.

Several admins, Full Scale Affiliate Management and SEO Friendly.

Best suited for high traffic websites that get traffic under 150,000 visitors to their websites per day.

The Tracking Actions are as listed already for the PRO Package and you will be automatically charged for all tracking requests exceeding 5 Million a month.


The Third Package, called NETWORK:-

This is for websites that get no more than 20 Million Tracking Requests a month! Like the rest, additional requests are auto-charged to you.


Type of charges?

PAP has a full comparison table on their site regarding charges and for what. See images below:-


See the Difference


As we can see there is a one time charge for Customizable Email Templates. There are additional charges per month in the ULTIMATE Package as well.



We have covered:-

  • What PAP is.
  • Identified owners and easy to find other relevant information.
  • We have discussed their product (briefly).
  • Some methods from their Tracking Software.
  • Comparisons of their packages plus prices.






Creating Your Own Affiliate Program.


Affiliate Program Start Up

Those that want to get their feet wet and start up their very own Affiliate Program may click on the link below:-


Click Here to Start Your Own Affiliate Program!! Comes with a Trial Period with no obligation, see below.


There is a 14-Day Free Trial and a 30-Day Free Trial depending on what you go for.

There is One Time Payment Fee instead of a monthly fee for some options. Those that want their own website name, instead of (yourwebsitename).postaffiliateprom.com, are advised to contact support for help in this matter.




Does PAP Have an Affiliate Referral Program Every One Can Join?


YES! You fill out a form and you are automatically qualified!!

Simply follow the link below to join the Affiliate Program:-


Click Here to Join PAP’s Affiliate Program!


*In Brief:- After Sign Up, you will see an email you will need to click on a link to go to your affiliate panel.

Your User Name is your email and your password is auto-generated for you, keep hold of it!

Use those details to sign in to your account.

Then, just grab your affiliate links and share them with your readers. When people go there through your affiliate links, and make purchases, you are to earn 20% commission and 20% recurring. It really is that simple 🙂 .

Those that have their own websites are naturally going to need to supply URL upon sign up.



To Save You Time, You May Fill Out The Form Below to Sign Up to Post Affiliate Pro’s Referral Program Now, to start earning sooner :-


Personal Information

Additional Information

Per my own experience, qualification to their program is automatic acceptance.


Once you have filled our the form above and submitted you may try to login in below:-


UsernamePasswordRemember me


Should you encounter any problems with the above steps, just let us know in the comment box below to receive help.



Regarding Websites, Don’t worry if you don’t currently possess your own site!

We have Two Free Websites to place your links on. Once you sign up for those sites then you will be shown how to set them up. THEN! – GO and get your affiliate links from PAP and place them on your site.

I will PERSONALLY show you how to do this on top of the free training (20 Video Course Modules – currently taking applications, as discussed) supplied to those interested.

PAP’s allows your referrals, and yourself, to make money from your referrals earnings.




OK! Time we conclude our research.

Below is a few Final Thoughts and where you may ask your questions, leave your experiences etc.




Final Thoughts ?.

We are very happy to conclude that PAP is very much a Legit, Honest and a long time Trusted Online Company. They even allow for earnings from sub affiliates as well and you are automatically qualified to earn commissions via their other product, the Live Help Desk Product. We would like to ask you a few questions before we finish up:-



Did we get something wrong?

We welcome all valid corrections to this article.


Would you recommend this program to others and why?

Go ahead, put your review of their a). Affiliate Referral Program or b). Their offer to create your own affiliate program.


Do you have complaints? Is PAP even worth the money for the services provided?

As we all know, sometimes things just don’t go right! You can leave your complaints below of PAP if you feel you did not receive the service they promote, and why. Should you feel their service is or is NOT worth the money, then of course, let us know that as well. Place all views in the comments box below where we will respond as quickly as possible.





That wraps up What is Post Affiliate Pro About and we do hope we have made how to set up your own Affiliate Program clear to you. If not, just ask us below for further elaboration. We also recommend many other ways to earn online and we will leave some links below for your consideration. Thanks for stopping by and we are very much looking forward to all of your comments to come. Until Next Time – Take Care 🙂 .


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  1. Furkan

    I think the tracking is the most important thing and as they said it should be perfect. And I like that you provided
    comparisons of packages. However I am on a budget and I really can’t spend a lot of money on this and I want to get the best bang for the buck. What do you recommend for me?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Furkan,

      Considering that you can get to start up your very own affiliate program, I believe is very affordable. However, there are a number of opportunities that cost even less.

      This article –>>> Earn Money by Blogging


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