OosMoney.xyz Review – Is ‘OosMoney’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 5, 2019

How to Cash Out with OosMoney. xyz?

You looking for a review about OosMoney. xyz? Is ‘OosMoney’ a scam or are they paying out and legit? So you will never cash out with www.osmoney. xyz. That is only a fact. There are many other sites and we will share some of the most recent ones in our ‘OsMoney xyz’ Review. Beware of Bdumoney. xyz, AohMoney. Club, UogMoney, OnyMoney. icu, GsaMoney. icu, EdiMoney. xyz, YetMoney. icu, YakMoney. icu, LkaMoney, WbiMoney. Club, VnuMoney. xyz, PnaMoney. icu, GipMoney, ObyMoney. icu, YobMoney. icu, EnaMoney. icu, HneMoney. Club, PnyMoney. icu and VpoMoney. Club.

Before we begin, those seeking to find ways that are proven honest and paying, can have a read HERE. Moving on let us find out more about these kinds of scams below and how it all works.



do not login into www.oosmoney. xyz!


OosMoney. xyz Rumbled as a ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam.

  • So you know now that you can never cash out at OosMoney. xyz? There is no point trying because they will try to convnice you to pay them money to get your earnings. Any site trying to get you to pay them before they pay you is always a scam. Never do this. So, and just to be very clear, avoid Bdumoney. xyz, YakMoney. icu, YobMoney. icu, AohMoney. Club, LkaMoney, EnaMoney. icu, UogMoney, WbiMoney. Club, HneMoney. Club, OnyMoney. icu, VnuMoney. xyz, PnyMoney. icu, GsaMoney. icu, PnaMoney. icu, VpoMoney. Club, EdiMoney. xyz, GipMoney, YetMoney. icu an ObyMoney. icu. Stay tuned to our site as we have 100’s of articles to up date to expose the new sites by the same cyber-crooks as ‘OosMoney’.
  • As you can see from the list in the intro above, is one of many. Actually, online estimations put it into the 1000’s copy-cat sites that have the same owners. The wording, the format, the color, owners, WHOIS details, website errors, admin names, figures paid out, and precise wording of everything on there is carried forward to all other scam sites!!!
  • I have been tracking these scammers online for months now, and while other sites just ‘list’ these scam sites, I am doing reviews on them all and landing PAGE 1 ON GOOGLE, to stop potential new comers to them!
  • Scam Witness must of stopped 1000’s of people from being scammed by now from sites like fepmoney. club etc and I want to thank a great many of you for sharing my articles to help spread the word. The people behind these scam sites are said to be a Russian Scam Network! Others put them in the USA, UK, PANAMA, but my research shows, no one really knows. These scammers are good!!
  • But, with 3.75 BILLION ACTIVE ONLINE USERS, with 2 BILLION online at any given moment in time, there is always someone that does not know how much of a scam these guys are…




No Payouts – How They Do it.

  • Briefly, the Founder can not be located, address details in WHOIS are FAKE! Email is hidden and there is nothing but complaints online about no payments. NO PAYMENTS for every reviewed site owned by these well hidden online fraudsters!
  • You sign up for free. You will have the opportunity to make 10c per ad unit watched. These 10 cents will be added to your fake account in real time. All your work does actually generate money, just, you won’t see any of it.
  • You can between $50 to $300 per day on an average of 3 to 5 hours a day! On there Home Page you see a table of how much as been paid out on that day. Those figures are fake and along with the names.
  • OK, watch ads for money. Simple enough. Another way to earn money is to share your affiliate link on all social networks to drive traffic through your link. Every referral you make you will get 50% of there viewed ads and other work. Of, course, you won’t actually get anything.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $150 where you may ask for your money. You will be told you must make 40 referrals before any money is paid out to you.You can also buy those referrals for $14! Those referrals are fake as well, I am afraid.
  • It should take one hour to get your cash to your bank account per there home page description, however, once you request your cash you will receive a message you are getting your cash in TWO MONTHS.
  • Weird! Anyways, it does not matter, you still ain’t getting paid.
  • You will be locked out of your account, sooner or later, and you will not be able to get back in – that I can promise you!
  • You may wish to email them, and if you are lucky enough to have a real email address, then you will receive responses that make no sense leading to no pay.
  • Please understand the people behind this scam do not understand ANYTHING when you start asking for your money!! Not even the simplest question and a question is always posed back as an answer to ad confusion to a highly distressing experience.
  • I could go on –and so I will – they sell on your personal details to scammers for a personal profit to there site! Thus, they are a phishing site and they download malware to your device, ergo, they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.






Final Thoughts.

Any site that looks like any of the sites we have mentioned here, not to mention the many review links we have already left in our post above, then you must see that they can not be real. I know I know I know this is disasppointing. However, it is another opportunity right here. When one door closes … another one is now opening…



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