What Is Peoples Dream Club? Is Peoples Dream Club a Scam or Legit?

By | January 23, 2018

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWhat Is Peoples Dream Club – A Wise Investment or Not?

PeoplesDream.ClubΒ is a new online ‘Peer-to-peer network’ site offering excellent ROI, prompting many to ask, What Is Peoples Dream Club, is Peoples Dream Club a fraud or real and safe? 80% Compound Interest to Buy “Peoples Dream” via purchasing ‘COINS’. Once signed up you have 72 hours to “Deposit” to an existing member, meaning, it is a Ponzi Scheme! This alone makes PeoplesDreamClub a complete SCAM! Since they promote the idea of making referrals for 10% BONUS, then they are a Pyramid Scheme as well, another illegal scheme. Additionally, they have qualified themselves as a Cash Gifting Scheme, as you have no guarantee of returns, and yet another reason why they are breaking the law!

I will answer The work expected from you, the 16 investment levels and the exact amount expected returns over six months. This already has ‘ring-tones’ of MLC247 but of course I can not be 100% sure about this, and so will refrain myself to conclude as such. I will also cover why it is very likely ‘YOU‘ will get scammed by them, should you join!

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What Is Peoples Dream Club – FULLY EXPOSED.

I have just researched their online ID and they have all important details hidden. No email, no founder name etc. No ethical and real online business hides such details. In beginning to answer What Is Peoples Dream Club I was not surprised by this and is common with online scam websites so they can’t be arrested when their program fails to pay people.

OK, lets get straight into the work!

The Work.

As mentioned, to begin with, you will be required to deposit to another member. This is actually a donation but the act is warped into an investment, since when you give money to receive a profit, we can clearly see it is not a donation. HOWEVER, ! Since you give it voluntarily, the website is not obliged by any global laws to make sure you make any money. This is what makes such ponzi/pyramid/cash gifting schemes financially dangerous.


What Is Peoples Dream Club Fully Answered


To make more money quicker you can make referrals. When you have successfully made 200 referrals you can ask to become a ‘Guider‘. Guiders are allowed some additional benefits such as you are allowed to:-

  • Conduct Conferences (recruitment drives probably).
  • Ability to add people, even though, you already have that right.
  • Passing some ‘exams’ set up by this website you become a ‘Peoples Dream Guider’.
  • Ability have to your own Facebook Page/Group promoting them.
  • Have the knowledge to face and deal with difficult times – which means absolutely nothing!
  • Know everything about the website and the people behind the site, which you won’t know the ID, as that would leave them open to prosecution if you ‘snitch’ on them.

Immediately, apparently, after sign up you will start building up your 80% interest every month!

One of the many things that concerns me about their site is they say you can buy a Peoples Dream anywhere from 1 to 2000. 1 to 2000 what? I have to conclude it is in Rand and so let us just say it is R2000, which is $166.24.




The 16 Investment Levels and Returns.

Below you will see the table form their own site breaking down the investment levels below:-
Levels of Investment within Peoples Dream Club




As you can see, per their own table, the starter point is R100 or $8.31! All the way up to R50,000 ($4156.00), and not “1” as they formerly said.

You buy their ‘coins’ which are valued at P100 per coin, which actually, who knows how much that is per them. Do you know? Please let us know in the comment box below to shed light on this particular point – thanks πŸ™‚ .



Why It is Likely ‘YOU’ Will Get Scammed by Them!

To be fair, it is possible to make a lot of money from Peoples Dream. However, that is only for those that know about it first and take action by joining. These members are the First Level Members and tend to do very well. Each member at the first level will then make referrals, or have the ”system” match them up to relevant amount of referrals per investment.

THOSE NEW SIGN UPS ARE NOW THE SECOND LEVEL! Second level pays First level members, but now we see, the second lot of people need to be paid. Already we can see the whole system has just indebted itself to its new members! Big Problem! This gets worse as more levels of members join and the pyramid structured business expands vertically. The base of the Pyramid Business Model contains most of the members, whereupon when no new sign ups occur, there is no new money to pay vast amounts of people i.e. most its members.

Ultimately, the founders will always get rich and with only a handful benefiting as members.

Word to the Wise:- When dealing with ponzi/pyramid schemes, it is not uncommon for many fake accounts to be made by owners, so to receive your donations/investments. You will now believe you have donated to a legit member of the community, but for some, you have just given away your money to the Creators of such Scam sites! Here is when peoples accounts will receive oddly worded messages saying sorry but ultimately you must donate again or some nonsense. I have written on this many times and you may have more information on this post BeMyKeeper.Net.

I won’t harp on too much how they can scam you so I hope you understand clearly the risks. Any questions? Please ask just ask me below where I will always respond to your comment.

Lastly, Peoples Dream is set to be expired by 25th, August 2018.

Below I will deliver my SCAM RATING and then You May Wish To Have Your Say!












Everyone is invited to add to this discussion and voice their opinions, experiences or second hand stories of the site I have detailed in the article. Who here signed up? Were you successful financially with them or are you still waiting for your returns? Have you encountered any weird difficulties such as not having a payment ”CONFIRMED” and requested to pay again? I have seen that complaint many times elsewhere. Are you a ‘GUIDER’? I would be very interested to hear what you do per your own experience. I wish you all the best very best as I close-out on What Is Peoples Dream Club and hope you will be careful. Should you join up anyways, I wish you well, and hope you earn – however, do remember it is an illegal online activity! Good bye for now and I am looking forward to all of your comments πŸ™‚ .





14 thoughts on “What Is Peoples Dream Club? Is Peoples Dream Club a Scam or Legit?

  1. Tshatsha

    Hi, I am one of the victims of Peoplesdream.club. I deposited money in November and when I wanted to withdraw in February nothing happened. They have an ultimatum of 3 days, 3 days went past, a week, it is now more than a month. I have sent quiry and no response whatsoever. Now I know I have unknowingly donated my money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tshatsha,

      Thank you very much for letting other people online learn of your experience with Peoples Dream Club. Now, perhaps, when someone does some research looking to see if they are legit or not your experience will help them decide better.

      I am sorry however this happened to you.



  2. hong

    There are so many scams online. I appreciate your work for putting this together to help people avoid becoming a victim. I have seen many programs similar to people’s dream club. And they are almost always ponzi scheme. I am thankful to people like you researching this information and keep us informed. Thank you for your work.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi hong,

      I am delighted to read you appreciate bloggers like myself that get the word out regarding online scams. I will course continue to bring more exposure to those that are not playing fair.


    Great work of exposure you have done Philip!
    I don’t like scams for anything and this is firmly because I had lost huge amount of money into scam in the past years of online-ignorance.
    Making a lot of money from Peoples Dream will only be for those you joined early and as well for the owner of course which is really a pyramid scheme – scam in disguise. The major problem with stuffs like this is that once there is no longer new sign ups, there is no new money to pay vast amounts of people i.e. most its members. I just hate scam with passion.

    Thanks for this review.
    Best of success!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi WealthyBen

      Thank for your invaluable overview of the operating nature of PeoplesDream .Club.

      Despite the packaging of their site, the nature of this particular ‘beast’, is hiding behind nice words, fake promises and a smile. Ultimately, its intention will be revealed more and more as time goes by.

      Already many are asking What Is Peoples Dream Club and that tells me many are questioning so soon into the websites early days online.

      Thank you kindly for your comment WealthyBen – much appreciated.

  4. John

    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for an interesting read, and just wow, this is terrible. I really hate all the scams going around. Thank you for exposing it, hopefully saving many peoples dreams from being BROKEN.

    Just wish there was some way to have sites like this taken down. They are definitely not playing nice.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi John,

      Yeah, one day they maybe able to isolate such sites pretty quick in their online life.

      The reports my website has received from other scams have been nothing short of horrific.

      I am glad you found my post interesting and hope to hear from you again some time in 2018.

  5. Tammy

    Wow, there are SO many scams on the internet! I’ve never heard of this one so thank you for bringing it to my attention. We have to be so careful these days with anything we do online. I’m always worried about the elderly, like my parents. They would have no clue whether or not this was a scam. Great post! ?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Tammy,

      Yes the elderly are at risk, but oddly enough, it is the under 25’s that get conned almost three times as worse as old people!

      I am glad you you enjoyed my post and I hope to hear from you again.



  6. Ronnie Jordan

    Oh, my God. This doesn’t even sound appealing to me. Make a deposit to someone’s account? Is that how I will be generating anything with this program? relying on someone to deposit into my account. Nope, smells funny right off the top to me. Thanks for exposing this program.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ronnie,

      Yes, you have to wait for someone else to pay you money from themselves.

      Not Good! There is no guarantee you will see any returns per your donation, and they will just say it was voluntary anyways, and so it becomes very unimportant if you make any more or not!


      Thanks again.


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