What Is Pebbles Fund? Is Pebbles Fund a Scam or Legit?

By | January 17, 2018

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Full Details on What Is Pebbles Fund.

Excited about the high returns on PebblesFund.com and asking What Is Pebbles Fund and asking is Pebbles Fund a rip off scam or safe, real and legit? I will review PebblesFund, but for right now, I can already say it is a ponzi/pyramid scheme and that is illegal. It is also a cash gifting scheme, which is of course, illegal as well due to the high numbers of those who lose money in all three. So, PebbelsFund business setup is times 3 illegal! Therefore, I can already say, it is a SCAM and should be avoided at all costs!

Below I will reveal the workings of their site and the pitfalls in dealing with them. Already you know ‘Pebble’ is no good, and should you be in need of a real and safe way to earn online, then you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review >HERE< for full details. You can sign up >HERE< to have a look around and pick up your Two Free Websites along with Free Training Videos in Affiliate Marketing.





What Is Pebbles Fund with Full Fee’s and Work Details.

Before answering what is Pebbles Fund, I always do some back ground research, to try to find out owners ID online. If ID credentials are bogus, then we already know, we are dealing with a deceptive site. At a glance I see no email address, organization name is protected with no owner name as well. There is an address but who knows if that is even real. Created October 26th 2016 and is expired on the same date 2018. Legit online businesses would not give themselves just two years if they were intending to stick around longer.

Pebbles Fund is a Peer to Peer, or as they put it – Member to Member, donation ponzi/pyramid scheme, which aforementioned, is completely illegal globally! You sign up whereupon you must make a payment/donation/investment (actually, investment is the right word here, as you are expecting a profit) to your up line i.e. your referrer. Below I will detail the payments levels and how much you can expect back.


Image Snipped from Pebbles Fund.



  • Level 1 requires a minimum donation (investment) of 0.005 BTC. I was surprised to see that converts to $47!
  • Level 2 requires YOU to introduce two others. This is their referral program in operation and they only want you to send them free traffic for further victims. Anyways, those two people will, or should, pay you 0.01 BTC, which is $94! Nice, that is a healthy return equating to $182. Once Level 2 is achieved you are now a Patron. You also need to donate 0.0075 BTC to your own Patron.
  • Level 3 requires a ‘donation’ of 0.02 which is real world cash of $188! OK, the up sales are already getting scary! You will qualify to receive 0.16 BTC from your Level 3 Sponsors (actually, those are called your referrals, and not sponsor – a sponsor is someone who brings you into an opportunity like this – makes no sense and is a sign of a scam site). That amount of BTC’s now earns you a whooping $1504! 2 BTC must be paid to your Patron.
  • Level 4 asks you to give 0.1 BTC to your referrer, whereupon, you shall qualify to receive 1.2 BTC from 16 other people in your own down line. That is $11,280.01, which is a grand total of $180,480.16!!
  • Level 5 requests 0.4 BTC to referrer where you are supposed to get 32 ‘sponsor’s in your down line, adding up to , $112800.06. Times that by 32 people and we can see we are talking about some serious profits!!

*Exchange Rates Accurate Per Date of this Post.


Those are all the levels and the expected profits. So, why do I still not recommend them and still call them a scam? Keep on reading to find out below.




Signs of an Online Scam!

I will now detail all the signs that tell me, actually, leave me in no doubt they are a scam – besides the fact they are running an illegal online operation based on their ponzi/pyramid/cash gifting/donating structure! See bullet points below:-

  • Sign 1 of a Scam:- Uses Ponzi scheme. This is where there is no actual product/service for money given. Such a scheme requires no new signs to pump in money to keep the scheme alive. With every new sign up a further debt comes about due to the funds not there already to pay them.
  • Sign 2 of a Scam:- Pyramid structure. This means most of the money will always flow upwards. Please see image in this post >HERE< half-way down the page. It will visually show you how the money flows. That is the only difference between ponzi and a pyramid scheme – the money flow!
  • Sign 3 of a Scam:- Their Terms of Service are generic and repetitive.
  • Sign 4 of a Scam:- Returns are stupendously and ridiculously TOO HIGH!! Level Five creates such a huge financial hole to fill and is at the mercy of new sign ups. Imagine paying all the way up to Level Five just to have the whole site collapse. It collapses due to no new money where you will, one day find, no website for them. This means they have directed most of the ‘DONATIONS’ to themselves and fled.
  • Sign 5 of a Scam:- No legit online ID details.


WARNING:- Multiple Fake Accounts may very well be set up in order to receive donations. These accounts invariably will belong to the founder. I am NOT saying this is happening with Pebbles Fund, but I am saying, it is a common practice with such schemes.

AT the bottom of their website they show recent donations. However, I have to call them fake payment proofs as all payments were made on the same date. Also, all those members did not have one picture of themselves between.

I will now deliver my rating and below that you can have your say!



SCAM RATING:- Given it is based entirely on three illegal business setups, I have no choice, but to call it a complete and utter scam! 0/100! Stay Clear! They can collapse at any moment in time as it is entirely based on finding new members. Once the members fail to arrive then the founder(s) does not have enough capital to pay older and new investors – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Please Feel Free To Share This Article to Help Better Inform Others – Thank You 🙂 .





Have you signed up to the site I just wrote about? Why not leave your experience in the comment box below to help either warn others, or, tell others it is indeed a golden opportunity for making money online. Did I get something wrong in my article? You are welcome to help make ‘valid‘ corrections for a better understanding on What Is Pebbles Fund. It is important to note:- Early sign ups to them would have made some members a good deal of cash. However, the older the site gets the harder it is to get new sign ups, thus, payments before selective and rare. Were you prompted to make further investments by the admins? If so, what was their reasoning for this? Any and all additional data from members is very much welcome, as I did not sign up to them, and I may even feature it in my article. For those that are looking for a real online opportunity then please read below.




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12 thoughts on “What Is Pebbles Fund? Is Pebbles Fund a Scam or Legit?

  1. Tony

    This review is brazenly far from the truth. For one, in order to know be able to provide an honest review of the mechanics of how this Pebble Funds 0.005BTC work, you have to be a donor first and you donate only once. YES ONLY ONCE.

    I joined just a week ago after doing my own thorough review of the system. I always do this to make sure I don’t join a ponzi type of program. I donated 0.005 BTC = US$32.79, the current rate of exchange.

    Right after I made the donation, I shared immediately the program to people I personally know and luckily I am now a patron and had received 0.01 BTC donations from my first 2. I got my ROI right away. Luckily again, I just found another 3 interested friends and this time I gave my first 2 their own referral links so the 3 will be their downline to speed up and to help them out in building theirs too. Note I only have to give out my own referral link to my first two invites only. This made me eligible to upgrade to the 2nd level where I will have to donate to my Patron again to qualify to receive donations and the process will go up to the 5th level for me to graduate with a total 12.8 BTC donation receives.

    Then I will make re-entry again with the same group I am building for my next 12.8 BTC . The key is helping one another. This in essence is the real meaning of crowd funding, not pyramiding or ponzi scam they way this review and comments are describing. And I thank the person who created the software for it is helping everyone using the system.

    It is not to the best interest of my Patron to run away for if she does, she would be losing this lifetime opportunity to make 12.8 BTC over and over again. The rate of exchange will surely fluctuate. If at the time I received the total 12.8 BTC inside my BlockChain wallet I would earn around $74K+.

    Was I duped? No for I already received 0.01 BTC directly from my two donors. As you can see I am in full control. There is no company or Pebble Funds receiving donations to give to me. I receive the donations directly to my own wallet. My Patron will receive from me my donation on per level upgrade I do.

    My 5 level group will not collapsed because I am in full control and everyone will be helping out in building everyone’s 5 level organization. There is no Pebble Funds company to run away for they are not in control. I am responsible and in control of my own organization.

    I appreciate the review in order to promote Wealth Affiliate. I have known WA for over 10 years already. In fact, the WA is one of the best affiliate program to begin with out there. It teaches you everything about affiliate marketing. But Pebble Funds crowd funding is for those who have no time to do the daily grind of affiliate marketing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tony,

      I really appreciate your extensive review of Pebbles Fund. Thank you for shedding member insight and your kind words on Wealthy Affiliate. So, yes, WA was perfect for me and my view of Affiliate Marketing has expanded from zero knowledge to a good level of financial success.

      It is also a real grind some days.

      Where you find a program donates cash and waits for donations is indeed a cash gifting scheme. I am not the only review saying this = they can’t all be wrong.

      However, I see you having success and I am glad for you. You are of course fully entitled to share your opinion of this Pebbles Fund Review but I fear, if sign ups run out, then many will lose money.

      I wish you success but from my view point, and other view points, its only a matter of time before it shuts down without notice – well, I am not psychic, but that would be my fear of such a site.

      I wish you well Tony and much success going forwar.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success

    Thanks for exposing this scam to the world. I hate ponzi/pyramid scheme. They are really shameless to cheat people’s money and create false hope. The only one benefiting is the owner. If they’re lucky, they eventually get away with the money and never get caught.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      It seems like a lot of these sites do make a clean get a way! Best we can do is expose them so many will not get scammed.

      Thank you Jerry for your comment.



  3. Vince

    I’ve been doing some research on Pebbles Fund and that’s how I’ve ended up here. It just does not fell legit and is not transparent enough for me to join.

    I’m scared of signing up to another scheme. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best way I found to earn a honest online income.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Vince,

      Yeah, I agree with you. Pebbles Fund just does not have adequate info to convince me it is legit.

      Yes – this is why I am with Wealthy Affiliate.



  4. michel duhamel

    Hi great review, I have never actually heard of pebble fund until now.

    There are all sorts of these crowd funding sites popping up like mushrooms all over the internet, and most of the tim they don’t go past a few months at best.

    What I really liked about your post is how you broke down the main points on why a company is a scam – very high returns, generic terms etc. I also find that having no live chat, delayed emails and a telephone number where no one ever picks up the phone are also good indicators.

    Thanks again, I will certainly take your advice and avoid this company like the plague!


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Michel,

      OH! Thank you kindly sir for the other tips. I will definitely will be including them in a post soon as key indicators of a scam site.

      Very much appreciated Michel.



  5. Val

    Thank you for this post!
    I had no idea that scam is so variable and well organized and I congratulate those who read this article, you’ve just saved thousands of people from loosing their money and time

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Val,

      Thank you kindly and I hope in time it will put a serious dent in these gangsters retirement fund.

      Thank you once again for your comment and I hope to hear from you soon.



  6. brad

    Wow! What a great post. It seems there are so many scams in regards to online marketing, and you have found a gem. So many people are duped into these schemes by not reading the fine print, and allowing themselves to conned into sending money that they will never see again nor receive the promised programs. Thanks for the heads up on yet another vicious scam that so many will fall for, and just because they do not research.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi brad,

      Yes, unfortunately, I was not disciplined in the past to do research on some companies I joined. Lets just say I learned my lesson the hard way 🙁 and so know the utter sickening disappointment when I see it happening to others online.

      Thank very kindly for the compliment and I post daily for your interest.

      Yes, these ‘gifting’ programs will usually state somewhere on their site that you may not make a profit, however, I did not see such a statement on their site. Bad form.

      Thank you once again brad and look forward to hearing from you soon.




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