What Is PaySetCash.com? Is PaySetCash.com a Scam or Legit!

By | March 12, 2018

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Strict Analysis to Answer What Is PaySetCash.com.

Welcome and you are in the right place to find the answer to What is PaySetCash.com? Perhaps you are asking is PaySetCash safe and legit or is Pay Set Cash fake and illegal. In either event, is it possible to make money with them? We shall review them in an unbiased light and only on their merits, also, seek owner details and rate if they are even legit enough to offer online jobs? In my opinion, I believe they are a scam – this is just my opinion. Legally, they are a SCAM!

PaySet is a Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme. Those who are actively searching for a way to earn online, without loss of money or time, can find full details >HERE< on how to achieve this. Sign Up >HERE< for a free start that comes with (not mandatory) paid options for faster success.



What Is PaySetCash.com and a Better Alternative.

Let us find out who owns this ponzi scheme before we begin to answer what is PaySetCash.com. Registrar details show an address from PANAMA and a familiar looking address favored by scam sites. No email because its just easier not to respond to complaints, I guess. Expiration is early 2019. One year online for a business like theirs is not a legit sign of sincerity and shows only a hit-and-run intention. Not a good start at all 🙁 .

It should also be said that their entire website, before sign up, is just one page long. I have seen enough ponzi sites to know that the owner here is a newbie scammer by the utter state of their site. Shoddy sites is always a very accurate sign of a scam as no professional site would allow their brand to be wrecked like theirs.

Here is an article from Wiki answering what a ponzi scheme is right here : – Ponzi Scheme. First two paragraphs is all you need and takes about 20 seconds to read. Let us continue.


Here is how they operate to defraud.


PaySetCash.com Promotion


SO! It seems these guys to go some ultuistic-humanitarian-loving-kind-hearted-helping-the-helpless-masses school, because, the speech is so similar to such sites from Ghana and the like! I jest a little but that is pretty accurate, to say the least.

Free to sign up but not to take part. Once you are in then you have just 1 HOUR TO DONATE or your account is not active. There are four levels of donation and they are as follows:-


  • GH50.
  • GH100.
  • GH200.
  • GH300.

Apparently, these ‘geniuses’ can DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN 48 HOURS! Good luck!

One of the more inexpensive schemes I have observed, nevertheless, being matched by two others will get you back your initial investment plus double it. This is pure debt creation that now must be paid to those two new members who just donated hoping two others each will do the same. The problem further grows as new members join making it a mathematical nightmare to pay everyone.

At such points they may have to stop all payments in hope of new sign ups to keep on paying. At this point such schemes seldom fail to recover and shutter along for a while and then truly collapse leaving most members without anything. A True Financial ‘Bubble’ being created deliberately so a little may benefit from the many.

Their opportunity is only for residents of Ghana4 billion people online folks, I would encourage some ambition here LOL – and so now schemes like this are actively damaging such local economies. After you have paid your dues then the system will ‘MERGE’ you with other members, ONCE, you have been ‘CONFIRMED’. This is where the NONSENSE KICKS IN for a lot of people. It is not uncommon for legit members to pay and then some A (choose a word of your choice) will not CONFIRM THAT PAYMENT!?!

This makes no sense as now a member (apparently a ‘legit member’) who has profited from such schemes, decides they will not confirm another who just gave them free money, now that person who won’t confirm is booted off the program, and the system re-matches you. Illogical as NO ONE would destroy such an opportunity to continue to earn – would they?


PROBLEM IS – FOR THE FOUNDER THAT IS! Should you be confirmed now they must get payment for YOU to keep up the appearances of legitimacy. I am very suspicious that when this happens you have just donated to one of the Founders or to the Founder. This is them not confirming you deliberately so they can say it was those who were ‘CROOKED’, ‘GREEDY’, ‘EVIL’, ‘LAZY’ because they did not confirm thus crashing their SYSTEM. It is all panto and designed to deflect responsibility as they now begin to shut down operations and move onto another illegal online scheme. SUPPORT can be very insulting at this last stage.

Do let us know in the comment box below if ANY of this sounds familiar? The Best way to shame them into paying! They want to stick around for as long as possible, right? Then, the more complaints indexed on Google saying they are acting illegal, the less chance they have of earning for the whole one year or two years online. This is no good for their efforts, and they may even crumble enough to pay ‘YOU’. I have witnessed this and certainly encourage one and all for you voice to be heard – this is why I have made a REAL FORUM for the members of PaySet!

Make use of guys – I can’t fight all those crooks on my own 🙂 .

They say that there are ads on their website that will help their scheme to stay a float, implying, they are going to be paying members profits from ads? I don’t think so but this is the implication for sure.

I said it is only for people in Ghana, but they feel it is necessary to ad that you must have a bank account or a mobile account. What the heck, how stupid do they take their members to be? They have many generic statements repeating themselves in different ways (like I just did there) and thus a sign of a scam site.

They, as mentioned, are also a Pyramid scheme. For those needing clarification on this term please refer to Wikipedia here:- Pyramid Scheme. Both articles will open up in a new browser so you can make your way back here with ease. Those requiring other reviews about PaySet can query it at Google.ie, but at this date of this article, this one is the only one per my research. This website has been caught early on so we have a chance of saving as many people as possible from being scammed online 🙂 that always makes me very happy.

Another source I have found online that is absolutely fantastic for exposing online scams, I wish to share with you as well. He is a fellow blogger and a complete gentleman to boot. He is part of the unsung online that offer this free service for the protection of the online community at large. Give him some love and say hi if you got a moment 🙂 . You can check out Shwniweb.com right here:- 17 Trusted Ways To Avoid Online Scams. Expert advice and direction to help everyone spot an online scam and ways to avoid them. Why not sign up to his news letter as well so you have two sites keeping you in the loop 🙂 .


How They Will Collapse and Run with The Cash.

Bernie Maddof, anyone? He ran a huge, actually, the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME IN HISTORY! This man was a Wall Street Tycoon Darling Magnate Super Nova Genius since the 1970s. Until…he had to come clean and let down millions of Americans and shock the World plus a heart broken Wall Street.

This man took from Paul to pay Peter. He’d smooth talk investors into parting with 100s of millions of dollars and promised incredible returns for that money. NOW! THAT MONEY – just invested – gave Bernie enough time to keep happy old investors, who’d brag of their returns, now THIS encourages New Investors to – you guessed it – INVEST!

The Cycle Repeats until no one else wants to invest. That is the most shocking and critical moment in any ponzi scheme, because, now they have run out of ‘mugs’ to steal from and now they can’t even pay back those monies lusting investors – not even their initial investment, because that dosh, is paying for someone else’s mansion right now. I know ALL ABOUT THIS because, well, I saw the moviehehe.

Alas, this is always my point of reference when viewing such sites. They are convincing people to give their money AWAY without guarantee of ANY RETURNS! PEOPLE – THIS AIN’T THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS YOU KNOW 🙂 .

About 10%, if that will earn good to OK returns in the beginning, first 20 days. Some even go a good two months of paying like the EarnIt App, and incredibly and very rarely, go even several years.

But the ending is always the same leaving hoards of members disillusioned and at a serious financial loss. Go ahead and check out the comments on another ponzi scheme we helped to expose online (I believe I may have been the third source of it) called MLC247. Just the comments. Don’t forget to let us hear to your opinions on those as well.


Signs of a Scam!


Scam Signs for PaySetCash.com


At this stage we don’t even need this section but for those still in doubt, I wish to share my experience of recognizing an online scam with you. This will be a good take-away and only hope it helps many in the future to recognize illegal operations online going forward.

  • No Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ’s).
  • Zero Privacy Policy Section – two BASIC website errors. Telling me the owners are not very well-trained.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Generic statements = mean nothing and are repetitive in various forms to fill out ONE PAGE WEBSITE with some content.
  • Shoddy website.
  • Unreal returns at 100% returns!
  • No physical product or actual service, real world, or online.
  • They have TWO ADS on their site – how is that going to get in enough cash to pay members when, their online rep gets so poor, no one wants to sign up?
  • Sheer lack of content.
  • ONE HOUR TO DONATE OR YOU ARE OUT! That is harsh and actually the harshest ponzi scheme for pressurizing their new members.
  • No Founder, email or legit address.
  • Online for only one year – classic hit-and-run scenario.
  • Lack of data online other from themselves.

Even five points out of everything said in this article is enough to call them a blatant and obvious illegal scam, but, I like to be thorough 🙂 .


While all effort is sincerely made to be precise and detailed, mistakes do happen. In such an event efforts will be made to make corrections. This article is only my opinion based on research and countless hours investigating online scams. Should you doubt anything here you are welcome to do your own research on ponzi and pyramid scams to form your own opinion, thus, make up your own mind.







THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Are you a current member of the website written about here today? I imagine some got paid OK and it is important you ad that to this forum, below in the comment box, to be fair and accurate in our estimations. Those who were not paid should DEFINITELY speak up. Why let them away with it? Is there another site with similar temptations that you are not to sure about? Do let me know and I will be more than happy to investigate on your behalf. Should it be a scam I may also do an article on it to. Time to go people and finish disclosing What Is PaySetCash.com. Really looking forward to all of your views and opinions below. Bye for now 🙂 .


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2 thoughts on “What Is PaySetCash.com? Is PaySetCash.com a Scam or Legit!

  1. King Kong's Girl

    I don’t know how you do this but your review is very helpful and informative, with lots of points to agree upon. There are so many Ponzi schemes around for one main reason, people nowadays love to engage in get-rich-quick-schemes. But through sites like these, lots of people will become aware of what to avoid and what to do. Keep it up!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi King Kong’s Girl,

      Great Name! Thank you very much for your comment regarding PaySetCash Com. Yes, it does take great effort to find these sites but once you find one, there is nearly always, a hoard of different one’s hiding on the first pages of Google = 🙂 .

      Take care and thanks again.


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