What Is PayPerMails. com? Is PayPerMails. com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 17, 2017

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Complete Review on What Is PayPerMails. com.

PayPerMails. com offer out INCREDIBLE high pay outs so simply referring others along with other work options. However, What Is PayPerMails. com, is PayPerMails a complete scam or is Pay Per Mails misunderstood and actually not illegal and a great money earner? PayPerMails offers many ways to make amazing money with two tiers for referral commissions. What causes me insane concern is that the annual minimum payout is 25K! Yup, $25,000 and then you can sail off into the sun set, but, do they pay out that insane amount of cash? If they did it’d probably be World Famous by now and they would not have YouTube Videos and other articles SLAMMING it as a total scam! I will answer what is the true purpose of PayPerMails, detail the work and the pay and how they will actually try to get cash out of you. They are being slotted into my SCAM SITES part of my site and that was an easy decision for me to make.

I only ever recommend one online business that does offer a real way to make a legit and genuine to earn a living online. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they have been online since 2005 teaching beginners in Affiliate Marketing how to make money by Mastering their Niches. You can sign up >HERE< for a free lifetime account or read my review on Wealthy Affiliate >HERE< for more of an in depth analysis of their Free to Premium Offers. Let’s continue with our review of PayPerMails.





What Is PayPerMails. com and Reasons I Call Them a Scam!

WHOIS details submitted for PayPerMails. com does not detail owner name, address is Portland but email does not look workable. Signs of ill submitted details for their ‘legit’ site is always a worrying sign and one has to ask why they could not just submit more clarity on their ID?

PayPerMails pays you for reading emails, PTC (Paid To Click) work making cash on referrals and winning products, that are worth over $10,000, contests for all its members. Seems too good to be true – does it not? That is because it is a raving scam site that are trying to convince people of their payments. Should you be in need of a super great laugh at their pay claims, I suggest, you read below! It’s like they are trying to ‘out-themselves’ as a scam without directly saying so.



PayPerMails.com Home Page




Insane Payout Claims Per Work.

The work for reading emails earns you an incredible $100 per email. You are welcome to read that line again if you think you read it wrong! That is the first joke they are telling us all. LMFAO! One email = $100! Really, wow.

It is Free to Sign up to them and they are generous to offer a nice bonus of $500 for joining! At this rate we all going on holidays in the Bahama’s the whole year round and I haven’t even started yet!

PTC work is just as humorous. PayPerMails offers to pay every a cool $50 for ‘clicking’ on ‘something’, an ad of some sort, not that it matters as the payments are false and all payment proofs are fake. Should you make a referral to this ‘insane asylum of a site‘ you can earn $50 as well! At this rate I really do not know what ‘work’ on this site is more profitable and probably will have to hire a team of people to help me become an overnight millionaire! I think I have made my point – they make unsustainable payment claims that not even Bill Gates would pay out.

I said earlier you get commissions for referral activities and those commissions are 20% for tier one’s and 10% for tier two’s. Given what they are offering as payments even these commissions could make you quite wealthy with time and work. I have NEVER seen a site to make such ‘mental’ payment claims for such work! Be assured, they are hiding their true purpose as I will detail below.



They want you to send them FREE TRAFFIC! With this free traffic they will then make a great number of people think they can cash out their 25K once that amount is hit. Unfortunately, they will require you to pay money to upgrade your account in order to get your cash and it comes with other payment incentives. Upon receipt of payment you have just been scammed and no money will be given you!!

Your all important personal details are harvested and sold on to unscrupulous other online scammers via something called a ‘suckers list’. This list is sold on the Deep Web to the highest bidder. Such successful bidders will then mass target people with ingenious emails that will try to further mess with your head via financially defrauding etc. They can even make passports and go all manner of online bank account creations in your name. On those bank accounts in your name – once they do this – they can live off of your good credit! It is a serious business and a cruel scam to fall for! Please share this article to Shame PayPerMails. com! It will help a great number of people from being scammed, prevent ID theft and raises awareness of such sites. Pay Per Mails is particularly dangerous as they get relatively decent traffic to their site.


Scam Rating for PayPerMails.com







Why not drop a comment below and tell me what you think? I could not believe my eyes when I came across the site I just reviewed for the insane payment claims. There does not exist a site online that can afford to do this per the work they offer. Did you perhaps take a gamble and sign up to see it is legit You are welcome to let others know below your story and don’t worry as I was scammed before so I know what it feels like. Need some advice on another site? I am here to help you find out so you are welcome to ask me below. I respond to all comments in good time. Before you run off I’d like to remind you of my #1 RECOMMENDATION that can teach you how to build a site like mine to monetize in time. I am happy to have offered answers to the question of What Is PayPerMails. com and hope it will save many from this online scam. Thank you for reading my article and look forward to all of your comments. Take care for now all!

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