What Is PayMastagh.com? Is PayMastagh.com a Scam or Legit!

By | February 16, 2018

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All Answers to What Is PayMastagh.com or Pay Masta Ghana.

Researching and asking What Is PayMastagh.com, is PayMastagh a false hope scam – or legit? This review will investigate this new Peer to Peer Donation Platform that seeks to eradicate poverty for poor people. However, it is clear to see it is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme thus utterly Illegal! SCAM! This review is an unbiased and unaffiliated article where data is sourced online as accurate as possible along with relying on my knowledge of how to spot an online scam. This particular website will soon be taking peoples money when they hit the Saturation Point!


Main Covered Points:-


  • Owner Details, What it is, how it works and why it is a scam.
  • Any Pros? Yes, I will list them.
  • How it works.
  • Scam Signs.
  • Scam Rating.
  • Have Your Say!


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What Is PayMastagh.com and Why They Will Soon Collapse.

Shall we begin to answer what is PayMastagh.com by finding out who owns this crooked website first? Shock/Horror there is no legit details for Owner Name, no email for support and certainly no address. ALL MASS MAJOR SCAM SIGNS YOU ARE DEALING WITH SCAMMERSCAVEAT EMPTOR (buyer beware). No legit site hides such details.

They are set to shut down their illegal online scam near the end of 2018 telling us they are only hope for a year, scam as many people as possible, and ride off in to the sun set in their new ‘Ponzi Jag‘ paid for by its members.


Paymastagh.com 3 Step Money Plan


Surely, there has to be some good points to taking part in an illegal online scam operation? (LOL) NO, no there ain’t. Actually, there is maybe ONE good point – NO – two good points. OK, three, but I really scratch my head to find them:-


  • SHOULD you join within the first 20 days then your chances of stealing from someone else are excellent!
  • Ponzi Schemes offer us valuable life lessons that help us grow up and realize these scammers don’t care about us.
  • At least members of such schemes really are making ‘donation’s because over 90% of Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme participants lose a shed load of cash. In many instances (particularly mothers) lose everything – deep breath…that is the saddest part for me but it does make me that much more determined to continue exposing such online scams.

Oh, I thought of another:-


  • Should you be the Founder of such sites then you can safely retire in no time.


*I do not advise anyone breaks the law in this manner – simply being factual.


How This Scam Works.

Should you know what a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme is then you can safely skip on down to the next heading. A Ponzi Scheme is a business model that operates without ANY REAL SERVICE OR PRODUCT! Their members are the ‘TARTGET PRODUCT/SERVICE’ for the scammers.

People sign up in droves at the beginning of such schemes thinking some ‘PONZI-MESSIAH‘ is going to magically replicate set amounts of money into fortunes. This is simply untrue for over 90% of participants. Once you pay your predetermined fee’s you will have to wait to be matched with others that want to provide PH (Provide Help).

Once your donation/investment has been confirmed (if it ever is) you will be matched with other members who are willing to ‘PH’ others. This is solely dependent on how many people are in the system at this point.

Should the system have fewer members will to provide help i.e. new sign ups, then it will crash, leaving older members without any pay. This is the SATURATION POINT and is usually when the scheme owes out MILLIONS – A debt that ever increases without hope of ever paying to their members.


A Pyramid Scheme is similar but the flow of the money is its characteristic. The money flows upwards to the tip of the pyramid. Some is sprinkled along the way to help with payment proofs to new sign ups. The top tier should get a nice cut as well depending on the longevity of the scheme. Certainly the Founders will be rolling in cash and will not think about those crying after losing everything – WE SHOULD NOW CLEARLY SEE THESE PEOPLE WHO RUN SUCH WEBSITES ARE NOT PAYING EVERYONE!

Ultimately, that is it. No new sign ups and all its members are left confused and severely disappointed when the website is taken down before payment. There is no recourse as the authorities do not know who is running these websites 🙁 .




Let us now list the amount of alarming SCAM SIGNS they have that should a alert one and all we are dealing with a scam site. In no particular order they the following:-


  • Making donations is also know as a cash gifting scheme. Cash gifting schemes are illegal due to the high numbers that get scammed.
  • 100% PROFIT CREATES 100% DEBT IN THE SYSTEM! This is the eventual fall of all Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes.
  • No payment proofs.
  • THEY ARE SHAMELESS LIARS! Bottom of their Home Page they have a Copyright for 2016! WHOIS states they were registered online near the end of 2017. This is just to give the appearance they have been online longer to garner trust and authority in the eyes of new sign ups.
  • TESTIMONIALS MENU BUTTON shows ZERO TESTIMONIALS once you click into it.
  • No Forum for member discussions. This is bad news as it stops members complaining. This also stops new comers from seeing any complaints.



That is enough, alone, to call any site a scam.

Brown and gold colored auction hammer rest on a circular piece of wood.






THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Did you sign up to the website I just exposed? What has your experience been so far such as have you been paid? Were yo scammed? After paying, is there problems with being confirmed? Is ‘Support’ helpful and effective or not? We welcome all opinions and stories, complaints and praises you may have. I respond to all queries and also taking questions on my #1 Recommendation as well. We have left out tedious investment level detaisl as their own site covers this quite well in answering What Is PayMastagh.com. Looking forward to responding to all the comments to come and farewell for now 🙂 .


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2 thoughts on “What Is PayMastagh.com? Is PayMastagh.com a Scam or Legit!

  1. Ben

    I absolutely hate pyramid schemes and thanks for taking the time to review such a scam. I know a few people who have been victims of pyramid schemes and I decided I would never enter into one. Paymastagh seems really awful, I hope it will disappear quickly. The less, the merrier.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ben,

      Yes, they are tricky business models with a sharp dichotomy of successful ones and failed. If you are not tipped off early there is no point in even trying. Bernie Maddoff should be everyones go to example as to how destructive such schemes are.

      Thanks again Ben 🙂 .


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