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By | December 6, 2017

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Only Review You Need to Find Out What Is Pay Work.

Should you have come a cross this site and wondering What Is Pay Work or just looking for reviews on Pay Work to find out if PayWork.Info is a scam or legit? I do reviews into online scams and I can not, at this moment, recommend them as a legit way to make money online. They are a new site but the owners have thousands that are currently online scams. I shall detail what they are, who they are, how they scam leading to naming and shaming the sites I have already found and reviewed. At this moment they are a scam site and should not be trusted!!

I like to get to the point as fast as possible for my readers sake! Now you already know the site under review is fake and not real!! However, should you still be looking for a legit and safe way to learn to earn online successfully for a $0 Start Up Price, then, I recommend two things:- You can read my Review into Wealthy Affiliate >HERE< or you can Sign Up >HERE< for a Start Up Account – No CC Required! Comes with Paid Options Later On. Please upload picture and say a few lines about yourself to get connected with over 800,000 other online Affiliate Marketing Specialists! I will see you on the other side of WA!





What Is Pay Work and Who are They? The Work and Fake Pay Details Revealed.

I always like to start, when trying to fairly verify sites credentials, by going to WHOIS. This site will show any websites owner details. With a quick glance I can see there is NO Owner Name revealed. There is an address for their online scam site but it is fake. Lastly, Email is hidden leaving people stranded when they finally realize they are not getting paid. Actually, no one has ever been paid by this site and any payment proofs are fake!! The fake site was created on the 26/10/2017 and it is only a matter of time before it develops even more complaints and bad reviews.

OK, it is Free To Sign Up with a sign up bonus of $5! The Work involves you copying your affiliate link and sharing it all over the net! You may post it in places like Facebook (who will flag it as a suspicious link to its users, thus, damaging your reputation already), Twitter, Blogs, Forums and anywhere that you can find space online for other victims. This has the bad side effect of potentially pulling in people you are close to – not good. You even may wish to write articles on it to make money online but it does not matter as you won’t get paid anyways.

That is all the WORK there is to it! The Pay is equally absurd as they promise to pay out $10 per referral sign up (fair enough) but they also offer $5 for a simple link click. The user does not have to sign up for you to get that money, which is way too high, as $5 can get you 100’s of clicks! But the question then remains this:- why would advertisers pay out so high for only one ‘click’? Financially speak it just makes no sense for their profit margin!


PayWork.Info Sign Up Page


The Minimum Withdrawal is $300 which they say is payable by cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, BitCoin etc and payments are done monthly. That is one whole month of sending them FREE TRAFFIC for which you will NEVER GET PAID FOR! This is worth impressing as they have thousands of sites doing this to many others. A few I have found and reviewed, belonging to these scammers, are as follows:-



Click anyone of those links and you will see that they are all the same online scams with a little tweak here and there.







I am always happy and delighted to hear from people who read my reviews! You are warmly invited to have your say if you have signed up to the site under review, or perhaps any of the other sites, where you can leave your story in the comment box below. This will help to create a forum where people can learn even more to make the right decision for themselves, which I think is great, as it is another way to help untold numbers to avoid online scams. Should you just want to pop by and say ‘hi’, that would be great as well, as I respond to all comments in good time and it is always nice for me to get a comment as well :). I believe I have successfully answered What Is Pay Work and hope it will help many to find another way to Make Money Online. Thank you for reading my article and look forward to seeing you soon. CHEERS!!

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