What Is PaidViewPoint.com? You Get $25 Per Referral! FULL REVIEW!

By | November 7, 2017

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Detailed Review into What Is PaidViewPoint. com and its High Referral Program.

If you want to know What Is PaidViewPoint. com and if PaidViewPoint. com is safe, real, legit and genuine or a scam and just another fraudulent site, then, you have come to the right review as I do reviews into suspicious sites. I came across this survey site, which ordinarily I am not a huge fan of, however these guys do appear to be OK. I will have to dig a little deeper to see if everything is as it seems or just a very well disguised scam!

While they appear OK for now, I do have a quicker and more stable way to make a living online, without spending hours filling out surveys online. I recommend you have a look at my review in to Wealthy Affiliate. You can SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE as you get two free websites and ten videos in website creation and affiliate marketing.

Let us now continue to find out if PaidViewPoint is legit or even worth your time.


WEBSITE:- https://paidviewpoint. com.PaidViewPoint.com

CREATED:- 21/9/2009.

FOUNDER:- David Handel.



#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.



My Personal Experience on What Is PaidViewPoint. com.

Firstly, I would like to say, I never endorse doing surveys online as 99% are total scams! Most download malware to your device and sell on your personal details. They will even redirect you to other survey sites that do the same thing. It is a very murky way to make money online indeed.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I ran across PaidViewPoint. com! First impressions of their site is they seem very professional and even have an optional demo video. It promotes itself as a very friendly way to make money online doing surveys.

The surveys here will only last 2 to 3 minutes maximum but many take less time than that.

They won’t bounce you around the Internet either by making you visit other survey sites. All surveys are done in the one place. You will be alerted when a new survey is read and you will get paid for each one. Your money is tallied up top right of your scree and you can see this in real time, once you are logged in your members area, of course.

Payments are made into you PayPal and the minimum withdrawal is $15. ALL reviews online suggest that they do pay out and are totally legitimate. There are no complaints of no pay outs just yet! It seems I really have found one of the 1% legit survey sites.

It is easy to sign up with an email address. You fill out a few questions about yourself but nothing personal and it only takes a few minutes. For every question you answer in this process you will be paid. I noticed it was $00.003 per question and it is a very quick process!


PaidViewPoint.com Registration


What really impressed me the most is if you make a referral to their site you will get $25! Actually, word to the wise here, “You Can Earn Up To $25“. “Up To”! Once your referrals are actively making money and when they cash out you get a nice 20% of those earnings.

When you make 100 referrals that are ‘ACTIVE’ then you can become a Community Builder. This means that as soon as someone just joins up you automatically get your 20% cut without having to wait for them to cash out!! This is a very nice feature for those that are impatient to get paid.

I did the unthinkable and actually joined this site. That is something I just never do as I have had nothing but bad experiences with other survey sites. In other words, I would do a survey that lasts about 20 minutes, and then get disqualified with no re numeration for time and effort. That is, of course, a real head wreck and I did not make any money worth collecting.

This is not the case with PaidViewPoint! You get paid on the spot and you will NEVER get disqualified anywhere along the way. Basically, all of your actions on this site earns you some money in real time. It is a pleasure to actually recommend this site and I will be putting it in my Good Online Jobs section of my website.

If this sounds like something you would like to join then you can join up here:- Join Paid View Point and Earn Up To $25 Per Referral!

I completed a few surveys and I am already close to $1 for a few minutes works. Each survey lasted no more than 1 to 2 minutes. I liked the experience of being on their site and I can not find too many flaws with it.

Depending on the time you put into answering surveys you can very well make a nice sum of $100 to $200 a month! If you got plenty of time then I do recommend this site as it seems the ‘Internet’ seems to be very happy with them as well.







SO a few draw backs to consider is that surveys take quite some time to make any real cash to with draw. It all depends on the number of legit surveys available a day depending on your demographics etc. If you change your PayPal anywhere along the way then your earnings resets to zero! I didn’t like that but just make sure you submit the right PayPal account and you will be fine. Founder, email and address details are legit and verifiable. If you got plenty of time and looking for a very pleasant way to make money online then this site is a good way to do that. At the end of the month you will have something to cash out. You start off with a ‘Trait Score’ of 500 points. Once you hit 9000 points you will earn more per answer! That is great incentive and it does all ad up over time.




I would love to hear from you! Did you join this site and actually had a terrible experience? Did I get something wrong or something you disagree with? Please leave your experiences below to help others to make up their minds. Is their a site online that looks suspicious to you? Let me know in the comments section below and I will look into it for you. Thank you kindly for reading my post and you can always subscribe to my websites free newsletter, top right of this article, to help stay a head of the scammers online. I hope I have supplied you with enough information on What Is PaidViewPoint. com and welcome any questions you may have on them. Come back soon as I post daily and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!


8 thoughts on “What Is PaidViewPoint.com? You Get $25 Per Referral! FULL REVIEW!

  1. Michael

    Hi Philp, Seriously I,m so glad I found this site cause you sort out the good from the bad, thanks for sharing and I definitely keep tabs on this site. PaidViewPoint.com from what I read is genuine with some return and I have signed up a number of those survey sites with little or nothing in return, PaidViewPoint.com pays $1 for 1 to 2 minutes which is not bad if you had a lot of time in your hands, but to Earn Up To $25 of a referral fee is good, it all adds up in the end.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Yeah, PaidPoint is not the worst, but sometimes when you go there, there may not be anything to do. So, your earning potential is not always in your own hands. And, while its great you get $25 per referral – you only get that when THEY cash out. Its not instant. Otherwise, it is honest and worth a pop until you get completely bored wasting your time. I am not a fan of surveys in general.

      1. Michael

        every little bit counts. you bearly make a living out of it but its a start of a small income on the side. I definitely keep it in mind when I have some free time.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hey Michael,

          Absolutely it does Michael. I spent hours myself doing legit surveys and earned a few pennies – I was exhausted lol for that. I did not collect it.

          Nice thing about PaidViewPoint though is they at least give you something for your efforts. That is nice and it sure will amount to something 🙂 .



  2. Ellie Murphy

    Hi Philip I have used this site myself as well and find it quite good. I haven’t been able to make a claim yet though despite being registered for a few years, but thats my fault, I keep forgetting to do the surveys each day lol!! Just a quick point you might like to check is the earnings reset to zero thing – thats not actually the case and what happens is you can’t make a claim for a certain time after changing address so it is a protection feature to stop anyone else getting access to your account and claiming the money you have 😉

    Thanks for the reminder to go log in here again! I do surveys daily and make a decent amount from them myself so sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience with them!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ellie!

      Thank you kindly for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      I was quite shocked that PaidViewpoint is a legit site as most I ran into don’t even pay out.

      Thank you so much for that correction – so there is a waiting period only – after you change PayPal address. That is great to know and I am sure many will read your comment to help them understand further.

      I am interested to know what trusted and legit survey sites you use to make a few extra quid on the side?

      Thanks Ellie and I am I will see you around.



        1. Scam Detector Post author

          Hi djossou

          Whenever your referrals cash out (get paid by paidviewpoint) is when you will get your referral bonus of up to $25.

          Hope this answers your question.




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