What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com? Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 17, 2017

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Want To Get Paid for Surfing Facebook? Lets Find Out What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com and if it is Real.

Fancy being a Freelance Social Media Manager? I decided to find otu What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com, asking is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com a scam, is Paid Social Media Jobs legit or, if you are looking for PaidSocialMediaJobs reviews, then you have come to the right place as I do reviews into suspicious sites. PSMJ is certainly suspicious and sets unreachable social media goals for their users. You can “get paid for messing around” on Facebook, this is how they phrase it, and I can tell you they do mess around with all who use it – right from the start!!

With little research I do not endorse this site already! I do recommend one online company that does not give out false promises. They train people in all aspects of Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Website Creation, SEO etc. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they can show anyone, from beginner right up to expert level, how to be successful online. You can SIGN UP HERE for a Free Starter Account with no cc required. Be sure to fill out bio and upload pic once inside!





Showing You, Really, What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com.

PaidSocailMedaiJobs.com was created on the 11/11/2011. The Founder Is Annie Jones. WHOIS details does not give out the Founders Name, no real online business registration address (there is one but it is fake) and an email address that is hidden! All signs of deception! I had to go else where to find the owners name.

Paid Social Media Jobs gives you a 3 day trial for $1! However, I discovered one review got stung for $77 after sign up, with no message saying that amount was taken. This happens a lot apparently.

Paid Social Media Jobs also provides training. Unfortunately, the training is a sub standard attempt at training other people. They ‘try’ to train people in various aspects of social media such as.


  • Setting up social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Creating a resume that attracts potential employers.
  • Writing legal documents for you and your online employer.
  • Chasing employers for work.
  • Chasing employers to get your money.
  • Convincing employers to let you manage their social media accounts.






The list goes on, however, it is a very short one and the training does not show much in the way of real self empowerment for realistic chances of online success!

Social Media Manager Vacancies are slowly creeping into the employment place. It seems that far too many employers do not see it as a real enough job to pay someone to sit on Facebook all day in the work place. I kind of see their point, however ,it is a powerful source of traffic and worth the investment. It takes a lot of time to build up your own social media following and so initial investment is big, especially for time.


Quick Recap:-

  1. Poor training.
  2. Over charging.
  3. Chasing employers for work and money.

Sounds like a lot of hassle, and, you have to write out the legal agreement yourself! I never heard if that before.



What Kind of Work Will You Do for Paid Social Media Jobs?

Just think of everything you already do on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There may be other platforms, but we will use the most commonly known ones for swiftness of time, and ones that we all have experience with.

When you sign up for Social Paid Media Jobs there is your sub standard training, which you pay for by the way, and potential employers via employers advertisements. These employers are looking for Social Media Managers. Unfortunately, one site reports, some of these ads are fake!

The work you will be doing comprises of ‘tasks. PaidSocialMediaJobs says you can earn money online easily with them. These ‘tasks’ are NOT EASY! Actually, the steps involved in trying to get ANY work with them is incredibly difficult and time-consuming!! You basically set up social media accounts and then go begging for online work. Remember, you have to pay to go begging for work with these guys! Never pay another for a job! That is back ward thinking.


SO, the tasks comprise of the following:-



  • Liking comments on Facebook.
  • Making comments on Facebook and sharing.
  • Re-tweeting on Twitter, liking and commenting.
  • Liking, commenting and sharing on YouTube.
  • Downloading and uploading videos to share.



Anything you can do to engage people in your employers online business,service, product etc.

What are the goals per day?

This is where it gets impossible!! You may be asked to get 1000’s of likes, comments, shares etc per day!!

This is possible if you were using ‘auto surfing’ software that drives people, from PTC sites for instance, you perform a like, comment, share, subscribe or simply view ‘task’! The problem with such software is it drives people who do not give a dang about what you are promoting! Google views it as illegal traffic and slams anyone who does it.

Have an Adsense account? Adsense will ban your account for life if you par-take in such online activities!

This is the ONLY way to get that kind of online engagement for emerging websites, services, products etc!!


I will put my ‘conclusion’ before rating with this article. I need to explain a few more things and to give reasons for the rating.




The site under review is not a scam! And it is a scam! They say it is easy to make money with them… it is not! You get training, however, you have to pay for it straight away. I know they give you a 3 day trial, which is no where near long enough, and they seem to over charge as well. WHOIS details are near non-existent!!

They teach the basics of online social media marketing,but nothing else, as far as I can see!

You ACTUALLY have to write out your own legal agreement with your potential employer! This is bizarre and I am sure would lead ot many ‘get-out-of-jail-clauses’ for many unscrupulous online employers who refuse to pay you.

It is time-consuming for little reward and efforts do not help to build long term financial stability for you.

Shoddy user support!

You have to look and entice potential employers to hire you as a Freelance Social Media Manager. Most will not as it is not really considered a ‘job’ by most employers, despite, the overwhelming source of online traffic!

They have mixed reviews, but most agree, it is not a RECOMMENDED online opportunity!!


What is earnstations.com?








You are invited to speak your mind! Did you sign up to the site under review? What was your experience with them? Did you find profitable and worth while work, if so, would you recommend PSMJ? You are welcome to leave your experience in the comment box below to help inform others. Are you not sure about another online site? You can always ask me and I will look into it for you. I have given sufficient information on What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com to help advise all whom were looking for answers. I post daily so you are welcome to come back often. You can also subscribe to my websites newsletter so you never miss a post! Thank you for reading my article and I would appreciate a share or two. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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2 thoughts on “What Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com? Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

  1. Scam Detector Post author

    Hi Lisa B,

    Yes, I was surprised that they are really just taking advantage of peoples desires to be successful online with out actually showing them how to do it all the way.

    We have to be careful what we apply ourselves least others online take advantage of us.



  2. Lisa B

    I never thought people could get away with this! I was seriously looking into these types of paidsocialmediajobs im so glad i seen your post!


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