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  1. Scam Witness Post author

    Hi Doji,

    Please see our review of OxoMoney Site Here as it seems you have found one of the images instead associated with that article.

    There are many details in that post that will answer your questions. However, I am no way willing to put my personal ID online at risk for the sake of trying to cash out on a scam site. I have been scammed before so I fear you don’t know what you are asking of me.

    However Doji, you may find a video on YouTube that shows you what happens when you try to cash out. This article details it instead.

    I don’t advise this, but you could try it yourself and see then that the article is true. Also, there is a list of reviews of their many other identical sites from OxoMoney Site with member complaints.

    I hope this is to your satisfaction because, like I said, I am not putting my personal identity at risk from known fraudsters. Ultimately, based on my research and extensive experience exposing online scams, it is my opinion they are not good. You may accept or reject this and continue with your own research (which we recommend if you still have doubt about anything we say at scamwitness.com regarding other sites).

    Thanks again Doji for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon should you have any more questions/queries.

    Take care,

    – Philip.


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