What Is OxoMoney Site? Scam or Legit – Know First!

By | June 19, 2018

OxoMoney Site Exposed!



All You Need to Know on What Is OxoMoney Site.

Well done on doing your research as you have found the answer to What Is OxoMoney Site. We will answer as well is OxoMoney. Site a Global PTC Cheat? Is Oxo Money Site making payments and you have nothing to worry about? This review of OxoMoney will also seek out proprietor data, the work and the pay on offer, and ultimately, why we have no doubt they are 100% scam operation! Don’t work with OxoMoney – they will take your time, efforts and still try to defraud you of money.

It is understandable this may be upsetting news for some. I know the feeling, I was scammed several
times myself.
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Company:- http://oxomoney. Site.

Created:- 12/05/208. Expires same time in 2019.

Owners:- Unknown.

Price:- Free t sign up but not to cash out.

Scam/Legit:- Complete Scam Global Paid Advertisement Viewing Syste Scam!

#1 Recommendation:- Bottom of this article.




OxoMoney Site Pay, Work and History of Unknown Owners.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

OxoMoney Site’s True Persona.

Admittedly, we don’t know the owners we can say they are from Russia. They have made these paid to click sites in Russia, English and German.

As of the date of this article, the scammers have gone from 1060 identical English copies to these sites up to 1084. They make new ones all the time and collectively their operations must rake in large amounts of illegally got cash.

Each site typically lasts for one year. Some close sooner due to factors like low traffic or a bad reputation in a matter of weeks to months.


Below is a list of the sites we were able to expose since the beginning of 2018:-


  1. vkumoney win.
  2. oximoney win.
  3. almoney bid.
  4. akomoneyclub.
  5. atmoney bid.
  6. opymoney bid.
  7. ewumoney club.
  8. enymoney site.
  9. ugamoney bid.
  10. audmoney site.
  11. olmoney club.
  12. enamoney site.
  13. fsamoney bid.
  14. ugmoney win.
  15. eromoney win.
  16. afmoney win.
  17. satmoney win.
  18. ukmoney win.
  19. ummoney win.
  20. elmoney club.
  21. afumoney club.
  22. nonmoney bid.
  23. yxmoney bid.
  24. ydmoney bid.
  25. edmoney site.
  26. elmoney win.
  27. akmoney win.
  28. ubmoney win.
  29. agmoney bid.
  30. utemoney club.
  31. etimoney bid.
  32. oxmoney win.
  33. ogmoney win.
  34. opmoney win.
  35. avmoney win.
  36. yhmoney win
  37. ovmoney win.
  38. epmoney win.
  39. abamoney bid.
  40. fawmoney site.
  41. ebomoney win.
  42. ocemoney bid.
  43. ubemoney site.
  44. ammoney win.
  45. agmoney site.
  46. uxmoney win.
  47. osmoney win.
  48. ommoney win.
  49. ifmoney win.
  50. exmoney win.
  51. asmoney win.
  52. uvmoney win.
  53. odmoney win.
  54. ytmoney win.
  55. ygmoney win.
  56. olomoney site.
  57. ewmoney win.
  58. ekmoney win.
  59. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  60. ehmoney site.
  61. obamoney win.
  62. ormoney win.
  63. emumoney club.
  64. arimoney bid.
  65. immoney club.
  66. ubamoney club.
  67. duomoney site.
  68. otmoney club.
  69. atmoney win.
  70. ecamoney site.
  71. aqmoney win.
  72. epomoney club.
  73. ycamoney win, apimoney. win. exumoney club. ozumoney site. efomoney win. termoney bid. ucemoney bid, netmoney.2017.

*Those links are opening in a new window to their own reviews. Do report any that you know of not on there.





Work they say they Pay You for.

There are zero requirements to sign up to their site. Simply your email and then it can be a fake one. You will work simply by clicking on ads and then they will tell you to fill out a code per ad. These are your tasks and it is very simple. Problem that strikes me odd is – they pay out too much for too simply a job.



Commissions from Your Referrals.

Making referrals is meant to ramp up your commissions no end. By pasting your affiliate link on your social media networks is enough. Unfortunately, you may pull in family and friends who are not on the list for scamming. They say you can earn 50% commissions on all referrals jobs. This is creating a debt in the system that can never be paid. Each member is promised 10c a click. Half of your sign ups 10c is going to you. So, how is your sign up getting 10c a click – surely the OxoMoney is not paying them that out of their own pockets.

If so, where are they getting that from? From the profits from advertisers? Again, surely not, as advertisers only pay from fractions of a cent up to 3c per click. None of this makes any sense in terms of earnings.



Daily Profits.

The profits they offer to each member are very heady indeed. Nearly $500 a day for clicking on ads?! – I don’t think so.

Minimum to cash out is $150 which can and does be accrued in hours. Many members that are not aware enough, could end up clicking 1000 advertisements in the hopes of $4800 a month. This is of course never going to happen for payments.




How They Scam You.

OxoMoney Site Exposed!

Watch scam emails to your inbox after using OxoMoney Site!

At the application process you will be diverted to a way to cash out soonest. This cash out option is $10 to use. Then they ask for 40 sign ups. Should you be missing these sign ups then they will want to get $9 from you for 100 referrals. This is the scam part where they try to take some money from you before you are banned from their site for good.

It makes no difference if you pay or not as you will never get paid.

All accounts remain open until the site is shut down.

All legit emails are passed onto other scammers for a profit. Watch your inboxes for weird emails and do report and delete them.


Some of those other reviews in our list has other more detailed info should you be interested. We have no choice but to put OxoMoney into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.



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We welcome all comments and all comment are always responded to. Should you have any questions on anything said here then don’t hesitate to ask us. As we finish out our article on What Is OxoMoney Site we wish to say thank you for visiting us and we wish you all the very best online success!




8 thoughts on “What Is OxoMoney Site? Scam or Legit – Know First!

  1. jaclynn

    Hi Philip, I finally know that the oxomoney is scam. Is there any harm because they already know my bank acccount? Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jaclynn,

      Thank you very much for your question on OxoMoney Club. I would advise you simply contact your bank and let them know whats happened. They will probably just cancel your card and order you a new one if I am not mistaken.

  2. jaclynn

    Hi…. I finally know oxomoney is a scam after I want to withdraw the money out. after I register my bank account. ask for 40 to sign up. Is there any harm because they already know my bank acccount? Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Jaclynn,

      No worries, just let your bank know and they will advise you on the correct action to take Jaclynn.

  3. jaclynn

    Hi Philip, I finally know oxomoney is scam after I want withdraw my money. Is there any harm to my bank account since they know my account number?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      hehe, Hi Jaclynn,

      Ring your bank and they will inform you of the best thing to do. Do know, we are here to help others earn online with a $0 start up, if you are interested. No pressure just good info.

      Thanks again for your comments Jaclynn.

      – Philip.

  4. sharon

    Hi…. I finally know oxomoney is a scam after I want to withdraw the money out. after I register my bank account. ask for 40 to sign up. Is there any harm because they already know my bank acccount? Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you kindly for letting us know about your experience with OxoMoney Site. I would advise simply to ring your bank and apprise them of your situation. They may cancelle yor card and order you a new one. Sorry you had this experience Sharon, I am always here to further assist if you need it anytime.

      – Philip.


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