What Is OxMoney Win? Is OxMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 29, 2018

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Answers to What Is OxMoney Win


Unraveling the Answer to What Is OxMoney Win.

The particular answer to What Is OxMoney Win is our topic today. Other questions like is OxMoney. Win a time-wasting, money losing trap? Is Ox Money Win a clean and decent way to earn loads of dosh fast!? Nope! This is a review of OxMoney by a non-member, independent, blogger. The mysterious people behind this site own many others such as agmoney. win, armoney. win, uvmoney. win, ommoney.win, ubmoney. win, uxmoney. win, osmoney. win, asmoney. win, odmoney. win, yhmoney. win, ytmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ydmoney. win, xymoney. Site, ummoney. win, nonmoney. bid, unmoney. bid, ugmoney. win, afmoney. win, armoney. win, esmoney. win, awmoney. win, elmoney. win, ewmoney. win, olmoney. club, exmoney. win, edmoney. Site, ifmoney. win, owmoney. win, ufmoney. club, UKmoney. win, ucmoney. win, akmoney. win, anmoney. win, ohmoney. bid, ecmoney. win, ermoney. win, usmoney. win, uwmoney. win, ogmoney. win, ulmoney. win, avmoney. win, opmoney. win, oxmoney. win, atmoney. win, agmoney. Site, ohmoney. club, agmoney. bid, ekmoney. win etc. Scam Witness is still finding more daily 🙁 . They obviously are not legit and indeed a pure SCAM!

This is probably upsetting for some people who participated. I would say to those to report them in the comment box, or, they will have really got away with it. However, on the brighter side of things, there are still many excellent ways to earn online. Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 Recommendation. For Full detaisl to earn a Full Time Income Online please click >HERE< to their review. Register >HERE< to save reading further.



The ‘Skinny’ on What Is OxMoney Win, Dishonorable Entrepreneurs behind it and Work From Home Tasks by Members.

Beginning this article to answer what is oxmoney win, it is always a great idea to seek out owner info. Never have I discovered who the person or people are, so today, I don’t expect that to change.

With the release of, what seems like hundreds of new versions of OxMoney, most of them were registered online in February. 11/03/2018 is when OxMoney was born and it departs the online world in 2019 – same time of creation. The Black Hat Marketers behind ‘Ox’ and all their sites do not register owners or even an email. All credible signs of a sham site.

These unsitely versions come in German, Russian, English and have been making a killing online since 2014! Only 1 year is the average life span of their sites, though several shut down earlier, or ARE shut down by their service provider sooner, 1 year tells me they are only hit-and-run with your money and time site. When online reputation pollutes anyone of their sites, they will shut it down as well, or point that site to a newer operation.

All versions of ‘Ox’ contain exact same wording, riddled with identical site errors, same stupid fake reviews and same unreal payouts. Go to anyone of the sites listed in the intro, and you will see what I mean. Member payouts are listed on their home page, of which figures and member names, are utterly fake.


In order to get to the scam procedure, we must first understand the work details,

and how it all ties together.


Review of OxMoney Win


Registration with OxMoney is free and just needs your email address. If you want to give them ago, and why would you because they are a scam, then just use a made up email account. They don’t check. They don’t ask for confirmation by email either. Truly unique and worrying start – most sites ask this as a basic, as we all know.

New members will see ads. Those ads are to be clicked and viewed. Each view will gain 10 cents to your account in no time. Participants can now see those4 monies adding up as they are working – all a ploy to encourage more clicks. All ‘click’s’ for ‘Ox’ earns the owner a few pennies, if that. Not 10 Cents! Advertiser would have to pay you 10 CENTS and now pay the owner of OxMoney as well – That is very expensive advertising! And not real.

Minimum Threshold for Payment is $150. Their older versions required a minimum of $300 and so this is different with the new batch. Upon asking for your honest earnings, you will encounter some problems. Here is how the scam is activated…



Shambolic Scam Application Process!

SO now we arrive at HOW they are breaking the law and how their members have to tolerate such tings. When your application is filled you then admin will view it. They will let you know that they are having a gander at it for you. Now they get back and alert you to the incredibly annoying waiting time to get your money. It is like 90 days before you can see a penny and nowhere on their site is this stated.

ACTUALLY, their site states all payments are completed in 1 HOUR! TOTAL RUBBISH!

This long waiting period is to entice members to use the other way to get yourself verified and cashed out. This process will require some kind of admin fee of $10! DON’T PAY IT! Just a cheap trick to get some money from you before they break your heart and lock you out of you account.

One member of ohmoney. club, paid this $10 fee. When paid, the whole application process was repeated. There is no way of getting his money back and no way anyone is ever getting paid either.

Should you pay, another option this scam employs, is to ask for all of your referrals. These referrals must be at least 40 in number and is exchanged as part of your money to be released. You make new referrals manually by sharing your link all over the net – not advisable, and here is an article detailing why called Facebook Spammers Make $202m Just Posting Links, Researchers say. Courtesy of theguardian.com. Will open in a new window.

This article will show you How To Spot a Scam Site. Courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com. Opens in a new window so you can come back here, if you wish.


Once you exchange those referrals, or you can buy them from OxMoney for about $9 for 100, you will not see any money. Chances are you will be locked out of your account or they will ask you to repeat the process until it dawns on you. They might even say, after you pay money via BitCoin, that their databases did not register the transaction- this was a real comment on another of their sites here at Scam Witness.


ULTIMATELY, no one gets paid.


What Happens to all that Money?!

Ox’, having thousands of sites with untold 1000s of members watching ads, does make money indeed. But, only the owners though. Each ad viewed will net the scammers a cent or two and that is all. That is not enough to split with anyone. Should they split it then they would have to keep the lions share to make their work efforts worth it. This means members would have only been paid something akin to 100th of a Stinking Cent! THIS IS WHY I no longer endorse any PTC site as they will scam you for your time and money is just rubbish.

There are better ways to earn online. Need to know – just ask in the comment box below.

For the reasons stated, and to be 100% clear, this is why ‘OX’ is illegal and why their other sites such as ugmoney. win, afmoney. win, xymoney. Site, nonmoney. bid, ydmoney. bid, exmoney. win, ygmoney. win, odmoney. win, asmoney. win, uvmoney. win, ekmoney. win, elmoney. win, osmoney. win, ommoney. win, ifmoney. win, armoney. win, unmoney. win, yxmoney. win, ummoney. bid, yhmoney. win, ytmoney. win, esmoney. win, awmoney. win, ewmoney. win, ubmoney. win, uxmoney. win, ufmoney. club, agmoney. win, agmoney. bid etc can be safely classified as scams as well!



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All current and historical attempts for payment have routinely failed. Their websites are being manufactured for the sole purpose of cheating and defrauding others online. The 40 Referrals is not stipulated on their site anywhere. Further signs we are dealing with con artists can be found below.



Signs of a Scam:-

  • No Terms of Service, other wise known as TOS.
  • No Frequently Asked Questions Section. Known as ‘FAQ’s’ as well.
  • Bottom of their website, ‘Feedback’ is spelled as ‘Fed back’. No serious online business venture would leave that lie uncorrected.
  • Reviews sound like they are written by the same person.
  • Job offer description is completely the same for all of their duplicated sites.
  • Most of their sites soon develop a poor online reputation in no time, and is the primary reason, why so many do not last even one year online.




Have a story about ‘Ox’? Why not leave it below in the comment box. While exposing these scams, the REAL DAMAGE to their sites, is reports of their own behavior by actual members. This is going to be a tremendous to help warn others and so, in this way, your help is needed. As one community online we can all make a difference by having our voices heard – as one!

Thank you to those that will answer this call – 🙂 .



DISCLAIMER:- This opinion in this content is my own and others and can accept it as their truth or find other research. Right now, there is not too many articles regarding this particular version of their site. Research was sourced online and released to warn readers about, what I believe, to be a dishonest work from home venture. Nothing in this article, or on any other articles, are to be considered as the ‘final and absolute truth’ but simply my own opinion. Thank you for reading this boring part 🙂 .




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Pervasive scam that has never paid anyone in all their years of all these identical fraud sites. Owners can never be identified, not even on their sites. This is why the authorities can not shut them down. IP addresses are dotted globally for these sites collectively. This is easy evidence to suggest it is a Global Scam Organization. You have been warned.







Those who have participated in the fake site just reviewed are very welcome to be heard below. Did you get paid? I would be very surprised but that needs to be added as well. Of course, were you NOT paid? This is common. Or maybe you found another one of their sites and you would like Scam Witness to investigate them as well? We are always happy to accept reader post requests as it unites us all against that which we do not want. I really enjoyed writing this article and now it is time to say good bye to answering What Is OxMoney Win. Looking forward to your comments below. Take care all 🙂 .


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14 thoughts on “What Is OxMoney Win? Is OxMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Thaley

    How about elmoney.icu is that a scam too? Can you pls give me a sites that can earn money online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Thaley,

      Any site that looks like OxMoney Win is all the same scam network belonging to the same scammers. So yes, ElMoney. ICU is a scam site and so you should stay away from them as well.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fatii,

      If you know of someone that has signed up to OxMoney Win then I recommend you share this posts link to them. This way they have a fair shot of knowing the truth before they are scammed.

      If they persist, then just give them the key points to watch out for.

      1). Money is too high per ad click – usual is fractions of a cent up to 3 cent!
      2). No site ownership details! Bad sign indeed.
      3). Minimum Pay Out is achieved far too quickly with OxMoney.
      4). They will want money from this person in BTC to release earnings!!!! That is a big one and surely an excellent sign of a scam.
      5). Exchange 40 referrals to release your earnings, or, pay them (AGAIN) to release your earnings.

      After that, it is up to themselves. Thanks for your question and looking out for someone else as well.

      – Philip.

  2. Nicoletta

    Truffa al 100%!!! Ho speso 20€ per comprare refferals, non li ho mai avuti, quando da sola sono arrivata a 40 mi hanno detto che il mio account è bloccato e serviranno 30/60 gg per avere i soldi… buffoni#!!!


    100% scam !!! I spent € 20 to buy refferals, I never had them, when I came to 40 alone I was told that my account is blocked and will serve 30/60 days to get the money … buffoons # !!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Ciao Nocletta,
      Mi dispiace di averti sentito rapinare OxMoney Win. Sono lieto che tu abbia segnalato OxMoney per aver rubato i tuoi soldi perché ora molti saranno aiutati.

      Grazie ancora e ricordati, mostro anche alle persone come guadagnare online con un avvio da $ 0.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Edward,

      There are many good jobs online. However Wealthy Affiliate is our recommendation. You may click on the Banners of links in this article to sign up for free. Paid options but not mandatory to learn how to make a website and earn from it.

      1. jhenn vibora

        oh… really…. anyway thanks for that info. i thought its legit. i’ll already tell them to my officemate that oxmoney is not legit.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi jhenn,

          I doubt there was any intentional deception on your friends part because they would not have received a penny for referring you anyways. I am glad that you let the other person know as well so now two have been saved from this scam.

          Should yourself and your friend need a real way to earn online, just ask me. I am currently showing people from all over the Globe how to make money online for the long term.

          Thank you kindly for the up date and hope to hear from you again.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Todo lo que puedo hacer es mostrarte cómo ganarlo. Por favor, ve y haz la lotería si ese es tu objetivo.



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