What Is OxiMoney Club? Scam or Legit – Know First!

By | June 17, 2018

OxiMoney Club EXPOSED!



Be Prudent and Know What Is OxiMoney Club Before You Join.

For all asking What Is OxiMoney Club have found their answers here. Good job on your research as we will answer Is OxiMoney. Club a dangerous scam? Is Oxi Money Club one of the best ways to make money clicking on ads? This is the first OxiMoney Review where we will quickly tell you now that they are not honest and they do seek to defraud as many people as possible. Owners have made a tremendous amount of these same sites pulling the same con on vast numbers of people since 2014!

However, all is not lost as we have a no cc and free start up to show you how to earn a SIX FIGURE INCOME A MONTH. We will leave info and links at the bottom of this article for those interested in earning real money and who are tired of chasing the false quick cash.



Company:- http:- oximoney. club.

Created:- 19-05-2028. Expires – same date 2019.

Founder:- Unknown.

Price:- No charge to join but they charge up to $20 to cash out.

Scam/Legit:- No doubt on our part – PURE SCAM! Keep clear.

#1 Recommendation:- Bottom of this article.




OxiMoney Club Owners, Work and False Pay.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

OxiMoney Club is going into Our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

There is no online ID traces, as mentioned, and even their website registration address is fake. Absolutely no email support except one that is tied to many online other scams. Owners hail from Russia and have worked to generate them into German, Russian and English.

To date, there are 1060 English copies of the same scam. The scam is so alike that there is no difference in the words, the job description, the pay, the work, the coding, the colors, the fake reviews, – Everything, except site logo and its URL. Copy/Paste sites.

There are 1000’s of these new Paid Advertisement Viewing System Paid to Click sites.


Below is a small sample of the ones we have exposed in total from 2018 so far:-


  1. almoney bid.
  2. akomoneyclub.
  3. atmoney bid.
  4. opymoney bid.
  5. ewumoney club.
  6. enymoney site.
  7. ugamoney bid.
  8. audmoney site.
  9. olmoney club.
  10. enamoney site.
  11. fsamoney bid.
  12. ugmoney win.
  13. eromoney win.
  14. afmoney win.
  15. satmoney win.
  16. ukmoney win.
  17. ummoney win.
  18. elmoney club.
  19. afumoney club.
  20. nonmoney bid.
  21. yxmoney bid.
  22. ydmoney bid.
  23. edmoney site.
  24. elmoney win.
  25. akmoney win.
  26. ubmoney win.
  27. agmoney bid.
  28. utemoney club.
  29. etimoney bid.
  30. oxmoney win.
  31. ogmoney win.
  32. opmoney win.
  33. avmoney win.
  34. yhmoney win
  35. ovmoney win.
  36. epmoney win.
  37. abamoney bid.
  38. fawmoney site.
  39. ebomoney win.
  40. ocemoney bid.
  41. ubemoney site.
  42. ammoney win.
  43. agmoney site.
  44. uxmoney win.
  45. osmoney win.
  46. ommoney win.
  47. ifmoney win.
  48. exmoney win.
  49. asmoney win.
  50. uvmoney win.
  51. odmoney win.
  52. ytmoney win.
  53. ygmoney win.
  54. olomoney site.
  55. ewmoney win.
  56. ekmoney win.
  57. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  58. ehmoney site.
  59. obamoney win.
  60. ormoney win.
  61. emumoney club.
  62. arimoney bid.
  63. immoney club.
  64. ubamoney club.
  65. duomoney site.
  66. otmoney club.
  67. atmoney win.
  68. ecamoney site.
  69. aqmoney win.
  70. epomoney club.
  71. exumoney club. ozumoney site. efomoney win. termoney bid. ucemoney bid, netmoney 2017. ycamoney win, apimoney win.

*Those links above will open in a new tab for their respective reviews by same scam owners as OxiMoney. Do report if you know of anymore in the comments below – thank you.



Work Program Details.

All are welcome and auto-qualified for their work offer. Here you simply subscribe to membership via your email. However,.it is pure pointless to give them your real one as they will even accept a fake one. I know because I did the same with one of their old sites. Big scam sign there, already.

You are only to click on ads and view them for a set time. Then fill out code. When you done on such a task you will notice money building up in your member account in real time. And that is all there is to that part there.



Referral Fake Program Details.

Members are told to make many sign ups to OxiMoney to speed up your own money earning. This is done by placing your affiliate link online anywhere you see to place it on white space. This is called spamming and is a sure-fire way to land yourself in trouble. Please see the article below to know what spam is exactly:-

What is spam and how to avoid it. From runbox.com – opens in a new tab.

When sign ups occur and they believe in the offer they will work and make money as well. You will appear to earn from their efforts. All lies to motivate a free work force for the profits of OxiMoney Owners Only.



Daily Take Home Pay Lies.

As said, it is 10c per ad clicked and viewed and then you are receiving 50% of your referrals commissions as well. This is easy to see how one can reach the minimum pay out of $150 in matter of hours, certainly, in one day.

Oxi says you are able to earn with ease $150 and nearly $500 a day. Per month you may even have the time to earn up to $4800 a month. This is only if members view 1000 ads in four weeks for close to $5000.

In the long miserable history of this criminal PTC scam has there not been a single instance of payment to anyone. Fact!




The Pick-Pocket before the Exit!

OxiMoney Club Robbers

Make Sure You Leave OxiMoney Club with All of Your Money.

Upon making $150 you will find out, through the application process, that they need 3 months to verify your earnings. This is just to manipulate the ‘clicking’ on the option they want you to. This clearly displayed option will set up back by $10 and then they want $9 to make you buy 100 fake referrals. Those fake referrals is on the pretense that they want 40 from you to exchange for your money. Pure smoke screen to rob you.

Those that pay will note they have been locked out of their account. There will be no help that makes any sense to correct his issue. The owners will soon lose the ability to understand your language. I have seen examples of this on YouTube where one man was asking what happened as he locked out of his account. The up loader acted dumb (for which he surely is for scamming people) by saying he did not understand the issue. He advised this man to be more clear on his problem. I reported that channel for abuse.

Those that don’t pay will see they can not go any further and have saved themselves some money.

Member accounts can’t be deleted at this point and will stay online until the site is shut down.


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We always welcome all comments and respond to them as well. Should you have any questions regarding anything on this article, or indeed on our website, then you are welcome to ask us below. Thank you all for visiting our article on What Is OxiMoney Club and hope it helps. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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