What Is OvMoney Win? Is OvMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 29, 2018

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OvMoney Win Tricksters.



What Is OvMoney Win and How to Know if they are Good or Bad.

Everything on What Is OvMoney Win is covered here. Even questions like is OvMoney. Win legal or criminal? Is Ov Money Win of good character and making pay outs? Our unbiased review of OvMoney will also answer who owns it, the work they offer, how much they pretend to pay, how they waste their members time and how they are stealing their cash! So Yes! OvMoney is a fraudulent site where its operators spew out new copied versions all the time. Below you will see the ones we have shown to be fake and are linked to their own reviews, which, will open in a new window:-

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Needless to say, we are not recommending such sites. We do recommend one good online company called Wealthy Affiliate. You can see our review of them >>HERE<< to learn how to start your own online business for $0! Or sign up >>HERE<< for your free starter account.


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OvMoney Win and Their Fake Job Offer.

So, we already know what is ovmoney win – they are a new Paid Advertisement Viewing System Paid to Click scam site! Owners are not known online and their site’s registration address is not where they are coming from. These sites always say they are from Panama. Actually, should you trace their IP, you will see different date releases of these websites come from LA, San Francisco, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada.

Don't Pay OvMoney Win.

And since all these sites are almost identical – what does this tell us? Well, we can see they are a Scam-Cell online, or, we can assume ‘someone’ is selling this PTC Code for a fee – kinda like a criminal franchise. The wording is the spit of each other, they even copy and paste site errors and the only difference do be the site logo, fake member paid out to names and of course the URL.

Though we can not ascertain the owner name(s), we know, this fraud-infection is stemming from Russia. The owners have even created it in two other languages:- English and German. Network name for the English ones is webdengi_eng and number way over 714 sites!

OK! What is the fake work they are offering, now that we do know a little about the history of these sites.

Well, as mentioned, they are a paid to click operation (PTC) where members are allowed to embark with just an email. The email can be real or even one that is not real. Their ‘system’ does not check. Speaking of their ‘SYSTEM’…

This site has received reports that their system will receive your payment in BTC and then say their ‘SYSTEM’ has crashed. The transaction was ‘LOST’ and they promise it will not happen again. Don’t fall for this, it is obviously just a way to make members pay twice.

Anyways, it is 10c for every ad you view. Then there is a code you must fill out. You may make half of all of your referrals earnings. These referrals can be got through spamming your link on the net! This is very illegal and yet sites like OvMoney’s very existence depends on this. When you have made many referrals then you become unnecessary to them and this is how they are getting tons of free traffic.

Lies become further unreal when they say you may make a stead $300 a day, on average. Those that want to earn $4800 every four weeks will have to watch an eye watering One Thousand Ads – and fill out the same number in captchas!! Good luck! They don’t pay out.

When members have met the pay out necessary to apply for their funds then this is where they will run into trouble.




OvMoney Win Cash Out.

All is well as you watch advertisements and make referrals. Money is seen in your account immediately after you complete these tasks. Even in a single day are members making $150 to apply for cash out. Actually, this is being achieved in only a few hours for many.

Here you put in your form to get your earnings. Admin, actually I believe a program, responds to you saying you must wait so long for your earnings.

Then you will find that you can apply and be approved in about five minutes. This quickened way is costing members Ten Dollars and is only a cheap trick to get some money out of their unsuspecting participants.

NOW! They will seek Forty Members, you should have made by now, to exchange for your cash. The hopes is that you have not made such referrals, in which cash, you are offered 100 for Nine Dollars. Again, members are being tricked out of money. You may make such payments via Bit Coin and seems to be the only way you can do this.

A QUICK WORD ON BIT COIN:- I am no expert on this. However, with only cursory investigation, people can send money via BTC and the receiver – receives it. Problem is, unlike other forms of financial transactions, the point of registration for this transaction is not recorded. The Block Chain is not keeping record of what number of bit coins are going where and from whom! Big problem, no?

Here is an article that will further explain the problems with paying with BIT COIN:- Before Paying with Bit Coin, Here is What the Federal Trade Commission Wants You to Know. Courtesy of cnbc.com and opens in a new window.

Should you have paid, then you will find you are locked out of your account, or the steps are required of you to repeat. Either event is startling and only at this point will all members definitely know they have been had.



OvMoney Win Gives Out Ransomware

Unfortunately, the scam does not even end there. It is more than possible they have downloaded some malware to hunt for passwords on your device. Any and all private info is sold for profit to fraudsters. The email you signed up to with OvMoney will more than likely be sold on. You can either make a new email account or be very vigilant what you click on in your inbox.

Since Windows is the operating system for most, here is a useful article, on how to remove malware:- How to Remove Malware from Your Windows PC. Thank you to pcworld.com and opens in a new browser.

We Need Your Reports on OvMoney to Help Further EXPOSE Them – Please leave such in the comments below. Thank you.



DISCLAIMER:- This research was sourced solely online and has allowed me to come to my own opinion. Others are encouraged to seek out other reliable sources before coming to their own conclusions.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Ongoing scam operating since 2014 with no signs of slowing down. New versions being released almost daily, if not, daily per reports on this website and on its YouTube Channel as well – thank you to all who have chipped in and reported these sites. They have not paid out a single dime in all the time they have been scamming online – not even to encourage new sign ups with only a few legit payments.





We would love to hear from you. Have you a story/an experience or opinion regarding the site we just spoke of? Those reports are badly required to help many people who may other wise fall for this scam. Or, maybe you need answers on a completely different because you are not sure if they are legit or not? We will be glad to help out in this manner as well. Do have a look at our #1 Recommendation below before you leave. Looking forward to all of your comments to come – take care 🙂 .




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