What Is OurAidClub.com? Is OurAidClub.com a Scam or Legit!

By | March 8, 2018

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Investigation to Answer What Is OurAidClub.com


What Is OurAidClub.com and Reasons to be Very Suspicious of them.

For everyone doing some research to find a review to answer What is OurAidClub.com? Asking is OurAidClub A SCAM? Or, is Our Aid Club actually real and legit way to earn 100% ROI per your time and investment? Then so you have done yourself a good favor as now you are going to be armed with excellent reasons to save your time and money. We can already classify OurAidClub as an illegal Ponzi Pyramid Scheme which reasons will be given. Let us find out also some online ID for the owners, donation or investment levels plus returns and ultimately why the vast majority of their members will not get any returns.

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Detailed Answer to What Is OurAidClub.com.

To inform you fully of what is OurAidClub.com it is best to begin with who owns this illegal work from home opportunity. More so than usual with such illegal ponzi pyramid schemes, they lack pretty much all legit details barring creation and expiration date of site. Founder is suffering from terminal shyness as he can not be found online – ANYWHERE! No email and the business address is one I have seen too many times to recall. None of these ‘details’ are good enough to warrant trust from their members. Incidentally, they are due to shut down online operations 27/10/2018 and their registrar is NameCheap Inc.

They describe themselves as a mutual aid (please do begin to watch out for that term as it is quickly becoming synonymous with scam activity online) peer to peer donation platform (another term that is quickly becoming a sign of a scam) that simply wants to help the population of Ghana achieve financial success. This is only true for but about 10% of any ponzi or pyramid scheme online.

How It Works.


Review of OurAidClub.com


As standard everyone signs up for free and there is usually a time period to coerces new members to make a donation to another member. A quick and Important Note Here:- Such sites have been accused of setting up multiple fake accounts in order to receive donations or investments from honest participants. However, there is no way of knowing for sure if that is what is going on with OurAidGlobal.

They promise returns between 1 hours and 24 hours. Well, it could be 36 hours as they warn you and so that tells me they don’t really know when they are able to pay you. Actually, as time goes by, they don’t even know how long they can pay anyone as member sign ups drop low.

You do not have to participate in their Referral Program, however, should you refer someone then you are eligible for a 10% bonus – if ya lucky enough to get paid. Conveniently enough they allow for multiple accounts but their members have to submit a different and different legit email every time. Unusual and normally not allowed.

The Minimum Donation Payment is GH¢50 and the other package is GH¢50 to begin. This will return your initial investment, actually, donation plus its amount doubled (hence, 100% ROI – Return On Investment). This return on investment, per your donation, is made after you donate and their system (a highly vague and overused word for such sites) will match two other members to you. These two other members will now pay you the same amount you donated.

GREAT 🙂 ! Problem is though, the ‘system’ soon runs out of fresh members willing to gamble with their money. Even if its not a lot of money there is a real sense online people truly are getting fed up, as countless of these schemes have gone under in the last nine months alone. So Now, when another one pops up, these schemes are all promising to be the best and most durable etc and they are extra loving and caring towards their fellow man – makes me sick to be honest. Reason being, its all geared to RIPPING OFF their ‘fellow man’.

Thus, it is a simple 2:1 Matrix Ponzi Pryamid Rip Off!

We will now delve into the simple flawed mechanics of their offer and reveal why, IN FACT, most members will lose ALL OF THEIR MONEY – and not just some of it.


Why Most Members Will Lose Their Money In This Ponzi Pyramid Scheme.

A common theme among all ponzi pyramid donation or investment schemes (also referred to as cash gifting schemes) is only 10%, as mentioned, earn anything. Statistics online show 90% consistently fail to make any returns, for which, these owners of such sites have the audacity to blame their own members. They know their business is weak and is solely dependent of people pumping money into their business venture.

Everything is OK’ish in the beginning where new arrivals can expect to earn some money and certainly the founders will earn much more. Usual way that founders earn more is when a donation is made then they will give ‘some’ to a member and take the majority.

Certainly hope you can see why such a scheme could never be endorsed by scamwitness.com and also why we are so confident of our #1 Recommendation in its stead. There is such a low probability of making ANY MONEY, especially, as the website becomes older and over weight with current members waiting for pay. With each new wave of members then they are now promised their investment back plus its return – that is 100% Debt Creation and Not Wealth Creation = for most. This debt is impossible to be ever paid out due to the infinitely illogical mathematics involved.

Ultimately, though we never endorse breaking the law by joining and par-taking in a ponzi scheme, a pyramid or a cash gifting scheme, certainly the best time is the first twenty days. This is a number found during research from someone online promoting such a scheme. Should they be paying out right now, please know, they are still performing illegal actions online and is only a matter of time before they collapse. When the collapse occurs then their website will just fail to exist as they have now redirected all final donations to themselves and run off. They can’t be caught as no one knows who they are due to them having hidden their online identification so well 🙁 .

We make the utmost effort to be accurate and informative for the safety of the online community. Everything written here is based on my opinion and is not to be construed in any other fashion. I am not affiliated with the website just reviewed so you know it is an unbiased review. Data was sourced from their website and from my extensive experience of exposing online scams.






THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! For those that signed up, to the relatively new website that we just exposed, then you are most welcome to inform your say in the comment box below. Your story, experience and knowledge could pay great dividends for many looking for such information you may possess. Particular interest would be how many got paid? Were you paid within the time frame promised? Are they running the ‘confirmation’ method after payment? Let us finish off now answering What Is OurAidClub.com by saying thank you kindly for reading my article and deeply looking forward to all of your comments to come. Do have a look at our number recommendation below for those that want financial freedom running their own online business.


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