What Is OtMoney Club? Is OtMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

By | April 26, 2018

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OtMoney Club Review.



The Only Answer for What Is OtMoney Club Is Here.

Those that have come across this new Paid Advertisement Viewing System maybe asking What Is OtMoney Club, is OtMoney. Club paying members a fortune for clicking ads, is Ot Money Club actually bogus and criminal in nature? This is one of very few honest reviews of OtMoney and we will further answer the work involved, the pay involved and those owners as well. For now, we wills start off by saying OtMoney is part of a Global Scam Network with 100s and 100ss if not 1000s of these site’s conning people. Below is a list of the one’s we have found and exposed:-

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Those that have been scammed by any of the PTC Sites mentioned here are welcome to place that story in the comments box below this post. This will help many people avoid these scams. Thanks..

Obviously we are not recommending these guys. Those looking for a real way to earn online may take a look at our Wealthy Affiliate Review – they have proven themselves to be the best online!


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Further Data to Answer What Is OtMoney Club, Pay, Work and Owner Identity.

Before continuing to answer what is otmoney club, I was made of that particular site, because one of the scammers spammed my videos on YouTube with their fraud link. Should you see such links in YouTube videos, early in their description, I can nearly guarantee you they are part of the scam.

I will skip owner ID part because, in all the time exposing these scam site’s, founders name is never available, no email and address is from Panama. IP tracks whole batches of these sites to different parts of the world. They are a Russian Organized Scam Cell that has been illegally operating online and defrauding, potentially, millions from people Globally!

It is free to begin working on their site. You will see that you can earn a huge 50% from your referrals working take home pay. This, inevitably, inspires people to share their link where ever they can. This is SPAMMING and you can find yourself in legal hot water for doing this. Here is a post from Wikipedia telling you why Email Spam is Bad, and yes, OtMoney does advise you spatter your link via email as well, among other ways such as:-

OtMoney Club Advises SPAMMING!

1). Private Messaging on Facebook.

2). YouTube Video Comments.

3). Text Messages.

4). Twitter.

5). Tell Family and Friends about it.


Any which way you are able to communicate to other people be what they are advocating to build your own financial success with them. The sharpest clue that you should have concerned was they are paying out WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for horrendously easy work. That just does not happen – ever.

AVERAGE DAILY EARNINGS is put at $300 with $50 being the basic pay for about five hours work.

MINIMUM CASH OUT IS $150 and meant to be paid to your account in 1 hour. This never happens though.

The point you try to get your cash then you will see some unusual requests occurring…



Time Cough Up Or Leave Your Earnings Behind!

How To Get Paid At OtMoney Club.

YUP! That is basically what these guys are saying to their members. They will hold to ransom your earnings until you give them $10 so you don’t have to wait around for 3 months for your money to be processed by these ill-wits.

That is just a ploy anyways and still you will not’t see your money even if you do pay. After you pay, if you do, NOW they want 40 people sign ups you made. These can be bought for $9 and 100 fake sign ups will be yours. Again, this is nonsense and still you won’t get paid. That really is the end of the scam.


Other things to notice they are a scam are:-

  1. Other things to keep in mind is they want to you fill out codes after each ad. This is not labeled anywhere.
  2. Compare Home Page Description with their FAQ’s and see if you can see contradictions, discrepancies, in their pay out time and the amount of time it takes to make earnings. They are not the same. Sign of a scam right there.
  3. Bottom of their site they have a gross spelling error. We all have typos but that one is obvious and is carried forth from one site to another. They have all the same coding, wording with little difference. URL is different. Site logo is different but all else remains the same with all of their site’s.
  4. Their PayMent Method would not take these site’s ever! Don’t be fooled and is only another way to convince people, who’s countries do not use PayPal, that they can still get paid.
  5. These guys have NO PAYMENT PROOFS!! Actually, they HAVE FAKE PAYMENT PROOFS!
  7. No founder names on site.
  8. No email address that will get you a response.
  9. No Forum because owners know members will use it to put their complaints of no payments on there. This will alert new sign ups and put them off.

Here is an article from gulfnews.com that will give all you need to know about the Telltale Signs of a Scam. Opens in a new browser.

They will make such site’s and will have them up for one year only. That is if they don’t have bloggers and YouTubers exposing them enmass. If this be the case then they will have no choice but to shut down those site’s being exposed or direct them to a fresh con site. 1 Year Online, for a site offering paid work to people, is one of the biggest scam signs to look out for. Legit site’s, that are offering work, know year 1 online is the base of a site’s foundation and then you expand your reach etc. No legit site of this nature leaves it all behind in only 12 months.



DISCLAIMER:- This post is my opinion. This opinion is researched data gathered, over a period about 11 months, and the outcome is always the same:- no one gets paid. Should you require more data than don’t hesitate to click any of the links in the introduction to this post for more. You can also use Google to continue with your research.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! They are not a real opportunity and many are falling victim to it on a daily basis. They will require you pay in BitCoin, and the really bad thing about that is, the Block Chain doe not keep track of these transactions – an oversight of magnitude.

Any questions about these fraud site’s? Just ask me in the comments and I will be happy to assist you further.





This article was created to give a voice to those that been tricked by the site just reviewed. It would be great to hear from you as it really will help those who don’t have the courage to speak up. Were you scammed? Have you found another one of their site’s? Are you looking at a disrelated site and not sure about them? DO ask and let us know where we always respond to reader comments. That is enough said on what is otmoney club and I thank you for your time in reading article. I hope it goes along way of depriving these con artists of a lot of traffic as their network is a viral one that is always being renewed. Don’t forget about our #1 $0 RECOMMENDATION BELOW before you go.





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14 thoughts on “What Is OtMoney Club? Is OtMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

  1. Reyhane

    Hello,I am interested in having income through the Internet ,what’s your recommendation ?

  2. m.bps

    I also went to the site and now I got to the pay section and got $ 200
    I’m collecting members
    I’m still not sure if it’s a scam, but I doubt it
    Comments on the site seem distorted
    What is your suggestion for a simple way to earn revenues from currencies like Bitcoin?

  3. walid

    Hello Philip
    Yes I m intrested for working online
    Plz contact me via e-mail

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi walid,

      You have a look at your Introduction Video Series Here and then decide if it is for you. I deleted your contact details as I get a lot of people coming my site and I don’t want to have your details stolen.

      Let me know if you sign up.



  4. walid

    This is a pure scam site
    I worked with them .I collected 150 dollars as requested.I tried to withdraw my money,but message came I need to attract 40 referrals. I attracted 65 referrals and I have now in my account 3900 dollars
    I m try ing to withdraw but message coming that i need to wait from 30 to 60 days for account approval otherwise I need to go for quick verification and to pay 10 dollars by boticoin
    This is my story with otmoney

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Walid,

      Your story is very valuable regarding OtMoney Club. Now people looking for real member complaints on OtMoney Club can use your words as a real life reference point. I am very grateful you took the time to expose OtMoney – thank you kindly for that.

      There are ways to earn online so please do ask me if you need a $0 Start Up.



  5. haris

    hello bady . i Want to know about ot money website because i am working in this website so plzzz tell me seriously that this website is real or fake . Be honest bady

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Haris,

      OtMoney is a total scam. Please see all the other reviews I have done from all their other sites and check out the comments where you find them. You may also find me on YouTube where many of my videos on these sites have complaints of no payouts. OtMoney is no good! You can of course find out for yourself.

      There is another way if you are interested.



  6. Danielle

    What is OtMoney Club? Looking at those scam sites you listed up there, this looks like a bottomless pit of scammers.

    Maybe the good thing is that the sites all look alike, that once scammed by one I hope people will recognize the pattern and don’t get sucked in!

    Oh-my-goodness, to have your YouTube channel spammed with one of those links! Yak!

    The idea of sharing their links on one’s social media profiles, bugging family and friends is revolting. Even worse is the idea that close friends join on one’s recommendation only to have them scammed! Such an embarrassing situation.

    Sometimes people are desperate for money and in these times it is easy to overlook the most obvious signs of a scam. Otmoney club is indeed a scam – it’s obvious from all that you have said. I hope your post reaches many people before they lose their time and money.

    Thank you for the work that you do here.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yeah, these guys had the cheek to put their poison on my vids on YouTube. I reported them so that may help get them shut down real soon. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and perspective regarding OtMoney Club.




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