What Is OsMoney Win? Is OsMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 28, 2018

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Review of OsMoney Win


All Details to Answer What Is OsMoney Win.

There is no doubt people are asking What Is OsMoney Win? Is OsMoney. Win a Fake? Is Os Money Win real and safe? This is a review of OsMoney, I am not a member by the way, and with many hours of research compiled herein. To kick it all off I can tell you the owners are highly productive schemers who have mass-produced these sites to rip off people! 1000S of these sites are in circulation online such as EsMoney. Win, AwMoney. Win, EkMoney. Win, UxMoney. Win, ExMoney. Win, OwMoney. Win, OhMoney. Bid, AnMoney. Win, OpMoney. Win, OxMoney. Win, ErMoney. Win etc the list is exhaustive. These are New 2018/2019 Batch of an oldish scam running since 2014. The Scam NetWork is called WebDengi_Eng! So, yes, they are a TOTAL SCAM!

Anyone that was hoping they were legit, then I am sorry to disappoint you, but at least Now you know. There are good and honest ways to achieve online success, however. Wealthy Affiliate is one such way. Full review >HERE< to show you how to set up online without initial investment. Paid Options are there for later consideration. Sign up >HERE< to get started.




Particulars of What Is OsMoney Win, Who Legally Owns it and The Work Involved.

Having reported on so many of these sites, I am doubtful of finding transparent owner details! However, I always try to before answering the main question, in this case, what is osmoney win?

Website registration does not bear many fruit along these lines. OsMoney made 2018, early February. Many of these new sites were made around this time. No email and address never changes = PANAMA. IP Trace locates these new sites from San Francisco. It must be said that Scam Witness has traced many of these sites across the Globe but they are original with Russia!

These Russian Con Artists made sites in German, Russian and now in Englis, of which, over 714 English Versions are doing the rounds for this year. Last year was no different but many of their old sites are now pointing to XyMoney. Site = New Site, same operation.

All those sites look PRECISELY THE SAME! Actually, careful reading of a few of their sites shows duplicate wording, job offer, monies paid to members, member names, fake reviews with exact wording and fake everything!





Work Activities on Offer.


Complete Answer to What Is OsMoney Win


Email asked to sign up with and I have read reports of many making one up just to get in lol. So we see they don’t even check the legitimacy of their new members, which is of course, crazy!

After registration, you will now see advice on how to earn money. Clicking ads is the name of the game since they are a PTC Site (Paid to Click). Clicking, and completely viewing each ad, will net new sign ups with $00.10 per ad! That payment is actually very high and completely unsustainable for any advertiser to pay.

Making referrals is the best way to make big bucks! When referrals sign up through you, get busy and start earning some cash, as you are their referrer are given HALF OF THEIR EARNINGS! 50% commissions is insane and is just a made up attempt to swindle more participants into making even more new members to turned into potential fraud victims.


Daily Earnings are TOO HIGH for such easy and unskilled work! $50 is even too high but that is the minimum, for three to five hours a day viewing ads, they are enticing new members with ridiculous payout promises. Up to $300 is even worse and more of a lie because no business could sustain that!

Monthly payments, apparent these kinds of profits by members are to be expected, of $4800 a month for those watching ads. While it is more than possible to make that even weekly online, OsMoney does not pay out a penny.

The older sites, like FepMoney. Club, used to set their minimum threshold for pay outs at $300. They have lowered it for many new sites to just $150! Upon achieving your target, many do in one day, you can go ahead and ask for your money. There is a form you must fill out. Support will get back to you with several hoops for you to jump through before this scam comes to a close…


Hook-Line and Sinker – Unmasking The Con!

Now we will speak on how OsMoney will try to trick people into parting with cash and making 40 Referrals in order to get their money.

Once your application is responded to, Admin will get back with surprising news. It seems it will take circa three months to get your money as they process it. All part of this scam. What is left is a verification option that only requires five minutes, and at times, just 3 minutes to verify your earnings etc.

This procedure will require $10 to fast track your application! Just a way to screw their members over for money.

All members that pay will not see any transferring of monies to their account. This money should HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID IN ONE HOUR UPON APPLICATION! This is clearly promised on their site.

Anyways, maybe they will say you have to entice 40 new people into their site before even qualifying for your work earnings. Many have done by placing their affiliate link on social media, PM’s, texts, family and friends etc.



YouTube is packed with many of these sites videos by the scammers behind them! They are promoting them as a real way to earn big money quickly. Usually the video will show you how to cash out or SOME TRICK for the ‘Captcha’ – DON’T FALL FOR THIS NONSENSE!

This is a feeble attempt to convince others that this fake opportunity is real. Many comments will say it is real and paying and they have already got their cash. However, it is not too long before their members flood such videos with words like “scam“, “won’t pay me“, “support won’t respond“, “not real“, “not legit“, “not paying” etc!


Whether you give over payment for those referrals or you make them yourself, the story is always the same, they will always refuse to pay all of their members. The money is kept solely for the founder (s) and schemers involved in this illegal enterprise.


Surveys and Offers may be another attempt to get money from you. It is possible thy might ask of you to fill out one of their third party advertiser surveys. This could also be an offer as well. Surveys, once completed, might ask you to pay for this. This payment is profit for the third party site and OsMoney will get some commission as well.

The offers are more dangerous those as they will require legit and details for your bank. These details are also monitored and kept by OsMoney. Such details are the most sought after data online by spiders, bots and crawlers online for scammers. Keep them safe!

In any event, should you give over those details, it is probably a good idea to call your bank. They may even suggest canceling that card and order a new one. Follow any additional advice.

Perhaps you gave your PayPal account? Contact PayPal and see if this is a concern. Here is something I found online regarding handing over your PayPal to scammers:- Can You Get Scammed by Providing Your Email Address? Courtesy of paypal-community.com. That will help alleviate any concerns you have around supplying such a detail to scammers. Will open in a new window for a quick answer.



Unfortunately, during my time investigating this groups multiple sites, I have witnessed reports of malware downloads to member laptops etc. This software is trying to access all of you sensitive data. This data is sold onto online fraudsters to be sold elsewhere online for a personal profit to the owners of OsMoney.


Protect yourself now by following these tips along with some helpful articles

for your own online security:-

1. An essential ingredient to online safety is of course an Anti Virus. Why not get a Free One here called Free Anti Virus Windows. Courtesy of Avira.com.
2.DO NOT give your email out to sites you simply do not know. Here is an article help you know better a scam site when you see one:- 6 Ways to Spot a Scam Website in Less than 30 Seconds.

3. Nine Passwords is the something you should seriously consider. Should a scammer get one of your passwords, and that ONE PASSWORD opens all your accounts online, I guess he has all the sensitive data he needs to scam you! And, of course, to sell on.

4. Always do a Google Search to find information on a site before joining it. Should there many online negative reviews, chances are, you are dealing with a scammer site! This is one of the best ways to know for sure.

5. Check the copyright date at the bottom of the website. Fake sites sometimes put that date a lot of older than they are around for. To check the age of a site – simply type in the site name into WHOIS. Gives you all data submitted when a site was registered.



DISCLAIMER:- The Scam Rating below is my opinion and people can accept it or reject it. Many months of researching these people have led to the same conclusion, time and again, that they are not legit. In my opinion, and opinion only, I submit such a rating. Others can continue researching to find anything that refutes what is written here. Should you be successful, do let us all know. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Mass Duplicates of this con have surfaced, as they seem to do every year, to continue to garner traffic for new victims to trick out of their time and money. Even if a member DOES NOT PAY ANY MONEY, OsMoney still gets some commissions on all those ads watched by such members. It is an unfair win-win situation for these dishonest marketers and certainly makes life harder for people like myself!



*Do report your experiences below to help alert the online community of this old enough and renewed threat to people in the work from home niche. Many people really are getting scammed, if the comments at Scam Witness are anything to go by. Thank you.





Those thinking about signing up to ‘Os’ are cautioned not to do so. They will not pay you so what is the point. Those who did sign up, and now learning it is no good, are welcome to add to this article. I do not suppose anyone got paid, did they? Was support quick to answer your concerns, or, were you just ignored? Anyone get Locked out of their account? All stories and questions are welcome to be placed in the comment box below where they will respond to in good time. That is all there is to answer What Is OsMoney Win and certainly hope it has of been great service to you. Looking forward to seeing all of your comments below.




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