What Is OrMoney Site? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join!

By | June 27, 2018

OrMoney Site Exposed – Unbiased Review.

OrMoney Site Rumbled!

OrMoney Site was created 29/03/2018 to only scam people online. That is the short answer to What Is OrMoney Site? Is OrMoney. Site run by cyber-crooks? Is Or Money Site a good way to earn online? This OrMoney Review will show clearly why they can’t be trusted. Operators masquerading as legit PTC operators since 2014 where no one has ever been paid out. They possess thousands of these sites and release many on a regular basis. We will cover work, pay, owners and how they execute this PTC (paid to click) operation.


We have no doubt this is going to be bad news for some. There are many legit ways to earn online but not with them. Read all the way to the bottom of this short article, or skip there now, to view our suggestions on how to make money online by blogging from home.


Company:- ormoney. Site.

Created:- 29/03/2018. Expires:- 1 Year from creation.

Fee:- Free to begin but needs payment to cash out – no one has ever been paid.

Scam/Legit:- Pure Scam. Stay clear.




OrMoney Site Owners, the Work and Pay and How its just Another Paid Advertising Viewing System.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

OrMoney Site are qualifed to go into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

The owners come from Russia and have developed 1000s of these sites which are almost identical to each other. They produce these paid to click scams in German and also in English. To date there are 1110 in English and they usually last 1 year online. Some shut down sooner and sometimes in weeks due to poor online rep or no interest.




We have exposed a number of their PTC scams this year and so you will see a number of them below for your own research purposes:-


  1. opomoney bid.
  2. otomoney win.
  3. inamoney bid.
  4. rimoney club.
  5. oxomoney site.
  6. vkumoney win.
  7. oximoney win.
  8. almoney bid.
  9. akomoneyclub.
  10. atmoney bid.
  11. opymoney bid.
  12. ewumoney club.
  13. enymoney site.
  14. ugamoney bid.
  15. audmoney site.
  16. olmoney club.
  17. enamoney site.
  18. fsamoney bid.
  19. ugmoney win.
  20. eromoney win.
  21. afmoney win.
  22. satmoney win.
  23. ukmoney win.
  24. ummoney win.
  25. elmoney club.
  26. afumoney club.
  27. nonmoney bid.
  28. yxmoney bid.
  29. ydmoney bid.
  30. edmoney site.
  31. elmoney win.
  32. akmoney win.
  33. ubmoney win.
  34. agmoney bid.
  35. utemoney club.
  36. etimoney bid.
  37. oxmoney win.
  38. ogmoney win.
  39. opmoney win.
  40. avmoney win.
  41. yhmoney win
  42. ovmoney win.
  43. epmoney win.
  44. abamoney bid.
  45. fawmoney site.
  46. ebomoney win.
  47. ocemoney bid.
  48. ubemoney site.
  49. ammoney win.
  50. agmoney site.
  51. uxmoney win.
  52. osmoney win.
  53. ommoney win.
  54. ifmoney win.
  55. exmoney win.
  56. asmoney win.
  57. uvmoney win.
  58. odmoney win.
  59. ytmoney win.
  60. ygmoney win.
  61. olomoney site.
  62. ewmoney win.
  63. ekmoney win.
  64. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  65. ehmoney site.
  66. obamoney win.
  67. ormoney win.
  68. emumoney club.
  69. arimoney bid.
  70. immoney club.
  71. ubamoney club.
  72. duomoney site.
  73. otmoney club.
  74. atmoney win.
  75. ecamoney site.
  76. aqmoney win.
  77. epomoney club.
  78. ucemoney bid, netmoney.2017. ozumoney site. ycamoney win, termoney bid. efomoney win. apimoney. win. exumoney club.

*Those are linked to their own reviews and belong to the same scam operators behind OrMoney.


Work for Nothing Offer.

Obviously, members don’t know that they are working for nothing until the end, however in essence it is a free labor job offer.

Registering with any of their sites is a cinch and they won’t even ask you to confirm your email address. All peoples from all over the world are welcome there. You simply click on ads and do a code to complete that task and then monies is assigned to your account in real time.



Referral Commissions.

Their Affiliate Program is another con job! You refer someone to OrMoney, and the deal is, when they sign up and work then you get 50% of their work pay. This is huge. But, there is a HUGE loop-hole in their logic!!

All members are promised 10c per task completion. Should your referred new sign up give up 5c out of every 10c then where does the extra 5c come from to make sure your sign up gets 10c a task? Da-da! All lies! OrMoney would have to fork out of their own pockets to every member to ensure they kept their payment promise and that is just a way to get into debt as an online business.



Earnings All Day Every Day.

The minimum is $150 to cash out. However, the money you can earn is, and I quote:- “virtually unlimited…” LOL!

Descriptions of making nearly $500 a day are prolific on every copy of this scam. They even go so far and say you can earn $4800 every month by completing these easy tasks!

In the history of their unfortunate vocation there has never been an instance of 1 PENNY being paid out from them, never mind all those monies!



Affiliate Marketing Advice.

The advice OrMoney dishes out to their members is not good to say the least. They are saying you should land your affiliate link anywhere online. When you do this then you are deemed to be spamming. The reason is your advertisement of your offer is forced onto people and the powers that rule the Internet don’t like that one bit.

Thing is, if spamming were allowed the whole time by everyone, then all content online would just unintelligible links all polluting our views and we’d have a terrible time to find what we are after. So, it has to be curbed.

Many prolific spammers have done jail time for this kind of promotions. It is worth noting that Google notes such activity and you could be banned from many of the good features of Google such as Google Adsense.

Since SO many people are falling ford this PTC scam throughout all their sites, here is a useful resource, to help navigate the murky waters of the web:- How to stay safe online and protect yourself from scams. Thanks to standard.co.UK and opens in a new tab.



Exactly How they Seek to Scam People.

OrMoney Site Deception.

This does not happen with OrMoney Site.

Its really straight forward. Your earnings are kept from you until you pay them $10 and then $9. The $10 is just for the quicker pay out verification and the $9 is to buy 100 new sign ups if you failed to make 40 to them. Failure to make payment means you have been saved from the money scam part of their operation.

Those that do pay will just be locked out of their accounts. All those concerned for having handed over bank details should just contact their banks for advice as soon as possible.

Do run a virus check on your devices as these sites maybe downloading malware to get passwords etc.

Unfortunately, it seems they are selling on personal info like emails so please do be watchful if you get random emails from people you don’t know – these are spam/phishing attempts to further scam you. Report and delete them.



That is all there is to the scam above.



Those who are wholeheartedly looking for a real way to earn online may have a look at a few links below. Ultimately, we wish to show everyone how to earn between $100 a month to $10,000 a month. There is no fee for your free account and you will be given 20 free videos worth of training plus two free websites. You will enjoy a 7-Day Free Trial where you will have my personal assistance. There are paid options as the Trial is over but your free account is free for life.


Earn Money Blogging – How to. – Full break down on how ANYONE can earn a full time income online.

Affilorama Revieware they the best way to make money online?



That is all and wish you very well whatever you decide to do. We thank you as well for spending the time on our article to do some research on What Is OrMoney Site. All comments are welcome and we do respond to them ALL. Should you know of a scam site then you can report them to us below. We will endeavor to expose them on our extensive list. Take care for now everyone 🙂 .

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