What Is OraMoney Site and OraMoney Club? Scam or Legit!

By | April 21, 2018

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OraMoney Club and OraMoney Site Exposed!


Two Birds, One Stone, to Answer What Is OraMoney Site? What Is OraMoney Club?.

Came across two identical sites with different names. Those who ran into one or the other and asking What Is OraMoney Site, or, What Is OraMoney Club – have landed on the right article. Perhaps you need to answer Is OraMoney Site fake? Is OraMoney Club fake as well? We will answer to their legitimacy, owner details, work and how much they are supposed to pay out. To begin, they are not legit. They are SCAMS! Owners have spit out too many duplicates and site back and get paid for their members works. See link below. That will contain a list of their sites for 2018.:-

AtMoney Win. Will open in a new tab.


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OraMoney Site and OraMoney Club Completely Exposed!

Let us begin the search for the identity of these no-doubt fraudsters. OraMoney Club was created 14th of April 2018 and OraMoney Site 8th of April 2018. Both sites will close same date 1 year. They may close sooner, sometimes in weeks, as online reputation begins to worsen. There are NO LEGIT OWNER DETAILS! I have spoken of the lack of identity of these owners too many times now to do it again. Please see any of those reviews in the links above for more info on this issue.

I will say the unknown people behind these two sites do have astronomical copies floating around in cyber space. They are a PTC Site that is pretending to pay out big money daily for easy work. The work payouts a day is over $400 in some instances.

10c a click on an ad is two much as well because advertisers only ever pay websites splits of cents up to a max of 3c!! See where the pay out turns straight into a one big lie when you know this?

Average daily income is said to be a minimum of $50 up to as much as $300 a day!! PIFF! Pull the other one. 1000, over four weeks of squinting your eyes on ads, nets members $4800of course that is pure horse.


Lies from Oramoney Club and Oramoney Site


You can use your uniquely created affiliate link to leave all over social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, Texts, SMS, PM’s, Word of Mouth and anything to drag in as many people as possible. THIS DOES HAPPEN AS IT HAS BEEN REPORTED TO THIS WEBSITE – be careful guys, you don’t want to hurt your family, friends and co-workers with this fake site.

Once you pull in referrals and those referrals begin to work hard and earn some money then you are promised 50% of their take home earnings. Of course, that is not true because owners have not even mustered the moral fiber to pay out ONCE SINCE 2014! That is how long these sites have been running for. There is no sign of them slowing down either.

The payout is 100 and 50 dollars before you can request it. There is a process for this and is how you are trip-wired into being fooled…



Don’t Get Tripped Up!

Don't Get Tripped Up!

Oramoney Club and OraMoney site both run exactly the same procedures. Sign UP- FAKE EMAIL IS JUST FINE GUYS – they don’t even check for confirmation.

View an ad. Do a code, which is not described on their site’s job description anywhere.

Make money from referrals. Somehow money is ‘magicked’ out of thin air.

Meet minimum payout in only a few hours. This is bonkers and no where online can you make that kind of money clicking on ads. It is possible how but not like this.

After you are informed of the ridiculous time you have to wait to get paid then you will be charged for a faster way. This is $10 and for 100 referrals they will charge $9! Those are not real referrals and you should definitely not pay. Depending on what is to be cashed out people think that it is only a few quid in comparison of the pay out and so rick it. That is bad thinking. Paying anyone anywhere to get your cash is heralding in a scam experience into your life.

After payment is received by both of these sites, or which ever one you were with, then your services are no longer required.

They have been using members to view ads and do codes. The owner definitely gets some kind of small commissions for such works but of course they do not share these commissions out to anyone but themselves. Be not absent-minded of the convincing videos online telling you such sites are honest and paying out to members. You will or may observe fake payment proofs. The reason such a scenario is impossible is due to the fact that no one gets paid. They have proven this to be irrefutable for years now. Best just learn from this and leave them alone.




DISCLAIMER:- This post is my opinion and one that is based one research. Given we are all different thus view things differently no one should be obliged to dependent on my opinion solely. We recommend you seek other trustworthy sources to know more:- Google. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- TOTAL SCAM! 0/100! NEVER PAY OUT! Will do their utmost to steal some money from you before you leave. Will even steal sensitive data from your device to make money from. The scam process is identical on every site. The only differences at times will be the names of the people being paid out but the figures remain the same. URL and Logo are naturally not the same ever.






Here you can you your voice be known and be responded to concerning your issues. This site always responds to comments. Did either of those sites defraud you? Were you paid? I doubt this but maybe someone did. Should this happen it might a new tactic to prove they are legit by making some real payments to convince new comers and then stop. Looking forward to your comments and do check out #1 recommendation before you do so. Thanks for stopping by guys 🙂 .




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