What Is OpyMoney Bid? Scam or Legit – Read Here First!

By | June 16, 2018

Know What Is OpyMoney Bid



Thinking of Joining OpyMoney Bid? Know What Is OpyMoney Bid to Save Yourself Being Tricked.

A new Paid Advertisement Viewing System that seems a little too good to be true! Those wanting to understand What Is OpyMoney Bid? Asking is OpyMonehy. Bid an underhanded ploy? Is Opy Money Bid a confirmed way to earn online? This OpyMoney Review is by a non-member. We will seek out the owner’s info, work they offer and the payments they pretend to pay out. Ultimately, we will clearly state why they are, in our opinion, a fraudulent site with only one intention to scam people!!

For some, this may come as a nasty shock, and we do apologize to deliver this bad news. However, all is not lost. We have a way to earn between $100 to 10,000 a month salary online. Those truly seeking to build up their own online finances are advised to read till the end to find out our number one way. Comes with many free bonuses and a free account – so no risk to you. Let us begin!



Company:- http://opymoney. bid.

Created:- 12/05/2018. Expires – Same date 2019.

Owners:- Unknown.

Scam/Legit:- Nothing but a Scam! Never Pays to Members.

#1 Recommendation:- See bottom of this article.




Everything on What Is OpyMoney Bid, Owners/Work/Pay Info.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

OpyMoney is going into Our List of Internet Scammers

We always ask first who owns OpyMoney Bid? Quick check reveals that owner’s are nowhere to be found online. No support email, except the one associated with multiple scams online that members see, and the website registration address never is the same as the IP address. All signs of deception and our first port of call in determining the legitimacy of any site online.

The owner’s, while unknown, are said to come from Russia. These cracker-jacker-scam-artists have developed thousands of these paid to click sites (PTC) since 2014 and have made them in German, Russian and in English!

New Duplicates of these sites are made and released pretty much all the time.

Below is the ones made in 2018, only a sample, that we have exposed. They are linked to their own reviews and open in new tabs:-


  1. ewumoney club.
  2. enymoney site.
  3. ugamoney bid.
  4. audmoney site.
  5. olmoney club.
  6. enamoney site.
  7. fsamoney bid.
  8. ugmoney win.
  9. eromoney win.
  10. afmoney win.
  11. satmoney win.
  12. ukmoney win.
  13. ummoney win.
  14. elmoney club.
  15. afumoney club.
  16. nonmoney bid.
  17. yxmoney bid.
  18. ydmoney bid.
  19. edmoney site.
  20. elmoney win.
  21. akmoney win.
  22. ubmoney win.
  23. agmoney bid.
  24. utemoney club.
  25. etimoney bid.
  26. oxmoney win.
  27. ogmoney win.
  28. opmoney win.
  29. avmoney win.
  30. yhmoney win
  31. ovmoney win.
  32. epmoney win.
  33. abamoney bid.
  34. fawmoney site.
  35. ebomoney win.
  36. ocemoney bid.
  37. ubemoney site.
  38. ammoney win.
  39. agmoney site.
  40. uxmoney win.
  41. osmoney win.
  42. ommoney win.
  43. ifmoney win.
  44. exmoney win.
  45. asmoney win.
  46. uvmoney win.
  47. odmoney win.
  48. ytmoney win.
  49. ygmoney win.
  50. olomoney site.
  51. ewmoney win.
  52. ekmoney win.
  53. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  54. ehmoney site.
  55. obamoney win.
  56. ormoney win.
  57. emumoney club.
  58. arimoney bid.
  59. immoney club.
  60. ubamoney club.
  61. duomoney site.
  62. otmoney club.
  63. atmoney win.
  64. ecamoney site.
  65. aqmoney win.
  66. epomoney club.
  67. ucemoney bid, netmoney 2017. ycamoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club, ozumoney site. efomoney win, termoney bid,

Should you know of another we really would appreciate you reporting them below. Those that have been scammed by any of these sites are very much invited to let us know that as well – thank you 🙂 .



Work Program.

Simply sign up for free and begin clicking on ads. These ads will earn you 10c for every one viewed and accompanied by a code you must fill out. When completed monies are attributed to your account in real time. This will go on until you reach cash out. Nothing will appear suspect to you.


Referral Scam Program.

There are 50% commissions to be earned on any and all referrals you make to OpyMoney! Should you referrals begin to work and start to earn then their system will take half of their pay and give it to you. However, this creates a debt in the system as everyone is promise 10c a click and so now we see the debt piling up and never possible to pay everyone the same. This is clearly based on lies.


Daily Earning Entitlements.

The money does appear to be rattling up very fast where members are told that figures close to $500 a day are possible. Even $4800 monthly is possible for dedicated members. There is a list of members and the paid out figures for one days pay. When we consider, that in reality, clicking to for money on ads only gains members a max of about $10 a month – in some cases a year – so how these people can afford such figures is not real.




How The Scam Occurs.

OpyMoney Club Scam Revealed

OpyMoney BId

Members will be happy and will reach the minimum of $150 in no time. Some even wait until they hit up to $500 which can be accrued in one day or a day and a half. The application procedure is quick but the returned response informs members of the 3-month verification process. This is nonsense. Nothing is being processed!

People are being manipulated to use the other option which requires $10 and another $9! $10 is for the quicker verification and the $9 is to buy referrals. Those that have not made 40 referrals they must buy about 100! They are all fake and only numbers on your screen. There are no refunds.

Those that pay will quickly find out they can’t access their accounts. The accounts will not be deleted and you can’t delete it your self. Your personal details are sold onto scammers and there is every possibility they have downloaded malware to our devices. Its all bad news!



Here are a few articles to address some possible issues from using OpyMoney:-

What to do if you were scammed online. Opens in a new window and thanks to freeadvice.com.

Five Steps to protect mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Opens in a new window with thanks from techrepublic.com.

We are definitely putting this site in to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.


That is the end of the scam!

No one gets paid!

Authorities have not caught up with these guys yet!

Below is your opportunity to earn online with a $0 Start Up! Those not interested and found what they are looking for already, no hard feelings and we really do appreciate your time here 🙂 .

Those that want to Earn Real Money online have landed perfectly in the right place. You can learn to make a site like mine and make money from it! Learn how below – no pressure to stay, no contracts and a free start up offer!!





I am Tired of Scams – How Can I Make Real Money Online?!

The only way to ensure a constant of earned money online is to learn to be your own boss!! I am saying this for a long time now and often say it to family and friends. Lots of eye balls roll – its not real one can make a fortune online just from working at home on your own site! Oh well, more money for the rest of us 🙂 .

Our #1 Choice are Titans in the Affiliate Marketing World! They are showing newbies (I was one) how to:-


1). Build a website.

2). How to make that website financially successfully – recurring!


Affiliate marketing is only directing people to other peoples products. Should they buy that product – you earn commissions! Real simple.

One does NOT need their own product or service to earn big online.


Below you will see what Wealthy Affiliate (#1 Recommendation) gives compared to OpyMoney:-




As you can see they give out a lot! Actually, they give out more than any other training platform online and have been doing so since 2005.

You get a Free Account – Lifetime Free!

Two Free Websites.

Many other bonuses!!


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Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.

All business start up details for $0 to become your own boss today.



We deeply appreciate all comments on this website and we routinely respond to all. Did you get scammed? Know of another scam? Do report them here and we will expose them for you. Thank you one and all for stopping by to read What is OpyMoney Bid – we sincerely hope it helps many to avoid those crooks!

Please Share this article to your family and friends – Thank You.



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