What Is OpMoney Win? Is OpMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 26, 2018

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OpMoney Win Answers



Time to Find Out What Is OpMoney Win and are they just ANOTHER Paid Advertisement Viewing System Scam.

OpMoney. Win is pretending to be forking out big monies for dirt easy work. Those needing to know what is OpMoney Win, asking is Op Money Win an excellent job offer? In this non-member review we will answer these questions, and of OpMoney, we can already say they are not honest and are nothing but a scam! They will never pay you. There are many thousands of these sites conning their members regularly. Such sites include the following linked reviews we have exposed of them so far below:-

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Have you been scammed by any of these sites? We welcome all such comments/stories/opinions below this post.

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The OpMoney Win Swindle Exposed and all that it Entails.

Swiftly you already know what is opmoney win! They are a no good fake Paid to Click site. Promoting themselves as “Probably one of the best ways to earn money online“! This is true – but only for the owners. Members work tirelessly for free and many get money scammed from them by this OpMoney and by their sister sites.

The pay outs and commissions these guys offer is a laugh a minute. Should you wish to proceed to see how it all breaks down into a scam, then, we are going to get ‘surgical’ on these guys.

They are from Russia. They have created German and English copies to expand their scam reach. Operating online since 2014, OpMoney is one of their newer sites which started 11th of the third 2018. As typical with all of their sites they will only exist for one year without paying anyone.

Site registration address and owner details are fake. No founder name, email missing and address is IP’ed elsewhere on the planet – this is always the case.


The Fake Work.

OpMoney Win Sites Infecting the Net!

I hate fake sites!

All new participants are welcome to begin for free. Advertisements is what you will be clicking on to view and earn 10c for each one. A code is then required to be filled out after each ad. Average fake earnings go up to $300 daily with $4800 paid out to people who endure 1000 ads.

While the advertisers do indeed appear to be real marketers paying OpMoney cash for these clicks, they are doing so on a site, where members could not care less for the products or services and only click for the few little pennies on offer.

Now we already see that it is a very bad set up for all concerned except for the owners.

New arrivals to this scam will also soon learn they can make big bucks by referring others to them. The people members refer may sign up, do work, and start earning money this way. The referr’ers are promised half of those peoples earnings. Payment is by Western Union and that too is a lie.

The $150 Pay Out Threshold is where you need to be on your tippy-toes with these guys for they will seek to rob you before you are booted out for good!



Short – Sharp – Scam Attack!

All will be going very well without any apparent signs that there is something really wrong with their sites. You will click ads, see your money top up very quickly, and even see referrals rocking you some serious cash. You will invariably achieve your minimum payout in Guinesse Book of Records Time!!

I have received reports of people earning above a weeks wages in 1 day or maybe even 1 day and a half. This is not real nor could be because such sites, if they were serious, would go out of business. The advertisers would soon be gone as well and then we’d have no more annoying ads online that we all love so well 🙂 .

All members go through the same steps to get their cash, or, try to get their cash anyways. They will be taught that your money is going through to some kind of really slow processing period. This period takes anywhere between 60 to 90 days! This is to push you to the other way of releasing your cash.

That quick way is a trap and costs $10!! That is all part and parcel of this scam. Then when you pay, if you did, these unknown operators will tell you must hand over FORTY NEW MEMBERS! Now, if you don’t have these new members already made, you can easily buy in BTC for $9! Once again, this is all part of the scam.

Not a lot of money – granted – but times that cash by the untold tens of thousands of people they have done this to since 2014, and I am sure, that has amounted to many millions of dollars. The responses you get, I am convinced, are automated along with any (if any) email responses. These email responses do not communicate in a way that remotely relates to your query and highly generic in nature.

AND, since the IP addresses are from all over the planet, I must assume and safely I believe so, this PTC Script is being sold online and is over 90% automated.



WARNING - OpMoney Win is Dangerous!

These sites have been reported to download malware to their members devices. Such soft wares will look for passwords, names, emails, social medial passwords, home addresses and unfortunately for bank details to. Below are a few steps you can take right now to secure your bank details and other vital data:-


  • BANK DETAILS:- Ring your bank. They may say cancel your card if you handed over sufficient data for your funds to be defrauded from your account(s).
  • Google+:- Change your password there. Set up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). All that means is you will be sent a code to your phone to verify you are trying to access your account. Stops bogus entries.
  • PayPal:- Sometimes people report they gave over PayPal addresses and are freaking. Don’t Freak! That is actually not too bad of a mistake. Login to PayPal (will open in a new browser) and you will see options to change password and set up 2FA there as well. ALL GOOD 🙂 . NOW – should someone try to access your account, they will not have the verification code you will receive, to do so.
  • Facebook and Social Media in General:- Should scammers access your general account online, it is just a good idea to change all of those your social media passwords. Industry professional recommend you have 9 different passwords for all accounts. A pain, but worth it. Save your passwords in a real world note pad. Cached pw’s on your device can be accessed.
  • Up Date Browsers:- Very old browsers are easy work for fraudsters to hack into.
  • Operating Systems:- Again, old operating systems can be hacked very easily.
  • Up Date Anti Virus:- For obvious reasons.
  • Spam and Phishing:- Spam in your inbox should be reported and deleted.

Should anyone still be concerned that you may have been hacked, and want to know what to do, here is an article to help you with that:- What Should I do if I have been Hacked. Thank you to computerhope.com and opens in a new browser.



DISCLAIMER:- This post has been researched and I was never a member of the site just reviewed. Ultimately, it is my opinion and hope it helps you in deciding the truth for yourself. Those needing to do further research may continue to do so here = Bing.com.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! There really is nothing they have left me with to give them any positive rating. They don’t pay out. They don’t be honest per work details. No one to answer to member queries that is human. YouTube being Riddled with these fake sites via videos along with fake endorsing comments.






Here is your chance to speak your mind regarding the site we just exposed. They are a new site and I do believe they intend to go viral. Have you been scammed by these people? We would like to hear from you so others may know that what is being said here is the truth. It will also have the added benefit of saving many others from begin ripped off. Scam Witness will also answer if something, something that you may have come across online, is a scam or not. Do ask us and will do our level best to find out for you. Before I bore you death 🙂 I am going to finish answering what is Opmoney Win and hope it was of use to you. Looking forward to responding to all of your comments to come. Our #1 Recommendation is below for those interested in making a real income online.




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