What Is OmMoney Win? Is OmMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 28, 2018

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Full Answer to What Is OmMoney Win


Explanation of What Is OmMoney Win.

Those in search to answer What Is OmMoney Win, have landed on the only review you need. Perhaps asking as well is OmMoney. Win a double-cross? Is Om Money Win a warrantable and rightful investment of your time? Sadly, OmMoney is but 1 site part of a tidal wave of duplicates. Owners have 1000s, just like this one, such as ohmoney. club, atmoney. win, armoney. win, avmoney. win, oxmoney. win, opmoney. win, uvmoney. win, ulmoney. win, ogmoney. win, uwmoney. win, usmoney. win, anmoney. win, ermoney. win, ecmoney. win, akmoney. win, ohmoney. bid, edmoney.site, olmoney. club, ukmoney. win, owmoney. win, ucmoney. win, ifmoney. win, ufmoney. club, exmoney. win, uxmoney. win, ubmoney.win, osmoney. win, elmoney. win, ewmoney. win, ekmoney. win, awmoney. win, esmoney. win, asmoney. win, odmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ytmoney. win, yhmoney. win, ydmoney. win, nonmoney. bid, ummoney. win, yxmoney. bid, unmoney. win, xymoney. Site, afmoney. win, ugmoney. win, anmoney. club, utmoney. win, ezmoney. Site, etc! 2017 sites are being replaced with these and many more to come. SCAM!

Google anyone of those and you will see OmMoney is just another copy of a scam. This may come as bad news for some, however, should you still be optimistic to earn online then we do have 1 Recommendation. After much investigation, Wealthy Affiliate stands out as our #1 Online Job. Click this review >HERE< to learn about them or sign up >HERE< for a free start.



Unraveling What Is OmMoney Win, Work Efforts Expected and Who they are.

Since the operators of this scam have been running since 2014, surely we can find out who they are? This is a very important part of answering what is ommoney win. Online registration of this site shows it was created 06/03/2018 and shuts down in 2019 – if it lasts that long!

No one knows the owners because they have hidden their online ID. Not even an email and the address is the same, always the same for all their sites, for OmMoney.

IP tracking of many of their sites, of the new batch above anyways, are leading to San Francisco even though site registration places them with an address in Panama. Very poor start and no one hides their online ID unless they are trying to pull a fast one – most times.
IP traces have shown addresses spanning the planet which only indicates a global network of scammers. The name of this network is Webdengi_Eng and they come in German, Russian and English Languages. Despite this, all sites operate the same and scam the same way.



The Work Expected from Members to Earn Money.


OmMoney Win Review


Of course, they don’t pay anyone. However, here are the details which need to be explained so we can fully understand how it leads into the scam process.

Whether you found OmMoney via a members affiliate link, or Google search, all new sign ups require an email address. The email address can also be legit or a fake one – ‘Om’ does not check or ask for confirmation. Very bizarre.

There are two ways to earn. First, is to watch ads. These ads come from off the site of the site and are known as third party ads. These ads, once viewed, will earn OmMoney very few pennies – which the owner(s) keep for themselves.

However, the owners do they all members receive 10 CENTS to their accounts immediately upon each successful viewing. This makes them a fraudulent PTC (paid to click) site, and as many online know, PTC sites are useless ways to earn any money online – PERIOD!

The reason for this is they are too hard to earn anything worthwhile in a reasonable amount of time. Yo can work for a whole 12 months and not even be able to cash out $10 – POINTLESS! Not even good pocket money. This is why Scam Witness detests ALL PTC SITES! Better off with a paper round.

Referral Program is another way to earn money. Here is the REAL MONEY EARNER with these guys. Instructions are to leave your affiliate link anywhere online. Anywhere I mean on Facebook, Twitter etc. When someone clicks on that link, goes to their site and signs up with a real or fake email ( 🙂 ) , begins watching ads and earning money, YOU GET 50% of all their work profit’s. 50% commission from someone else’s work? Really, lol. NOT TRUE! Another lie.

New Members will get paid, when they are first time cash out applicants, $150 with that minimum is reached. Upon this vital step, participants will see the reason why it is all fake, bogus, not real, dishonest and a blatant cruel sneaky low down little scam…was that a bit harsh?..lol 🙂 .


Cash Out Faker Unveiled!

Once your application is filled out and submitted, Support willy joyously tell you they have received your form and reviewing it. OK, now it is going to take 90 days, or 60 days, for Support to pull their finger out and process your payment. OR! You can avail of their express verification option, and inconveniently, they may try to charge you for this service. $10 is the charge for them to pretend to do their jobs!

But wait – you forgot to make 40 referrals first to qualify for your cash out. This is what they want from members before you are even considered receiving pay. Participants may make those new sign ups the hard way, begging your link all over the gaff, or buy them. This is a service happily provided by OmMoney and designed to save you time.

What would save people a bit of time is if they stated this 40 peep sign up somewhere on their ill-conceived site!! But, Noooo, that is not the case.

So, one comment on my Fep Money Club article reveals they will try to sell you 100 Referrals for $9! Then $11 for something else etc. Accumulating to $20 for the whole hitherto process to be completed. Unexpected and a total rip off!

Once you pay, if you do, you may be required to go through the whole cash out scenario again where the ‘software’ will tell you the same stuff over and over. I do not believe, during this process, there is a REAL person talking to their members. After revealing so many of their sites, it is just a hunch I get that can not be proven.

Alternative scenarios may include completing some dubious offer or doing a survey. Offers need your bank details to be completed and surveys may ask you to pay money or repeat another survey over and over again.

Again, OmMoney will gain small advertiser fee’s for this but members get nothing. Should you give over card details I’d advise to ring your bank to cancel that card immediately before some scammer goes on holiday with your funds!

No matter what they demand from you, as a requisite for releasing your money, MEMBERS WILL NEVER SEE A PENNY. Moreover, despite these scammers possessing THOUSANDS OF IDENTICAL SITES – not 1 member has ever received a single penny

Ultimately, they want you to SPAM your link everywhere. This is advertising law breaking and is ill-advised to say the least. Here is further data on spamming to show you why it is not recommended anywhere online, AND, how you can stop it:- How To Stop Spamming and & Actually Get People Listening to You. Courtesy of goinswriter.com and this will open in a new window so you can come back here.

They also sell on your email address, PayPal address, name, dates of birth, home addresses and whatever else their software, which they download without you knowledge, seek for. All that juicy info is now given to Auction online and sold on for profit’s. This is just another way to make money from you.

Collectively, with all of their sites, there are untold numbers of members currently watching those ads and making commissions for sites like ‘Om’. Those profit’s add up and someone somewhere is getting very wealthy. I also suspect the script for the site is being sold and franchised out to other crooks online. Thus, a global scam network.

Lastly, there are a number of ways to know a scam site in a few seconds. Those articles below will help in this matter.


5 Ways to Determine if a Website is Fake, Fraudulent or a Scam Site. Courtesy of thesslstore.com. Opens in a new window.


DISCLAIMER:- Backed by research sourced online, the opinions in this article belong to me, and I only wish to advise others to what I believe is a possible online threat. Those that do not agree are most welcome to continue on with your research. It surely makes no difference to make if people choose not to listen. Those that do will save yourself some time and money. Again, to be clear, this article is base (ultimately) on my own opinion and is NOT to be used as the ‘final word’ in any situation. All will have to come to your own conclusions as you see it. Thank you.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Scam Witness has completed too many reviews of so many of these identical sites to ever alter it is rating! There has not been ONE single report A MEMBER receiving payment in 9 MONTHS! Actually, online as well as a whole. Russian Originated scam that is spamming the net in how to make money online area. They are a PTC scam that seeks free traffic from member referrals to keep their victim numbers up.

They also harvest member data to sell on. Cancel your cards and watch out for spam in your inbox!



Your Assistance is Required!

Exposing these scams is what I do best and like to help others avoid them. However, the more stories about OmMoney from current members Scam Witness receives, the quicker these sites will shut themselves down? Why, with a poor online reputation comes great scrutiny! They don’t like that, so, they will just shut it down or point that domain to a fresh scam site. Also, the more that know ‘Om’ is not legit, the less traffic they will have to scam and the more is saved from this disastrous endeavor. Will you help out by leaving your story below?

To those that will – Thank You 🙂 .





Have or are you a member of ‘Om’? What is your story and opinion regarding their site? You are very welcome to let us all know the truth on the site just exposed so others, thinking about joining them, can be better informed. Has anyone found yet another one of their sites not listed herein? Scam Witness accepts reader post requests and we would be delight to hear about such new sites. All comments are responded to in good time so don’t ever think you will just be ignored – that is not our style. Thank you for reading all about What Is OmMoney Win and very much hope it has helped you avoid, or at least, stop wasting your time with this particular scam. Looking forward to all of your comments to come. Take care for now everyone, until next time, 🙂 .



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