What Is OloMoney Site? Is OloMoney Site Scam or Legit!

By | May 30, 2018

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OloMoney Site is a Trick.



All You Need to Know on What Is OloMoney Site.

Non-member review to answer What Is OloMoney Site. We will also answer is OloMoney. Site a genuine paid online job? Is Olo Money Site nothing but a pretense? We will try to find out owner info, working required and the money on offer. For now, let us begin by saying, OloMoney is not real and is only designed to steal their members time, money and personal details. Also, they have 1000s of these almost identical sites running the same online fraud so please do be careful.

Those that know without doubt they were scammed by OloMoney are invited to report them below to help inform others. Those that are currently working for them – please do stop – as they never pay out to a single member.

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OloMoney Site, Pay, Work and the Owners.

AfuMoney Club Has No Founder Details.

No ID Trace for Owners of OloMoney Site.

OloMoney site was made on the 01-04-2018 where is no owner details to identify who actually owns and runs OloMoney. Zero contact support but you may notice an email when you are a member of their site. This email, should you Google it, has associations to multiple online scams. Not good for sure. 1 year is all they are giving their site to offer work to others online. This is indicative of a scam site that only wants to be around for a short time, rip off loads of people, and then run with all the money as soon as their site’s rep decreases beyond repair.

Owners, as mentioned, have 1000s of these sites where the work wording, pay, member names and figures, coding etc are all nearly always the same. Site Logo is different of course along with their URL. Nearly 1000 copies of this scam running in English and they have originated from Russian. IP addresses for so many of these sites are different. Locations of their sites are global.

Below is a list of reviews we have managed to do on their most uptodate sites (see date of this post) to help others avoid them:-



  1. ugamoney bid.
  2. olmoney club.
  3. ugmoney win.
  4. eromoney win.
  5. afmoney win.
  6. satmoney win.
  7. ukmoney win.
  8. ummoney win.
  9. elmoney club.
  10. afumoney club.
  11. nonmoney bid.
  12. yxmoney bid.
  13. ydmoney bid.
  14. edmoney site.
  15. elmoney win.
  16. akmoney win.
  17. ubmoney win.
  18. agmoney bid.
  19. utemoney club.
  20. etimoney bid.
  21. oxmoney win.
  22. ogmoney win.
  23. opmoney win.
  24. avmoney win.
  25. yhmoney win
  26. ovmoney win.
  27. epmoney win.
  28. abamoney bid.
  29. fawmoney site.
  30. ebomoney win.
  31. ubemoney site.
  32. ammoney win.
  33. agmoney site.
  34. uxmoney win.
  35. osmoney win.
  36. ommoney win.
  37. ifmoney win.
  38. exmoney win.
  39. asmoney win.
  40. uvmoney win.
  41. odmoney win.
  42. ytmoney win.
  43. ygmoney win.
  44. ewmoney win.
  45. ekmoney win.
  46. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  47. ehmoney site.
  48. obamoney win.
  49. emumoney club.
  50. arimoney bid.
  51. immoney club.
  52. ubamoney club.
  53. otmoney club.
  54. atmoney win.
  55. ecamoney site.
  56. aqmoney win.
  57. epomoney club.
  58. efomoney win, ucemoney bid, ycamoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club. netmoney 2017, termoney bid, ozumoney site, 1 Review of some of their sites.

Know of another? Especially any of the other two languages they come in? Those languages are Russian and German and you can report all those sites here to us.



Ad Clicking Work Offer.

OloMoney Site Suspicious Acitivities

OloMoney Site is not legit..

So the work is unbelievably easy! Why is this important? Well, the action of clicking on an ad does not generate anywhere close to 10c. This is the money on offer when you work for OloMoney. Total fabrication. Advertisers may only pay out $5 for nearly 1000 clicks and so paying 10c per click is a little unrealistic and not a way to make money but a way to lose it.

This generous pay is good that one can be making nearly up to $500 a day on clicking on ads and doing a code. This is insanity at best! $4800 every month for viewing 100s and 100s of ads is also not real. You may click on any of those reviews above as there is a lot of data that we shan’t be continuing to repeat.


50% of all of your referrals is what is on offer. That is too high. Anyways, each sign up you make, and when they begin to start earning money, then half of their work earnings is given over to you. This is not good as it actually makes it really that bit harder from your referrals to make decent money in any amount of time with this feature.

Daily Earnings.

I almost forgot to mention, these sites have been online since 2014 as a whole. They release new ones all the day which means we are nearly always exposing them. Same owners, with many thousands of people all working for free, must be generating serious amounts of money. They have never paid out to anyone since their very first site. They are not showing signs of starting anytime soon either.

We have mentioned nearly $500 a day. Way too high. If you doubt these words, all you have to do is Google search and see there are no legit reviews that saying they were paid so much money. Should any aspect of their job offer was real then there would be floods of positive reviews. Alas, there are none but scammers telling lies to make more victims out of.




Cash Out and then Locked Out.

Minimum is $150. Briefly speaking, that is $50 too high of a cash out. I have seen sites setting minimum cash out to 20K! That is definitely a scam site. The reason the cash out is so high is only to allow for greater time for unsuspecting members to make many more referrals than if cash out was lower.

Cash out is usually from a cent up to a max of $100. Anything after $100 should cause you to question the sites work offer legitimacy.

Upon requesting your money you will be finding out that there quick express way is going to cost you $10. When paid from your BTC Wallet then expect a further request of $9 to buy some referrals. $19 is not a lot of money when you could be sitting on $500 or more and so this is how people are being tricked. They believe it is worth the risk!!

Upon payment, you are locked out of your account without ever receiving a penny in earnings. You can’t shut your account down and will only stop functioning when the site eventually closes. Watch out for spam mails as I suspect strongly they are selling on members personal details.


Reporting sites like the ones above only makes me appreciate our #1 Offer even more. After 12 months of experience with Wealthy Affiliate I know anyone can learn to make an online income in a relatively short period .




All are very much welcome to report their experiences/stories/opinions below. All will be responded and even if you just want to have a good old rant – GO FOR IT! Your input will help so many others to avoid this horrible online scam. Should you have any questions on our #1 Recommendation then we are happy to take questions on that as well. Do check out our recommendation below to see how you could be getting started for free. Paid options available as well. Thank you all so kindly for popping in to find out what is OloMoney Site – I do really hope it has helped.




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Any questions on any of this please do leave them below where we will get back to you soon.

– Philip.


2 thoughts on “What Is OloMoney Site? Is OloMoney Site Scam or Legit!

  1. Danielle

    Hello Philip,

    Olomoney site is a scam. I know this because someone I know was scammed by one of these pesky sites . The thing is, when people are asked to pay $10 to hasten their withdrawal, they go ahead and do that, forgetting that they were never told this would happen. They were promised payment with no hiccups.

    But the most alarming thing is when they are asked to pay another $9 to buy referrals, fake referrals. I find this ridiculous. These scammers are doing this and getting away with it, people think $10 is nothing and so they go on and pay it without thinking twice. I suppose the scammers ask for that little knowing people will pay because it’s little. But when you add up the $10 from all over the world, I’m sure it adds up to a pretty sum.

    Thank you for exposing these scams.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes, only small money to most but adds up over a short year through many members. OlOmoney Site is definitely one to watch out for as each one of these copied and pasted sites get ok, and some, get decent traffic amounting to a good yearly stream.

      Thanks again Danielle.

      – Philip.


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