What Is OkaMoney Club? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join!

By | July 1, 2018

Instant Answer to What Is OkaMoney Club – WARNING!


I am so GLAD you decided to query to know What Is OkaMoney Club! Those seeking to know Is OkaMoney. Club imbued with dishonesty? Is Oka Money Club ethical and paying? Will find answers on those questions, as well. This OkaMoney Review is going to settle these matters and we are going to be spilling the beans on their entire operation! For now, just know, that OkaMoney is a crooked scheme run by unknown cyber-criminals and they have 1000s of these Paid Advertising Viewing Systems on the go. Below is all the details to explain why we are confident in our claims on another website.


Company:- okamoney. club.

Created:- 17/06/2018. Expires:- Same date 2019.

Founders:- Unknown.

Fee:- Free to Join but they will try to charge you to withdraw fake monies.

Scam/Legit:- SCAM!!! – Worth repeating 🙂 .




Expanded Details on What Is OkaMoney Club, Pay/Work and How they Scam.

Be Careful - OkaMoney Club is a Scam.

As we begin to explain all on What Is OkaMoney Club, just know, this is not our first review on these scammers sites! We have done perhaps up to 200 reviews on these Paid to Click fake sites. We will leave a list of the one’s in 2018 below soon.

The owners are very well hidden online and have submitted fake website registration address attached to all of their websites. We can do IP traces on all of them, of which we have done on a good number, and always find the submitted addresses are never coinciding with the IP address location. These locations have been UK, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada etc and we can now easily see that it is a Global PTC Scam Network!!

The operators started way back in 2014 and there is no sign of them slowing down or being caught. Only a few days ago we were exposing another batch of their sites, which by they way all look the same and scam the same, just to see they have another batch out as of yesterday (see date of this post).

They have gone from 1110 in English copies to 1140 in no time! Other copies exist in Russian and in German.


Below is the sites you should stay clear of as well and are all owned by the same scam operators as OkaMoney:-


  1. usemoney site.
  2. ormoney site.
  3. opomoney bid.
  4. otomoney win.
  5. inamoney bid.
  6. rimoney club.
  7. oxomoney site.
  8. vkumoney win.
  9. oximoney win.
  10. almoney bid.
  11. akomoneyclub.
  12. atmoney bid.
  13. opymoney bid.
  14. ewumoney club.
  15. enymoney site.
  16. ugamoney bid.
  17. audmoney site.
  18. olmoney club.
  19. enamoney site.
  20. fsamoney bid.
  21. ugmoney win.
  22. eromoney win.
  23. afmoney win.
  24. satmoney win.
  25. ukmoney win.
  26. ummoney win.
  27. elmoney club.
  28. afumoney club.
  29. nonmoney bid.
  30. yxmoney bid.
  31. ydmoney bid.
  32. edmoney site.
  33. elmoney win.
  34. akmoney win.
  35. ubmoney win.
  36. agmoney bid.
  37. utemoney club.
  38. etimoney bid.
  39. oxmoney win.
  40. ogmoney win.
  41. opmoney win.
  42. avmoney win.
  43. yhmoney win
  44. ovmoney win.
  45. epmoney win.
  46. abamoney bid.
  47. fawmoney site.
  48. ebomoney win.
  49. ocemoney bid.
  50. ubemoney site.
  51. ammoney win.
  52. agmoney site.
  53. uxmoney win.
  54. osmoney win.
  55. ommoney win.
  56. ifmoney win.
  57. exmoney win.
  58. asmoney win.
  59. uvmoney win.
  60. odmoney win.
  61. ytmoney win.
  62. ygmoney win.
  63. olomoney site.
  64. ewmoney win.
  65. ekmoney win.
  66. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  67. ehmoney site.
  68. obamoney win.
  69. ormoney win.
  70. emumoney club.
  71. arimoney bid.
  72. immoney club.
  73. ubamoney club.
  74. duomoney site.
  75. otmoney club.
  76. atmoney win.
  77. ecamoney site.
  78. aqmoney win.
  79. epomoney club.
  80. ucemoney bid, apimoney. win. netmoney. 2017. exumoney club. ozumoney site. ycamoney win, termoney bid. efomoney win.

*Those are linked reviews and open in new tabs. Do report below in the comments if you were scammed by any of them. Do you know of one? Let us know and we WILL DEFINITELY expose them for you!



Work On Offer that No One gets Paid for.

It is possible you could have seen an ad for OkaMoney, or any of these sites, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and clicked on through. Sign up is a cinch and all you need to qualify is to submit an email address. They are hoping you submit your best one because they want that ONE to sell onto scammers. Do know, if you submit a fake email to them, you can still sign up!

The work is easy! Simply click on ads and do codes. These codes are not mentioned on their site as part of the work. Just a small lack of transparency but actually is a sign of a scam.

Referral Work Commissions.

Here is where things start to get a touch shady! All those you get to sign up through you will have to forfeit 50% of their earnings to you. YET – the description on OkaMoney’s home page clearly states, that ALL members will earn 10c for every ad they click on and complete.

SO!!! Where does the OTHER 5C come from to keep that promise to your new referrals? Gotz to pay attention to the fine print guys… that is the devil’s domain and is where they catch us all out! Obviously, the logic is flawed and they are not dipping into their own pockets to keep that payment promise to anyone – EVER!

Earning Estimations for Everyone.

It is NOT possible to earn these figures OkaMoney says you can earn. Clicking on Ads for money is notoriously low paid work! Many sites just give you a fraction of a cent for each click. Highest you can expect is only 2c or 3c and those ad jobs are quite rare.

Anyways, they say you are able to earn per day close to $500! That is a week’s pay for some and many members appear to be hitting such a figure in a day or a day and a half. Not real.

1000 ADS VIEWED NETS $4800 A MONTH! Again, not true. The payouts on their site is all fake and so are the member names.




How They Try to Trap you into Paying for Fake Earnings.

OkaMoney Club Tries to Trap You into Paying

Don’t Fall for It LOL! OkaMoney going into Our List of Internet Scammers for sure!!

At the minimum cash out point you will be expected to pay $10 to release pay. This is orchestrated when you are told you are to wait a good 3 months to get your money.

Should you pay then you will see another request for payment. This time they want $9 to sell you 100 referrals. Those referrals are also fake.

Should you pay again, there is a chance you will be told that their system crashed as you were paying, and now that money is lost. You will be promised that you payment will be given to you once that payment is sent again! Pure Con!!

Don’t Pay at All!!


The owners of the site will sell on all personal details to scammers for a personal profit.

Your devices may have malware hunting for your passwords so you can be hacked.

Share this article with your networks is you left your link there to alert others to this nasty scam at OkaMoney. BBC.com offers some some advice on their top ten safety tips, that might be worth checking out.


That is the Gist of the Scam Operation on OkaMoney!




So, the site just exposed is DEFINITELY not our way to Earn $10,000 a Month! It is possible to do and so and anyone can be shown. It has been a pleasure to write here today and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come. Those seeking legit ways to work from home are welcome to look at the links below that we know are trusted and paying online companies. Thanks for stopping by in your own research to answer What Is OkaMoney Club. We sincerely hope it has saved you from them. If not, then at least you know now. Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments below.





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