What Is OhMoney Bid? Is OhMoney Bid Scam or Legit!

By | May 26, 2018

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OhMoney Bid Exposed!



1st Non-Member Review to Answer What Is OhMoney Bid.

Welcome to our no bias review to inform on What Is OhMoney Bid. Many people may be asking is OhMoney. Bid a bunch of cyber-crooks? Is Oh Money Bid ethical and trustworthy? In this OhMoney Review we will also answer ownership details, work and pay enticements and why we are 100% convinced of their illegal activities. Yes, they are a scam! We will detail how they do it and can also say they are operating 1000s of these sites – all the same. We will list some of them herein.

Those that were undoubtedly scammed by OhMoney are welcome to alert the rest of us below in the comments section. Those that continue to work for them – should stop – no payments occur with them.

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OhMoney Bid Operatives, False Pay Estimations and Work.

OhMoney Bid Scandal Exposed!

OhMoney Bid does not pay out.

No one knows who owns OhMoney Bid! That is the bottom line on their online ID. NO email and fake address for website registration. This particular was created in 13-03-2018 and retires same time in 2019. A year to offer online jobs to others is not enough and indicative of deception.

We do know the owners of this whole scam operation, as they have 1000s of duplicate sites all over the Paid Advertisement Viewing System Paid To Click Niche, are from Russia. These sites come in Russian, German and English. There are close to 1000 of these sites all pulling the same fraud on their members. Small differences like URL and site logo but that is really all.

They began their illegal adventures back in 2014 and release a whole new batch at least every month. Even, every couple of weeks. These new batches IP addresses don’t come from PANAMA, as they all say they do, but from different locations across the globe such as:-

1). Russia.

2). USA – LA.

3). Germany.

4). UK.

5). Canada.


To mention but a few I can recall from the top of my head.

Before we fully into it all, here is the list of sites, from same scam operators, that we have found and exposed via Page 1 of Google:-


exumoney club. netmoney 2017. ucemoney bid.apimoney. win.efomoney win. ozumoney site. ycamoney win. adumoney site. adumoney win. termoney bid. These are all one review.

Those are linked to their reviews and should open in a new tab.

Work From Home Clicking Ads.

Here you will find the work is plentiful and easy. Signing up is hassle free with only an email to qualify. Registrants are accepted globally and they say they pay out via PayPal, Western Union etc. After sign up you will see to click on ads for ten cents and do a code to complete that task.

Referral Program Dupe.

Here you are advised to attract referrals into their illegal program. This can be achieved by sending people to them via your affiliate link. They enthusiastically instruct members to leave their links on Facebook, YouTube comments, bloggers sites, PM’s, texts and anyway they can.

This is not legit and actually can land you in a bit of bother. Have a look at the article below to know a scam site when you see one:-

Five Ways to Check a Website is Legit. Opens in a new tab and thanks to money.co.UK for this valuable information.

Earnings and the Real Truth of that.

Ten cents per ad click is too high. No advertiser is paying that amount per click on a site like OhMoney. Usual pay is only 2 or three cents. Actually, many poor PTC sites even will only just pay out fractions of a cent. This is the reason we never suggest you ever work for any PTC site online. They will use you for your time and pay you so bad it is illegal in the real world – so why for it online?!

$500 for one day on clicking ads is just plain fantasy land. No site could afford to pay that out for work that only generates perhaps just 1 cent per task. This is them giving you money out of their pockets and getting into real and criminal debt. NO way is that ever going to happen. Besides, if people are getting paid over $4000 a month for 1000 ads, where the heck are all the amazing reviews say this? I looked – not one. Not ONE for ANY OF THEIR SITES!

All payments to members are fake. Member names are also fake.

Below is what happens when you ask for you cash.



Cash Out Zero Dollars Now!

OhMoney Bid Scam Process Explained.

That feeling when you realize you have been scammed.


Once you succeed to achieve $150 cash out you can apply. This application process informs you of the long waiting period. Why it takes 2 or 3 months for your money is any ones guess in reality.

Their option to get it faster will set you back $10. Along with their code filling tasks, this is not stipulated anywhere. Hardly GDPR Compliant.

To know what GDPR Compliance, you may read about it here:-

What the GDPR means for Facebook, EU and You. Thanks to cnet.com for this and opens in a new browser.

Should you pay via BTC Wallet you are lost. They will just ignore you and boot you out of your account. That is all there is. They don’t pay out and never have done since they began this rip-off since 2014!

Below is where you really should report these guys. Then we will discuss our #1 CHOICE for those that are serious about earning money online for the long term.





Should good people fail to speak up we are drowned out by our own silence…

Those that were scammed by these guys should and I hope speak up and leave your reports below. This will help others avoid such a scam and deprive these unknown crooks of illegal funds. This site has dedicated much time to exposing their horrible sites one by one. Many have been helped but many more so via the comments section of other people confirming what we say here. I am happy you have found our article on what is OhMoney Bid. Looking forward to hearing from you all below.

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