What Is OgMoney Win? Is OgMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 6, 2018

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Researched Answer to What Is OgMoney Win


Simple Answer to What Is OgMoney Win.

The website OgMoney Win is a new Paid Advertisement Platform System. That is the short tail end of it regarding What Is OgMoney Win. Those needing more specifics like is Og Money Win a total lie? Is OgMoney a pure chance of earning good money, will such info here. In this review of OgMoneyWin we will also answer who the owners are, work on offer and the merciless scam trick they pull on their own members.

To date, these owners have several thousand of these sites. One site no different from other and certainly identical in nature and detail. A slice of their operations are opmoney win, yhmoney win, ummoney bid, yhmoney win, ugmoney win, nonmoney bid, yxmoney bid, xymoney bid, unmoney win, armoney win, afmoney win, ygmoney win, odmoney win, ytmoney win, uxmoney win, ubmoney win, osmoney win, ekmoney win, asmoney win, uvmoney win, ommoney win, edmoney site, exmoney win, ifmoney win, oxmoney win, avmoney win, agmoney bid, epmoney win, agmoney site etc. Those are linked reviews and should be enough for anyone to know OgMoney is also a scam!




All Particulars to What Is OgMoney Win, People who Own it and Work From Home Details.

OK! We will first answer some questions concerning the identity of the people of this site, before heading towards further information on what is ogmoney win.

A quick website registration search reveals OgMoney was made 11th 2018, March. Expires 1 year from that date. One year sites are indicative of scam sites, but, not all the time. Legit work from home sites will have legit name, email and address. These guys have no founder name etc. The IP of their site goes to California. The address submitted for their site is from PANAMA. Big mistake and easy to see that they are intentionally hiding themselves online.

Group behind these PTC Sites are from Russia but expanded their online territory to German and English-speaking replica’s. Work offer never changes and not even the process of how they do their members alters a single bit.



They are always taking applicants globally and you not required any qualifications for their job offer. Simply register with your email, of which can be a fraudulent one, and you are in. Once in, you can see there are ads to be clicked and watched. Simply watching these ads is promised to earn members 10 cents per one. These earnings are super charged when you start making referrals.


No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite



Referral Commissions.

Instructions are to eave your unique affil link anywhere you can to places like your social media etc. Watch out for videos showing you how to cash out your earnings, or how to manipulate the captcha, as these are only the scammers further out reaching for victims.

When a person signs up via yourself and starts to earn some money by watching ads etc you get a huge 50%! Yes, fifty percent of that persons watched ads is assigned to your account in real time. Of course,e you must know, none of that money is real.


Threshold Payout!

$150 is the golden number for members to apply for their cash. It is very simple to apply but impossible to still get your money. Admin is prompt enough to get back to you to say that your application to be processed will be taking around 2/ months in total. However, yo9u are welcome to use the quicker option – which should have been the only option anyways.

This option is $10 to hasten your form. Once you pay then these cheeky gangsters will want your affiliates! These have to be least 40 people. If you don’t have 40 people you can buy them for $9. This money will net you 100 of them. Again, all fake. Those referrals do not exist and is all part of the con to get your cash!

Once all that is out of the way, you can go ahead, and continue with applying for your money!


Yeah, I know. The process just repeats itself. This surely is the moment to know they have been stitched up and no money is coming their way from these people.


That is al there is to this scam! You can surely check out all the linked reviews, that have expanded answers, should you wish. Those reviews will open up in a new browser.



DISCLAIMER:- All blogs on this site are ultimately based on my opinion. There is no stipulation outside that parameter. Given the evidence to hand, I am confident, people will come to their own conclusion with clarity. Those needing further proof, outside the extensive body of proof herein Scam Witness, are welcome to Google till the cows come home…the story will always be a scam ending with this lot of PTC sites.




SCAM RATING:- SHAMBOLIC SCAM! 0/100! These sites, by the same owners, have relentless proven themselves not to be paying out. There are many complaints online for al their sites combined to pack out a world library! No traces of any names in connection with any of their sites. Since 2014, no members have been paid in full or in partial. Good job on doing some research and I hope it is before you signed up to them. If not, don’t worry, I also have been scammed online several times so it happens and we learn and move on – no big deal I guess.






Did you sign up to the site we just talked about? What was your experience. You are most welcome to let us know about it in the comments box below. Maybe you have a name of another of their sites? Do let us know and I ma sure I will write them up as well to help save others from this rubbish. That is all there is time for regarding What Is OgMoney Win and hope it helped. See you all next time – 🙂 .


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