What Is OfMoney.Win? Is OfMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | February 27, 2018

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Need an answer to What is OfMoney.Win?

Investigating What Is OfMoney. Win.

Here is a new site offering huge payout for easy work. Should you need to know What Is OfMoney. Win, asking is OfMoneyWin a fraud or is Of Money Win safe and legit? My review is unaffiliated and is based on uncovering many of their other sites along with my own research online. The owner(s) have many other illegal website’s that do not pay out. Should they have paid out to some people then it is only a matter of time before they go into a scam site. I do not recommend them as a safe way to make money online.

We will give plenty of reasons why we do not recommend them but before we get to that, and should you need to know a real way to earn online, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Our WA Review for a full business job online opportunity you may find >HERE<. One and all can sign up >HERE< for a free $0 Online Job Start Up. Let’s continue with our review.




Further Explanation of What Is OfMoney. Win.

For those that need further details on what is OfMoney. Win then we shall dig into website owner details. A quick glance and all I see is they have a P. O Box as an address, no email and no founder name. Whoever they are created their site 2/2018 and expiration date is same in 2019, These are bad signs for a ‘legit’ site. It looks to be a hit-and-run scam website already.

Ergo, no one knows who they are. We do know that they have hundreds to even thousands of website’s running the same (exact same!) online operation. It is a Russian Scam Network where no one gets paid. Their scam sites have a very poor online reputation with tons of member complaints.

How Does it Work?

You sign up for free. Instructions are waiting for you to share your affiliate link to social media platforms like FB, Twitter and you name it – everywhere! This is spamming which is pretty illegal. They offer all members 50% referral commissions, 10 cents for ads watched whereby you can earn 5K a monthly. Of course, no one gets a penny.

Your payments are updated in real time but they are fake anyways. There is the enticing promise that earnings are “practically unlimited” where you can earn $50 to $300 a day based on 3 to 5 hours work a day. It’s worth having a look at their other website’s, which I will leave a link to soon, where the wording is the same, coding is the same, website errors, work offer and even how the scam is executed. So we see it is just a view ads for money scam.



How The Scam Works.

As members hit the minimum payout of $300 you will want to cash out. (CORRECTION:- Thank you to Nancy in the comments section, we now know for sure, the Minimum Pay Out Is $150. Thank you kindly Nancy 🙂 .Wherein their own website description they say you are able to get your cash to your amount or plastic within one hour. However, this is not true. They give everyone the run around when they say it will take 3 months to ‘process’ your payment. Members are given an Express Option to get their cash via paying $14 to make your 40 referrals. This fact is not included anywhere on their website.

Other ways they try to get money from you is they may want you to upgrade or fill out an offer. Whatever your options, once you pay, you still won’t get paid. Should you do not pay the outcome is the same anyways. You will be shut out of your account where it can never be deleted. Your email and what ever other private details they stole from you via malware, will be sold onto scammers online for a personal profit.

The real purpose to their website is to get its members to flow as much free traffic to them as possible in order to scam. They also collect emails to be sold on to internet scammers. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENT IF YOU HAVE NOT BEE PAID? Thank You 🙂 . This will help warn other people before they join and thus save many others from being scammed online. Please observe the link directly below – should you wish to view the many other scam sites owned by these same scammers then go a head and find an updated list there:-


That link will open in a new tab and we are 100% confident you will see significant similarities to warrant further research before joining, of course, we do not recommend them at all. But, that is your choice.

The owners of this website under review have taken countless people online for free labor without paying out per their compensation plan. We certainly appreciate all shares of this or any article at scamwitness.com as we tirelessly track and expose online scams.


Where errors have been made full effort will be made to correct were valid and applicable (if any). All articles at scamwitness.com is based on our research, our knowledge of online scam signs and experience being scammed myself. No data from this website is to be used in a legal sense and is only based on my opinion given our research. We encourage everyone to do their own research if they doubt anything on this article or anything on this website. Thank you.







THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Perhaps you registered with the site we just exposed and would like ask a few questions about them? Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones who got paid, if so, please do let us know as well. We certainly advise you stay far away from them and we have made plain and clear you will get scammed should you sign up with them. However, you can make a real opportunity online via this link >HERE< even without experience or credit card details. We are happy to have answered What Is OfMoney. Win and look forward to all of your comments. Consider signing up to this website’s news letter, top right, so to keep updated with current and damaging online scams.


8 thoughts on “What Is OfMoney.Win? Is OfMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Francis Alegre

    Funny as ever! I was one of those who tried to earn money from that site. I was aware that I had to reach the minimum amount to earn which is $150 and of course the 40 referrals. Well, it’s not that hard to reach the required amount, but the referrals disturbed me a lot, and of course my friends as well.
    After that struggle finally, i get to the paying method only to find out a message saying “Your account is not yet approved. Approval of account takes 30-60 days. Click here to make a quick approval method .” which leads to something like a bitcoin account I had to pay worth $10. Yeah, i think that was the time i realize everything is nothing but a funny scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Francis,

      Thank you kindly for reporting your experience here at OfMoney. Win. It will help others to REALLY know that OfMoney is no good. Thanks for helping out Francis.

      We also offer a free start up for those that want it. Let us know.

      – Philip.

  2. Nancy

    This is eye opening saw one which a friend sent to me to register through the link that it is free and you are paid for watching ads. atmoney.win all i read is exactly the same way it is run. More than 5 questions i asked on support were never answered. I guess others might not be able to view the questions from their own log in page. Tried witthdrawing was told i can withdraw minimum of 150$ after which it got to that amount and i was told i needed 40 referals and they have options where i can buy referrals to speed up my withdrawal. Though i didn’t make any payments.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nancy,

      First off, I would like to thank you very much for taking time out of your day to better inform myself and readers a like.

      So I see the minimum withdrawal with OfMoney Win is $150 and not $300. I will surely at that correction with credit to you Nancy 🙂 . Thank you.

      Also, I checked on AtMoney Win and I have not exposed that site as of yet. I did the SEO on it and no one else has exposed them either. So, that is a ‘scoop’, so to speak, and I want to also thank you for letting everyone know about that one as well.

      Most Importantly:- I am absolutely delighted you did not pay them! 🙂 . Your comment has been of profound use to me and will be to others in time.

    2. Nicole

      I’m also in the same boat but I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not that told me to regret 40 ppl ..then I can withdraw

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Nicole,

        OfMoney Win wants you to refer 40 people so they can further their scam on new potential victims. They do not pay out to anyone. They simply want people like you to drive them free traffic – sorry to inform you.

        Please have a look at a review I did on a site these unknown scammers have called What Is UnMoney Win. There you will find a list of their sites I have found and a list of the one’s they have shut down and now re-directing to XyMoney Site.

        So, they are not legit and they will never pay you. Should you require a real way to earn online then just ask. It is a long term goal, but reaps a full time income, called Wealthy Affiliate.



    3. Abi

      Yup, tried it out too out of curiosity, after done get to $150, they ask me to get another 40 referral which they didn’t say at first, but offering referrals to pay for instant wd. At that point, I just laughed myself for the obvious scam attempt.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Abi,

        Thank you so much for letting us know your story.

        How long did it take to reach that $150 Minimum Payout with OfMoney. Win?

        I expect many member complaints regarding OfMoney Win this as they are new.




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