What Is OdMoney.Win? Is OdMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 25, 2018

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All Answers to What Is OdMoney Win


Declaring the Answer to What Is OdMoney Win to All.

New members may want ask themselves What Is OdMoney Win? Or even ask is OdMoneyWin a fools game of a con? Or maybe you would like to is Od Money Win a verifiable and safe way to earn money watching ads? They are a PTC (Paid To Click) that does not pay out. We shall endeavor to find details of owners and fully detail why they are not OK and good but crooked as a banker!! Yes folks, OdMoney a long-running SCAM and owners successfully operating since 2014!

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Unabridged Version to What Is OdMoney Win, Owner Info and Fake Work Logistics.

So who owns OdMoney? Will try to locate legit details before answering what is odmoney win. Created 06/03/2018 and set to expire same date 2019. Unusual as legit sites of this nature tend to have more of a shelf life than this. Creator name is missing along with other vital ingredients such as an email. Address is for Panama. However, their IP Address of tracks them to San Francisco, California, USA.

Is there anything known about them? Yes, their websites are into the 1000s with 714 copies for the English-speaking population. The owners have German (first wave) duplicates and Russian replica’s of these sites. Keywords for all of their websites is this:- Sample of Sentinels. Makes no sense but they are still getting traffic all the same.

I have personally tracked many of their copied and pasted sites from UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia etc. This is an organized Global Network of Scammers. It is almost like someone is selling the ‘SCRIPT’ for sites like ‘OdMoney’ – Like a Franchise as such. Their names make little sense at times with dot extensions of:-

  • ‘.’site.
  • ‘.’club.
  • ‘.’win.
  • .’bid.
  • ‘.’xyz.
  • ‘.’top.

Dodgy looking extensions like that are cause for suspicion. Incidentally, name assigned by these scammers for their network is called WebDengi_Eng. ‘Dengi’ is Russian for ‘MONEY’.

To prove that there are many other sites belonging to these unknown gangsters, you can click on those reviews below. These new sites were created early 2018 with a huge batch released in February of this year. I believe I was able to locate them all!

  1. AtMoney Win.
  2. AfMoney Win.
  3. ArMoney Win.
  4. YtMoney Win.
  5. YhMoney Win.
  6. YgMoney Win.
  7. UmMoney Bid.
  8. YdMoney Bid.
  9. NonMoney Bid.
  10. XyMoney Site.
  11. UnMoney Win.
  12. UgMoney Win.
  13. YxMoney Bid.

Those reviews will open up in a new window so you can back here. There are many, many more to come!


Logistics on this making money operation.


Review of OdMoney Win


Scam Witnessed signed up to one of their fake sites many moons ago. I entered my valid email address and was spammed into two minutes flat by some scams site!

However, you can enter a fake one and have a look around. They don’t even check your email is valid or ask you for verification by email. Bizarre and sure sign there are problems ahead.

Landing on their Home Page, you are immediately presented with high payout to members for just one day. Know, these figures are false and no one got paid a penny. Member names are fake and so are their reviews, which, sounds like the same person wrote them.

Enter to Google anyone of those site names linked above and you will see there is no difference in the sites.

Anyways, after sign up you will be able to click your head off watching all their ads. All these ads come from other sites that do pay the owners of Odmoney a tiny fee. Ad Units are meant to return to members TEN CENTS each and credited to their accounts asap

Advertisers are not paying anyone 10 CENTS! Most anyone gets for a PTC site click is a 100th of a cent right on up to 3 cents. PTC Sites have all become scams given poor pay for time and effort and actually the infrastructure of the net is turning away from them. After advertisers pay that money for you, then they have to cough up more money to site owners. This would make advertising would not be affordable to most marketers. So easy see now those figures are not real.

Daily Earnings from $50 to $300! NONSENSE! NO ONE GETS PAID! Potential earnings is $4800 monthly! Again, total fabrication!

Their Referral Program is just as laughable! You are told, should you wish to earn more money in the shortest amount of time, to spread your affiliate link across the world wide web as fast and as much as possible. This is unfortunate as this is called SPAMMING- A HUGE ‘NO-NO’! Check out why spamming is bad called Why Spamming Is Bad in Content Promotion. Courtesy of seopress.com.

Minimum Amount Paid Out is at $150! Upon applying for this amount is where you will notice dizzier and worrying things occur…


Bait and Switch – The Scam is On!

These brazen faced cleptomaniacs will try to keep you on their merry-go-round for as long as possible to increase their chances of getting money from you. Its not just money they wan, they want you to refer 40 peeps to them as well. Upon application, they will reassure you by saying your application was successfully received in green colored writing.

However, their return communication will state you must wait a good two to three months to receive your payment while they process it. Or, you can take the quicker way to verify you. This ‘quicker’ way will cost you a mere$10! Do not pay this as it is just a cheap trick to get your money. Ain’t much but if al their members paid it, well, it soon ads up doesn’t it?

THEN they will slap you with a condition that is NOT stated on their website. You have to make forty new members sign up to them before you can get your cash. They call this ‘Exchange Referrals’. Should you have not been able to acquire such amount of people to them then you are offered to buy them. This can set you further back by $5, $14 or $20!

Or, should you have made those referrals by bouncing all over the net your link then you are just booted out of your account. There is no recourse as no one knows who they are. Not even the authorities can shut them down either.

Please do let everyone know if you have been conned by OdMoney in the comment box below. In the absence of an authority with the resources to hunt down these sites effectively, blogs like mine is one of the best ways to expose them. Please help out by chipping in telling everyone your experience. Together we are stronger than the ‘unknowns’ that seek to defraud us!!

Lastly, it is possible you may be told to do a stinking survey (I hate surveys because they are like PTC Sites – near impossible to earn anything). Maybe they want you to sign up to someone elses offer. Each survey completed or offer completed will get money for these scammers but never for the members.





Monitoring sites online have reported many of these sites, of Russian Origin like ‘Od’, are in love with supplying malware to our devices. This software is programmed to get your passwords. Asides from passwords they are hunting for your most personal information like Bank Details, PayPal, emails and everything they can get their hands on.

Such information is put onto an auction site, Deep Web, and the bidder who pays the most will get your information. NOW, they will seek to inbox you with legit looking emails with vicious links! This is call ‘Phishing‘ – no doubt you have heard of it. Here is an article to help you know phishing attempts called 10 Tips on How to Identify a Phishing or Spoofing Email. It will open in a fresh window so, if you want, can come back here 🙂 .



Here are a few tips of my own to help you secure your online ID!

  • Set up Two Step Verification for Facebook, Twitter and you Google+ Accounts. All accounts actually, where the option is available.
  • You seriously need a good Anti Virus! Here is a Free Anti Virus. Courtesy of kasperky.co.UK.
  • Needless to say, watch out closely for new senders of emails. Those are the scammers trying to get you to click to their sites. Report and Delete them!
  • Find a suspicious site? Report them here to Scam Witness.



DISCLAIMER:- After researching on any site, then I present it here, to help warn others. My ‘opinion’ is my own and others are encouraged to seek further research should they disagree with mine. All errors, if applicable, will be corrected. Scam rating below will be corrected if Scam Witness has got this all wrong – and that holds true for any article I write. Thank you for your time in these regards.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! This is a blatant and prolific scam operating globally in three different languages. Thousands of identical sites that only change site name and URL. All website faults and are also copied and pasted for a new site. Ludacrisly fraudulent and not recommendable. Illegal Operation!




All members of ‘Od’ are welcome to ask questions and leave their experiences and stories below. Anyone gets paid, by any chance? Though, I doubt many will say yes. At what point did you suspect something was ‘up’? Did you contact support and were you able to get ‘any’ response. Whatever information you have, that is not present in this article, you are most welcome to supply it below. Scam Witness will be delighted to insert fresh data where comments contain it. This site accepts post requests! Should you have stumbled across a potential scam site along your Googleing Adventure 🙂 then do let us know. It will be researched and published here. Credit will be assigned to you for doing this. Until next time, it was a pleasure to answer What Is OdMoney Win and hope it helps many stay clear of yet another online joker scam operation.

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  1. noemi

    thanks, its good to know before it’s too late for me to know it was a scam..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Noemi,

      I am glad you found this article on OdMoney Win! It makes all the effort worth it when I receive comments letting everyone know another has been saved from being scammed. Great to know and it gives me much encouragement to continue with what I do.

      Also, do remember, I show others all over the world on how to make money online.




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