What Is OdaMoney Bid? Is OdaMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

By | May 7, 2018

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OdaMoney Bid Exposed!




First Real Article to Answer What Is OdaMoney Bid.

Here are all the answers you need to know What Is OdaMoney Bid. Those asking is OdaMoney. Bid a cheat? Is Oda Money Bid an answer to your money prayers? You Will find out here in this review of OdaMoney such answers. Owner details will be sought out, along with pay and work as it stands and ultimately if they are for real! That is the first thing we shall address now:- OdaMoney is a fraud! They run 1000s of other ‘Oda’s’ with precisely the same ripoff. Below you will see a number of their other near identical operations we have exposed:-

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Click on any of those reviewed links and they will open in a new page. Do report below this article if you have a story about any of these websites. Thank you.

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Fake Work and Pay of OdaMoney Bid plus Owner ID.

All investigations start at WHOIS. Here we will see the website ID data submitted at the time of any site property online. We can plainly see OdaMoney was made 21-04-2018 and will end same date in 2019. These guys will set up their sites and will shut down in 1 year or sooner. Soon as online reputation deteriorates then they will either delete that site or redirect it to another one of theirs.

Email is not here and of course there is no name assigned to a founder. Panama is their location registered, however should you go to registrydb.com, you will see that Oda is from California! High Deceptive!! You will also discover there are 18 other domains using the same IP address, again, not good – considering we definitely know the site under review to be a scam site.

Owners of OdaMoney Bid.

The unknown cow boys behind all these sites have been ‘enterprising’ since 2014 and earning a small fortune thereafter. Their collective sites are viral and span into Russian, English and German variations. These people are originating this sites from Russian, however, new batches tend to have a separate IP address that are spanning the earth. There is little more known of their ID after this point.


Job Particulars.

OdaMoney is trying to brand itself as a “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” Paid to Click job.

Free registration with any kind of email, including the fake kind, as they do not even look for confirmation. There are ads that can be clicked on and codes to fill out. 10 CENTS is the payment for these tasks and are considered to be very profitable.

Making Referrals.

Here you will have the false opportunity to make a whopping 50% commissions on all of your new sign ups work efforts. The payments per day are very high and go as high as nearly $500! 1000 clicks will net all members somewhere in the region of $4800 for every calendar month!! Again, this is utter nuts and if this was so true you would see 100’s of rave reviews of Oda being the #1 Platform Online to cure World Poverty! – Get my drift…makes no sense.


The ‘Affiliate Marketing’ advice you will find on their site is never recommended. They say you can leave your link on all the Social Media outlets online, blogs, texts, PM’s etc. Anywhere you can get away with it. This is equating to dropping leaflets to your neighbors doors every day – sooner or later – someone’s calling the cops! It is a nuisance and people have been persecuted for spamming.

Courtesy of scmagazine.com, we have a great article on The Hidden Dangers of Spam. Opens in a new window.

Minimum Pay Out.

The threshold to access your cash is $150. THAT IS $50 TOO HIGH! Anything over $100 is a good sign you are dealing with a dishonest site. The reason the threshold is slightly higher is to keep you working longer to make them more money. It is also a way to make you create even more sign ups, because, you have more time. However, when people try to seek out their pay they will certainly and always encounter the same problems as everyone else has before them since 2014…


Their Finale Ends with a Bang!

STOP! Do Not Pay OdaMoney Bid a Penny!

Soon as your application is processed they will confuse the situation that you must wait a very long time to receive your earnings. Something to do with it taking like 90 days to for your money to be processed. No payment processor takes that long. Anyways, you shall be presented with a faster way to get your cash. You will soon observe a $10 fee is imposed on you and paid from your BTC Wallet. Ideally, now we expect our money, but no – there is yet anything they want from you.

After payment, that is if you do pay, they will want 40 of those members you have made to their site. This is quite a revelation to a lot of members, and rightly so, because that detail is not listed anywhere on their site! The owner will offer to sell you, for $9, 40 referrals – FAKE REFERRALS! Should the point come you pay then you are locked out of your account forever. This is to give false impression to your new sign ups that you are working away and that there is nothing wrong. The amount of referrals on offer and the price can vary as some reports have claimed on some of their other sites.

That is really all there is to this scam and no know –



The True Reason of Their Site!


They are not interested in providing legit online work to anyone. They multiply these sites like rabbits to extend to a greater audience. Now, these people who become members of anyone of these sites, will start to generate them cash.

Members Clicking on ads and filling codes out is getting the owner some little pennies. Those little pennies do mount up when you combine all the members, from all the sites, during the combined life span of their mass operations.

This is not even considering the amounts of ‘$10’ and ‘$9’ amounts they routinely collect from unsuspecting members. Those figures can be higher, as previously stated.

As for all the referrals, well, there is a crafty plan for them as well. We said earlier that the pay out limit is a little higher than usual. Actually, last years’s sites were $250 and $350 limits! And we also said these high amounts is to give members even more time to make loads more referrals. This is free traffic being generated for them by their participants.



OdaMoney Bid Malware Threat.

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YUP! The more people they can get to their site, the more MALWARE they can download to devices. Such software can find passwords, names etc and that is given to other scammers online for a fee. This is yet another way they are making money from their members.

So please forgive me, I am not trying to scare the hell out of anyone, simply making you aware if your not already so.

Should you fear that your device may have been infected in this manner then have a look at this article below:-

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Here is the most important part of any post on this website. Here we shall discover user experiences and the broader truth from many perspectives. Should you have been scammed by any of these sites then you are welcome to let us know in the comments below. Perhaps you know of a story from a friend and you wish to share that? That would be gratefully received and we respond to all comments in good time. Thank you all for stopping by to know, in truth, What Is OdaMoney Bid. I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come below. Do check out our #1 Recommendation below if you have a moment to do how you could be earning big money online – the honest way.




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DISCLAIMER:- Through many hours of research this data is honestly presented to warn others. However, I must also inform you, that my rating and opinions herein this article are my own. We recommend you do your own research until you are satisfied and not solely rest upon this article alone. Thank you.


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