What Is OceMoney.Bid? Is OceMoney. Bid Scam or Legit!

By | May 31, 2018

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OceMoney Bid 0/100!



What Is OceMoney. Bid and Good Reasons why we can NOT Recommend them.

Here we have a new Paid Advertisement Viewing Platform offering big cash pay outs for easy to do work. Those that want to know What Is OceMoney. Bid have come to the right place. We will answer Is OceMoney. Bid corrupt? Is Oce Money Bid safe and an excellent online job to make money online. In this NON-MEMBER REVIEW we will try to pinpoint owner details, collate work and pay details and ultimately impart why OceMoney is a little scam site. Scamming-Addicts run this site and they have been fleecing people online since 2014! They have thousands of these illegal sites infesting the net.

Those that were scammed are welcome to tell us below in the comments section. Those that are working for them now – should stop sharing those cyber-crook-links – they never pay out to anyone.

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OceMoney Bid Owners, Work and Pay Data.

OceMoney Bid Exposed Here.

OceMoney Bid is just another of a copy and paste paid to click website owned by Russian cyber-tricksters. No one knows who they are as they hide all online traceable ID so well to hide from criminal charges. They, like said, have been running these sites since 2014 and one can only imagine how many they have scammed in those years to now.

They come in English, Russian and German. There are now nearly 1000 of these sites in English but we don’t have too many data on the other languages. Those that know of the German and Russian sites are very welcome to report them here to us.

OceMoney was created 26-05-2018 and ends in 1 year exactly. It is NOT uncommon for some of these sites to go out of business in weeks and months. It just all depends on how bad their online rep becomes before all is wise to their tricks. At this point then they will lose traffic and no longer worth their time to continue. Other times they shut down sites because maybe people are not responding to their site name.

Below you will see a sample of the ones we have exposed for 2018!

Those above are linked to their own reviews and will open in an new window.

Don’t forget to keep on reporting these sites and we will keep on landing them page 1 of Google for sport to help get them shut down quicker – thanks guys 🙂 .


Work from Home Info.

OceMoney Bid ain't real.

OceMoney Bid work from home lie.

The work is easy for anyone without any technical knowledge, or training, to do. That’s fine, don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is the amount of money they say they pay out. OK, lets investigate. There are no legit payment proofs online for their payment claims. NOT ONE! Not a stitch sine they began.

Anyways, they offer fake work from home ad clicking for ten cents a go. Then you must fill out a code. That is it! Well, almost.

Referral Program and Sign Up Earnings.

To further increase the unreal payments then you are encouraged to make sign ups. This can be done by simply spamming your link al love the internet.

I will warn you now:- There are things going on behind the scene of the internet that I believe that this spamming is going to be stamped out! Promoting your products or services this way is only damaging your reputation with Google.



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Earnings on a Daily Basis.

It is 10c cents an ad, as said, and no one appears to suspect anything about how high those figures in their accounts top up. You can hit the minimum payout within hours of first starting. This is a little alarming as usually with such paid to click sites you are normally only getting paid fractions of pennies. Not a lot and usually very difficult to earn anything. Most just leave in a matter of days.

This pay from such sites is actually illegal in the real world but somehow all legal and fine in the online word. WOW! Whatever. This is why we no longer endorse any paid to click sites (ptc) as legit and profitable way to make money online.

OceMoney indoctrinates people to think they can earn nearly five hundred dollars a day!! This is not real and actually if you Google good reviews on their site you won’t find any good reviews. Any info, before this article, is by the scammers lying their heads off about how much they are getting paid.

YouTube is particularly bad for the videos on these sites. So many sites usually have a couple of videos saying how legit it is. It is not. These people have no morals and laugh at scamming people, then, probably go to church on Sundays to boot!!

OceMoney Bid Messing with Members Time.

Devils in the Details – sorry, dying to use this image for ages. Thanks for understanding, haha.

So, $500 a day is nonsense. $4800 A MONTH IS ALSO DOUBLY RUBBISH INFO AND A BIG LIE! Let us move on…



Cash Out Revelation.

Here one and all will realize they have been conned, if not for money yet, then for time and effort. These sites only use people to get them free traffic by convincing them to make referrals. Those referrals in turn then will make even more increasing the victim list even to be longer. A true spider-webbing-networking for fraudulent purposes.

When you look to cash out you will be charged $10 and $9. $10 to use their quick cash out option. $9 to buy sign ups. Those without 40 sign ups yet then must buy them.

Pay or not, no one gets paid. That is the bottom line of it all. Not a single person, since 2014 on wards, has received a penny for the time and effort they put in working for the likes of OceMoney! PAYMENT PROOFS ARE WELCOME.

Those that think they have payment proofs may use the CONTACT US page above in our menu and send it to us. Thank you.




Those that wish to heard are welcome to do so here. This forum was especially made for those looking to see if they found a good online job with the site just reviewed. It was also made for current members to expose these sites! All experiences/stories/opinions and questions will be responded to. Thank you for taking the time for look up what is OcMoney Bid – you have just stopped some scammers from profiting from you. Do check out #1 choice below if you want to learn how to be your own online boss today!



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