What Is ObaMoney Win? Is ObaMoney Win Scam or Legit!

By | May 27, 2018

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ObaMoney Win is on the Scam-Path!



Exposing the Truth by Answering What Is ObaMoney Win.

First off, good job on doing your research on these guys. Here you will find all you need on what is ObaMoney Win. We will answer as well is ObaMoney. Win a robbing farce? Is ObMoney Win legitimate? This is a NON-MEMBER REVIEW of ObaMoney and only seek to inform others of our research. We will try to get owner data, work and payment structures. Ultimately, this site has got too many complaints about the owners other sites, to have to conclude that ObaMoney is also a pure scam!!

Those that have fallen victim to ObaMoney are encouraged to leave their stories and opinions below. Those still working away with these guys – really should just stop – no one ever gets pad but only the owners do.

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Owners of ObaMoney Win including their Work and Pay arrangements.

ObaMoney Win began is online life on the 12-05-2018 and will only be around until same date 2019. Owners can not be located online with no email and address for their website is fake. The owners have 1000’s of such sites and none of them have ever paid out to anyone! They began these operations in 2014 and they originally stem from Russia.

Since those days, the sites come in German and English. I can give you a scoop on the number of the English versions online and there are numbered at 998 where upumoney site is the very latest.



These sites will float around the paid to click niche for max of one year. Some will be shut down sooner such as in weeks or months when that sites online rep gets worse very quickly. These sites are notorious for downloading malware to your devices so to have good anti virus in place.

These black-hat-entrepreneurs, as said, have 1000’s of these sites that operate identically globally as one big scamming machine. IP address for different batches of sites will come from all over the world. This is at odds for the info registered when their sites were first put up online. This is of course pure and intentional deception aimed to hide themselves from criminal prosecution.

Below are only a few of the sites we had time to expose since the beginning of 2018. They will open in new window to their respective reviews:-

  1. ugamoney bid.
  2. olmoney club.
  3. ugmoney win.
  4. eromoney win.
  5. afmoney win.
  6. satmoney win.
  7. ukmoney win.
  8. ummoney win.
  9. elmoney club.
  10. afumoney club.
  11. nonmoney bid.
  12. yxmoney bid.
  13. ydmoney bid.
  14. edmoney site.
  15. elmoney win.
  16. akmoney win.
  17. ubmoney win.
  18. agmoney bid.
  19. utemoney club.
  20. etimoney bid.
  21. oxmoney win.
  22. ogmoney win.
  23. opmoney win.
  24. avmoney win.
  25. yhmoney win
  26. ovmoney win.
  27. epmoney win.
  28. abamoney bid.
  29. fawmoney site.
  30. ebomoney win.
  31. ubemoney site.
  32. ammoney win.
  33. agmoney site.
  34. uxmoney win.
  35. osmoney win.
  36. ommoney win.
  37. ifmoney win.
  38. exmoney win.
  39. asmoney win.
  40. uvmoney win.
  41. odmoney win.
  42. ytmoney win.
  43. ygmoney win.
  44. ewmoney win.
  45. ekmoney win.
  46. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  47. ehmoney site.
  48. emumoney club.
  49. arimoney bid.
  50. immoney club.
  51. ubamoney club.
  52. otmoney club.
  53. atmoney win.
  54. ecamoney site.
  55. aqmoney win.
  56. epomoney club.
  57. efomoney win, ucemoney bid, exumoney club. netmoney 2017, termoney bid, ozumoney site, ycamoney win, apimoney win. 1 Review of some of their sites.

Know of one not here? Do let us know guys and we will do our level best to expose them as well.



Working by Clicking on Ads.

Earning with ObaMoney is not Real.

ObaMoney Win is not legit.

Notoriously this kind of work is low yield pay for high effort work. You will work so many hours and for little pay. The pay is so bad that if it were offered by a real world employer, who got away with it, would be locked up for many years. The pay is abusive for the time and effort required. This is why we have stopped promoting any PTC links on our sites.

Not so with ObaMoney it seems! They must of come out of PTC heaven somewhere because they are implying, that the act of clicking on an ad can generate 10c each time per member, and then still enough money for website owner to make a profit as well?!

NO! Not true at all. Clicks, in reality, are nearly worthless and only come to small fractions of a penny. Some sites will give you 2c or 3c, but then they invariably, will end up having little ads for you to click on. This means you have to waste time daily to go to their site and see if there is any work there. This ends up with people only earning about $10, if you are lucky, in one month. POINTLESS! Not even good pocket money.

Percentage Pay in their Referral Program.

The delusion continues when ObaMoney says you can make referrals. When you do so you are told you shall receive exactly half of whatever they make. This is stripping your referrals of good money they earned and it is just too high. Anyways, it doesn not matter in any event, because this is a lie as well.

Members are encouraged to spam the net to bring in new referrals. 40 is required, but, no one knows that until cash out time!


Daily Pay – The Fibs Continue.

Daily Pay is remarkably high and cash out is at $150! That is too high. Many sites allow cash out at $10 and lower. Highest is $100. This is a good marker to know a scam site from a legit one.

The process is to submit your request for your money. Then you will be disappointed when they say how long it takes to give you your earnings. Then you will see another way. This will cost you $10 to avail of this fake speedup version.

NOW! – they want 40 sign ups for members to get their money!!

COST:- $9! Now members are down $19, after having worked to generate money for a scam site and having made possibly many referrals to them as well. These sign ups, in turn, will go through the same scam as well.

Those that complete the full payment cycle will find themselves mysteriously locked out of their accounts or have to repeat the cycle again. One report I read was a man, after paying, was sent to another one of their sites to earn money clicking ads – seems like these guys have a sense of humor, if not a little cruel.





Briefly, I would like to say, one and all is welcome to ask questions, place opinions/stories/experiences on anything written here. We are always here to address all comments in quick time. Do also check out our #’1 Choice below if you really want online success. Thanks for stopping by to find out what is ObaMoney Win and truly hope it has saved you from having your time and money wasted – let us know if it has 🙂 – it inspires us to hear it.



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