What Is OlyMoney.Site – Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam?

By | October 22, 2017
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What Is OlyMoney. Site and is it Real?

Welcome and thank you for stopping by in your query to know What Is OlyMoney. Site. Those asking Is OlyMoney Site honest? Is Oly Money Site a criminal enterprise? Those will be quickly answered in this OlyMoney Review. First off, I don’t trust OlyMoney! It is a Paid Advertising Viewing System platform that has thousands of copies of it. The owner is not known and no payment proofs, from any of their sites, has ever been produced. For this reason, we must be cautious and not recommend them at all.

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Company:- http://olymoney. site.

Created:- 07/07/2018.

Founder:- ID Hidden Online.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ at bottom of this post.

Farewell Note.







What Is OlyMoney. Site and its Gate Way into Paid Advertising Viewing System Pretense.

This article reviews OlyMoney Site to see if it is a scam, legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy or a fraud website. This is a ‘Paid Ad Views System’ phishing site that sells on your personal details to third parties for a profit! I have proof and I will go into detail in this review why you should NOT sign up with these guys, because, you will live to regret it! That I can promise you. They also like to send you little secret ‘gifts‘ to your device called malware. Nasty stuff! Proof? The following sites are all the same to the fraud site in review.

They are all linked and you are welcome to have a look. Including OlyMoney Site, the following have gone on my scam websites list, and run the same identical con throughout them all.

The fake sites are admoney. pw, fepmoney. club, jamdengi. club, docdengi. top, cumoney. club, mesmoney. club, razmoney. club, hurmoney. club, kavdengi. club, romdengi. club, advmoney. tech, vawdengi. site, voddengi. club, webmoney. host, faxdengi. club, zendengi. club, ahadengi. club, wotmoney. club, suremoney. club, normoney. club, findmoney. club, dummoney. club, datmoney. club, zatmoney. club, donmoney. club, duhmoney. club, nowmoney. club, submoney. club, vobmoney. club, runmoney. club, advmoney. press! There exists THOUSANDS of these sites. Still, more proof? It’s all below.


OlyMoney is a shameless and without conscience scam! As you can see I have done many reviews into these websites, whom, have the same owners. Actually, same everything! From the wording, to the color, format, errors, admin names, customer reviews and comments right down to the process of defrauding people. Only difference is the name of the websites and domain names.

OK, this is a website that promotes itself by saying you can get paid EXCELLENT money for watching ads all day until the cows come home. *They don’t really say anything about cows. 10 cents for every ad you view, roughly 30 seconds per ad, for which the website receives payment and you get your ‘cut’. For every referral you make to these fraudsters you will receive 50% commissions on all the mind-numbing ads they will watch.

Advertisers are paying good money for people to view their ads, ‘people’ who do not want to buy anything but just want to get some quick cash, are being conned here to!

If you are serious about wanting a real ‘career’ watching ads, they say you can make ‘it’ to the big time, by viewing 1000 ads! If you view this amount of rubbish in one month you receive, on average, $4800! I smell ‘something’ funny…must be the ‘cows’ have come home after all! TOTAL B. S!



Like I said, this is but one of many other sites, websites that are amassing into the 1000s of duplicate and identical fake work from home opportunities. Did you get ripped off by these guys? I would appreciate it if you left your story in the comments section so others know it really is a horrible trap! Thank you.

CONSIDER THIS:- It is 10 cents for a 30-second ad. 20 cents for 1 minute of your life. Five minutes is $1. $12 an hour for watching ‘ads’. $288 for a 24-hour period. Does this really sound like anyone is going to pay you that much for ‘watching’ ‘ads’? It is all wrong.

They‘, however, are making money from you! And, they do not pay out – ever. No one from this website or all the other websites reviewed, has ever been paid a ‘single-penny‘. That is how ‘tight‘ these scammers are.


How the Scam is Executed.

Briefly, you sign up. You watch ads. You make fake money. Instructions will be given you, should you want to make even more – ‘fake’ – money, to drive traffic to their site. This traffic, if converted in to referrals, will net you a huge 50% commissions. It ain’t real though, just numbers on a screen, to keep you going on.

Once you hit the minimum with drawl amount, which is $150, you can ‘request’ it, whereupon one receives a message something akin to the Twilight Zone – (look it up millennials, lol). It is bizarre and does not even attempt to make sense. Home Page description clearly states you may request your money, with in one hour, it will be in your account. The ‘message’ says it will take Tow Months to process your payment.

To avoid waiting so long you can buy these referrals to qualify for your own money! Or, you can make them manually. Either way YOU WILL GET LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT Without PAYMENT AND NO RECOURSE TO GET IT! I hope that is clear enough.



Bitdefender 2019 728x90




Final Thoughts.

I guess that was a pretty damning take on OlyMoney! It is just another scam site and they will never pay you. Members generate some income from their work on this site. That revenue is not shared but only kept by the founder. These sites have been infecting the online world since 2014 and the best that can be done is just to expose them. They can’t be identified and so owner can’t be exposed to shut it all down. IP addresses are dotted in UK, Russian, Germany, Canada, USA etc. It appears it is a global scam network that releases many copies routinely ever few weeks. I check daily for new ones to help alert as many as possible, before, they sign up.


I would love to hear from you! Have your own say on anything I have written here. Were you scammed by OlyMoney or anywhere else online or have advice for others to help them?  You are invited to go a head and that in the comments section. Rest assured I always respond to comments. 

Before you depart, and for those needing to make some money online, then why not sign up below? It is free to start and you have no obligation to stay. Good luck!.

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2 thoughts on “What Is OlyMoney.Site – Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam?

  1. Lorelee Watsonhoke

    Systemmswv2.pw is another scam opportunity. Presented to you through an “Amazon” rep.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Lerelee,

      I checked that website and it appears to be gone. Thanks for reporting them though.

      Much appreciated – Philip (Scam Witness).


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