What Is NowDuty.com? Is NowDuty.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!

By | December 16, 2017

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Complete Details for What Is NowDuty.com.

Thinking about signing up to NowDuty.com but need to know What Is NowDuty.com first, is NowDuty a scam or is Now Duty a legit and safe way to make money online?. The owner of NowDuty has thousands of other sites online that get routine complaints of no payments and with members being locked out of their accounts just for applying for their earnings, it is easy to call NowDuty a total scam! They operate a round the clock to get traffic sent to them for free via your affiliate links. Do not fall for this one. I am putting them into my SCAM SITES menu section!

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I will now show you What Is NowDuty.com.

NowDuty.com got registered on the 21/3/2017 without a founders name inserted into WHOIS details site. The website registration address is fake and a common one employed by online scam sites. The email is also hidden as well. The only reason information like this is hidden is so to avoid the detection of the authorities who would invariably should them down in a heart beat if such details were made available.

Landing on NowDuty’s Home Page you are presented with two options of either logging in or registering. There is not other interaction than that. THAT IS suspicious in itself. Once you sign up for free you are advised to share your uniquely numbered affiliate link to all know social media online outlets such as Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums etc. Should you own your own website then you may wish to write an article about them and leave your affiliate link therein. THAT is the best way to make sales online, however, if you are doing this Google will know and will not endorse you for long for promoting a scam site.

You are welcome to have a look at my review of bestcashjob, another one belonging to the owner(s) of NowDuty, that lists the online scams they operate I have found to date. Bestcash and dollarclass are two others I have not listed there but do belong to the same people. The website templates do change at times but they are the same people.


What Is NowDuty.com


How Does NowDuty Scam People.

The minimum payout is $150 and some of their sites put that at $300. It is either one as I did not sign up as I do not want my details sold onto third parties for a profit. That is what they do. They also download malware to your device to try to steal your personal data which is something I do not want to expose myself to. Once was enough for me with one of their sites and I got inundated with spam mails!!

The scam is initiated when you put in your application to acquire your pay. They pay out monthly but no one has ever received such monies. Any and all payment proofs are forgeries and not legitimate. When they receive your request they require you to take further steps such as filling out a survey, upgrading your account etc. I have noted that it is sometimes more than one offer or survey they want you to complete, problem is, you are financially charged for this, and this is how they make money from you and your referrals! If it was an ‘offer’ please contact your bank and they will advise as to how to stop any payments from being defrauded out of your account.

NowDuty.com exists just to receive FREE TRAFFIC from people whom are hopeful of getting paid for promoting their site. The usual pay they offer is $5 for everyone that clicks on your link and visits their site. You also make $10 per successful referal, but again, its not real. $5 can get an advertiser 100s of clicks and so why would anyone pay $5 for one click – just does not add up!

I have left links above that gives even more details to their online scams and comes with much proof. I have detailed it so many times that I don’t even have to do so much research into them anymore. I certainly hope you are reading my article before signing up with NowDuty and not now learning they are an illegal online operation. Should my article have helped you stay clear of this scam then I would love to hear from you in the comment box below detailing as such.







I am always happy to hear from you! Have you got an opinion on what I have written here, whether you agree with me or not, then you are very welcome to have your say :-). I welcome all comments and I always respond as well. Did you sing up just to find out you got scammed? You are welcome to help warn others so they can avoid this same unpleasant situation. Coupled with all my reviews from these same scammers I am happy that there is plenty of information on What Is NowDuty.com to keep people away from them. I thank you for reading my article and I hope you share this knowledge to help stop others from these online scams. Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Stay safe online! CHEERS!


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