EziMoneys.xyz Review – Is ‘EziMoney’ Scam or Legit Job?

By | November 13, 2019

EziMoney. xyz Exposed as a Fake Work from Home Job Offer.

Online Work From Home Scam Sites List of 2019 / 2020 is where we have placed Ezimoney. xyz in! They are a fraud, and the founders behind sites like EziMoney, have never paid out not one cent to a single person ever. There are many of their fake sites, see our list, and so please be careful of  and so on. There are far too many to list them all here!


While you already know they aren’t any good the rest of this article will clearly detail why. Those who want a real online financial future can read our Wealthy Affiliate article >HERE<.


Number 1 Recommendation

#1 Recommendation!




EziMoney. xyz is not ‘Easy Money’  – its a lie and Here is Why.


do not login into www.ezimoney. xyz!



So now you know that EziMoney. xyz is not legit what are you going to do now? That was my thoughts when I first encountered an opportunity to do what I do now by owning my own website and produce every word for cash. Those interested are welcome to read our articles above or CLICK HERE to find out more.

Of course whenever the site name you see in the Google Searches is different on a website, you can take this a very reliable clue you are dealing with a dishonest work from home opportunity. What you find in Google and the name of the website should always be the same. Another thing the owners do is just shut down such sites when they can’t maintain a good enough online rep. But, they simply copy and paste their coding and they have as many as they like.


Of late, the owners have created many new versions of the same fraud
and are doing very well for traffic indeed. Once again, please refer
to our list start of this article.

How It Works.

  • Free to sign up you can make money by either watching ads or making referrals. 50% profit is made in commission from all of your referrals works. They are a Paid Advertisement Website and they offer ten cents for every viewed ad.
  • Unfortunately, that is just to entice new members to work for one whole month to get that minimum payout level. That is $300 and really it should be set at only $100! Monies are seemingly credited to your account in real time and this further encourages people to view more ads.
  • All payment figures to their members are always the same and those figures are never paid out to anyone. Nearly $500 for one day of viewing ads and really how does anyone believe you can make that much money for such easy work? But, unfortunately, people are falling for their scam offers all the time 🙂 .
  • Upon with drawing your cash you will be told you have to make 40 new members to them first! You can do this manually be leaving your links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, sites like mine etc. This is known as spamming and now they are actively persuading people to break the law. Here is a great article on Spamming from Wikipedia for those a little unsure of what it is. Will open in a new tab.
  • They may try to get your do a survey, join a third party website offer or even upgrade to unleash your earnings. One man said he did a survey and the page forever just refreshed to do another one! Sometimes they will ask you to pay money to do these little tasks, which of course, you certainly should not. Their members are being scammed as it is without giving them your cash as well.
  • For every ad that members view then the website will make a bit of commissions. Those commissions certainly ad up when you are talking about the same operation being perpetrated 1000’s of times over.
  • No even one single penny has been paid out to anyone – my research shows no payments – and I have been tracking these scammers for nine months now!
  • The ‘crazy‘ begins when you are seeking your money. They say you will be paid in full within one hour. Then they try to sell you those 40 referrals for $14 or tell you got to wait three months as they process your money.
  • It does not take anyone 3 months to pay another human being. Anyways, should you pay them some money for those fake referrals, pay to do a survey, join an offer etc you will still not see a penny.
  • Those earnings were always fake and they never had any intention in paying you. You will no longer have access to your account with them because ‘SUPPORT’ will change your password.
  • To make things even worse, they are a harvesting site! They download some kind of malware to hunt for your passwords. I certainly never advise to save your passwords on your device because its just too easy for scammers to find.
  • So, your emails, names, phone numbers, bank details and pretty much anything they can find about you is put onto a list.
  • This list is sent to the Deep Webs where they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now they are making a personal profit from having all those members details as well.
  • Be sure to watch out for any website that looks like OnMoney because they are all the same people. You will even notice, should you have compared some of their sites, that the wording is EXACTLY THE SAME on all of their sites. Ultimately, no one gets paid!




Final Thoughts.

So you see the above, including our full list of these scam sites, can be viewed for the scams they are. You can never get paid. There is no way to cash out. Martin Wood may try to trick you into paying twice! They have thousands of sites and they are all corrupt! Please report any sites you know to be fraudulent below.



Report Scams to US!



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2 thoughts on “EziMoneys.xyz Review – Is ‘EziMoney’ Scam or Legit Job?

  1. Haymanot Aboret

    OnMoney. pw – “is an effective solution for earning on viewing advertising websites!:

    this site sent me to use it. but it is not. I think it is fake.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Haymanot,

      Yes, OnMony PW is a scam site. Any site that looks like OnMoney is all the same scam network and should never be trusted. Than you very much for reporting them here in this forum to help warn others. There are good ways to earn online so just ask if you are interested.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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