What Is Next Day Diplomas – Is Next Day Diplomas Scam or Legit Site?

By | October 25, 2018

What Is Next Day Diplomas And Are They Honest Or Run By Cyber-Crooks?

Recently this website ran across a large list of online fake diploma websites that did not send out a product after payment. In truth, What Is Next Day Diplomas (www.nextdaydiplomas.com)? Is Next Day Diplomas fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is NextDayDiplomas genuine, real, legit, honest, good and actually delivers you your ordered fake Diplomas, GED’s, transcripts, College and University certificates? They are saying they deliver an International Service for any education institute in the world for these Novelty Certificates. However, some are misunderstanding the sites intention as they appear to be using them for real world purposes such as jobs etc. Do be aware that these, as said twice now, are NOVELTY CERTIFICATES! Of course, that all depends if they are good or not – in which case it does not matter.

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What Is Next Day Diplomas (www.nextdaydiplomas.com – Fraudulent or Trustworthy – Should You Really Order From Them?

So far we know the answer, in short, to What Is Next Day Diplomas. Their website appears to offer a service of printing you out a high quality certificate for any educational institute in the world. They are primarily advertising the prints of these fake certs for GED’s, Diplomas, University and College certs. My first thought is:- Is That Even Legal? Well, as mentioned again, they are ‘NOVELTY CERTS’. I repeat this, because too many times I have seen comments people asking about these certs for jobs and citizenship! OK – lets begin to find out if Next Day Diplomas is a scam site or not.

There are a number of steps we can take. First we begin to find out who the owner is, real world address and contact support information. Where these details are missing then we can say that a deliberate cover up is in operation. Reasons why some sites will cover up info like this is so they can run off with all the profits when it is obvious they are an online scam site to everyone.


Next Day Diplomas Site



Their website was created 2006/06/19 and expires 2025 same date. So, it is good they are registered online for a significant period of time. Scam sites will only register for 1 or two years. This is clearly not the case with their website. 

Their Address is 14455 N Hayden Road. Unfortunately, ‘Hayden Road’ is part of addresses I see scammers use very often. I am suspecting that is the WHOIS address provided by their hosting company. The Founder Name is not listed and really that is just disappointing to see. I know there are legit founders online that just don’t want to have a real address with their names so they are not spammed with letters all the time. There is no email address listed when their site was registered. So, that is again probably because they just don’t want to get spammed. However, usually it is a sign of a scam site. For now, I don’t see it that way with Next Day Diplomas right now. Let us see what else we can find out.

OK, regardin their online Identity of the owner(s) I checked on their website. There is  no info concerning this. They are starting to look like they have intentionally hidden their online identity. I Googled even the founder name of their site and got a return of a complaint on RippOffReport. So, regarding that website, even good and trusted sites get those reports. No matter how good a business is there is always someone complaining about something. However, on the flip side, that is a great website to find reports on sites online that are either full blown scams or as mentioned the odd complaint on good companies.




Their Service and is this even Legal?

You really need to consult a lawyer on the legality of their site. It seems that is OK to hold a fake cert from an educational institute, but then, sometimes it is not given the situation. Seems a little hazy to me and really you need to do further research on this. However, paying someone online who we don’t know for documents that could land you a job hardly seems legit.

They are delivering internationally and they provide NOVELTY CERTIFICATES. I know I already said, but that implies to me that they are not for real world use. If you so decide to use them in that fashion then their website may not be legally responsible for what you do with that cert. 

They deliver the following certs:-



College Certs.

University Certs all delivered to your home address.

But The Real Question:- Do They Deliver Your Cert After Payment?

YES! It seems they do deliver on their promise. While I am very bemused that people want fake certs, instead of just sitting their exams like normal peeps, there are substantial positive reports of them online that are happy with the service provided.


Rating Score Online



As we can see that is a lot of positive reviews and so we can say they are delivering on their promise once you pay.






This Program Is Legit!


What Has Been Your Experience With NextDayDiplomas?






Final Thoughts.

I would like to say a few things regarding their site and the rating of LEGIT above. Per their site they deliver internationally novelty certs. Now, what others do with those certs I don’t see how they can be liable. However, I am not a lawyer and so anyone with info on this aspect are most welcome to explain this to everyone below. SO, they are legit in that they do deliver those certs. But also, I am concerned that this kind of service is allowing people to apply for jobs when they don’t have the real education needed to do the job. Point in case there was a comment of a man who got a fake cert (not from the site being discussed) and he landed a job as a Prison Officer. Is it me or is that seriously fraudulent?! Another man needed to get a Diploma Cert so he could enter the States – again, is that not fraudulent? For me, this site was a tricky one to review and I do hope it has answered some your questions. If not, you can ask below in the comments where myself or someone else will answer you. Or you may continue your research and seek others opinions. It is always best to get more than one sites viewpoint on any offer online and never take just one opinion as the final answer.

Do you have questions on What Is Next Day Diplomas? Those that have any concerns, questions, stories etc on www.nextdaydipomas.com are welcome to land them in the comments below. There are many fake diploma sites online that do not deliver the product after payment, but as we can see, their site was not on that list. Don’t forget, those that need to learn how to make a part-time or full-time income online from home, may want to check out my #1 Recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate. I started with them not so long ago and I am still very impressed how they have helped me grow this website. They are honest and do an excellent online reputation. They are free to join but also they do have Premium Options. No pressure to upgrade and your online financial success is determined by how much work you put in on your own website. That is all for now guys and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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2 thoughts on “What Is Next Day Diplomas – Is Next Day Diplomas Scam or Legit Site?

  1. Niles Ajax

    so far I would say “scam” based on representations to send product and proof after payment and their failure to come through. 14 days despite promises yet no product sounds like fraud

    I will be posting warnings at my consumer watchdog blog 1.2 million members strong. operate as a consumer advocate

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Niles,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Next Day Diplomas. I really appreciate your comment on this article as well. All shares of this article will go a long way to help expose their operations and in supporting my blog – much appreciated Niles 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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