What Is NeoDollar? Is NeoDollar a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 4, 2017

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Need to Know What Is NeoDollar Before You Join?

Should you be looking for reviews into What Is NeoDollar, is NeoDollar a scam, If Neo Dollar is safe and real then you have landed on the right review as I do reviews into suspicious sites. First off, they do not pay out to anyone. Even on their home page you can clearly see they have paid out $00.00 to its 4,322 members. That is not right. This is nothing but nothing more than scummy fraud site that gets paid for all of your work but gives you nothing. They can terminate your account for little to no good reason. I do not endorse it as I have caught wind it is one of many non-legitimate sites that have the same owner!

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Let us now continue with our review in to NeoDollar to find out why I do not endorse it.



Knowing What Is NeoDollar Will Stop You From Being Scammed.

NeoDollar is a PTC (Paid To Click) Advertisement Site. They connect you to other advertisers. When this happens the website will get a commission for all of your work. The work includes (typically – depending on the site visited) clicking on ads, doing surveys and generally completing easy online menial tasks.

They say they will pay you $1 per click, which is, financially impossible and no website in the History of the Net has paid out so high money for easy work. Let us suppose I gave any social media platform $5 I could get nearly 1000 ‘clicks’. So why the heck would any pay $1 for JUST ONE ‘CLICK’. Now you can see, even at this early stage of this review, that the payment promise is fake.

Any payment proofs are not real as they are either manufactured or, in some cases, are real but only to convince new comers to join. In either case, if they do make some payments it is only to convince everyone else they are ‘legit’. They, of be, are not. No Founder Details can be located and address details are FAKE! I know this for a FACT as it says it is from PANAMA and the PO BOX is EXACTLY the same as dozens and dozens of other scam sites I have exposed!! I find it amazing many scammers can just place the EXACT SAME ADDRESS FOR DIFFERENT SITES!! Go Figure.


Investigation into NeoDollar.


You may request your money at a mere $5000!

I once spent nearly 3 hours doing surveys just to see how much money one would have after such a long period. Afterwards, not only was I absolutely mentally exhausted, I recall I got just over $1!! $1 for all that time as I got disqualified due to impossible to qualify for demographics. I was too old, too young, living in the wrong country, living in the wrong count and the list continues for all the ways survey sites can disqualify you!

My point is this:- Even so called ‘legit’ PTC, Survey Sites and GPT Sites takes a terribly LONG TIME to earn ANYTHING! TO make $5000 on Neo Dollar would probably take years. If or when you reach that target just know, by one way or another, you get be locked out of your account. Some of these fake ad sites will even make you pay money to do additionally work before you can get your money. When you do they will throw you away. Perhaps you don’t – you still get kicked out!!

Perhaps you don’t believe me then spend a few minutes and hunt across the net for all the complaints on the sites under review. There are so many complaining of NO PAY!! DON’T SIGN UP TO THEM!!
Should your account be in-active for 30 days then they take away all of your money and everything is reset to ZERO! That is disgusting and is theft!

They say, in their fake TERMS AND CONDITIONS, that the value of your money earned is only ESTIMATED, and does not accurately, or may not accurately, represent the ACTUAL MONEY THEY WILL PAY OUT!!! LOL – TOTAL SCAM GUYS! SO 5K could be 5 cents. It does not matter anyways, as I already said, it is nothing but a scam site and no one gets paid.


I can show you how to make money online but that is of course up to you to inquire further. I sincerely hope I have at least helped you avoid this awful scam. One would appreciate a comment if this is the case as it gives me a ‘happy-feeling’ knowing I have helped someone stay safe online. Thank you kindly.







Neo Dollar has been online since 22/2/2017. This is the only true information I could find out about it, barring of course, they are a scam! Please keep in mind that any site that offers more than $00.01 per click is nothing short of a fake phishing fraud site. ‘Neo’ looks impressively professional, however, if you look closely at the bottom of their home page, you will clearly see they have paid no one as it is set to ‘$00.00’. I do not think that is an error but a clever admission, just in case they get caught and taken to court, so they can say that people should not have expected pay and was only for ‘entertainment purposes’  – or some get out of jail nonsense!

Understandably, this can not be endorsed!!




I would love to hear from you! This is the part where you can a chance to help warn others about the website under review. Were you scammed by them? Impossibly, did you actually make some money with them? one would love to hear from you and you can leave your comments in the box below. Perhaps you are not sure about something online then you can always ask me in the comment box below. I am more than happy you now know What Is NeoDollar and I’m sure you won’t go there! All shares are deeply appreciated as it helps my site grow. Please come back soon as I post every day and several times at that. You are welcome to Subscribe to my Websites Free Newsletter that will help you stay clear of scammers online. All the best everyone and stay safe online. CHEERS!

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