What Is NairaFund.net? Can You Make Money with NairaFund.net?

By | January 1, 2018

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What Is NairaFund.net and are the Con’s Too Risky.

Have you read what they say on NairaFund.net and asked yourself what is NairaFund.net, is NairaFund a scam blowing altruistic smoke screen or are they legit and completely safe? I have good news and some bad news and I ultimately can not recommend them. Some will make money with NairaFund but many will LOSE this LAZY MANS GAME way of earning money online. Naira Fund Net aims to prep up the poor with almost hate like speech about the rich! This is a clear tactic to tap into the sense of inequality and unfairness in this World regarding money. Alas my friends, they are not legally obliged to ensure YOU make any money and all donations are at your own risk! RISKY.

I have just completely answered your question in one paragraph, however, should you want more details please keep on reading. The online world possesses many legit opportunities, and after many years of being scammed myself, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. After my investigation I did a review of WA, which you can read >HERE< or sign up >HERE< for free. I have never looked back 🙂 .



What Is NairaFund.Net and Why Many Will Lose.

Many whom joined NairaFund.Net will do so on the understanding it is a risk. GOT IT! So, no one needs to alert me of this. But, there are many who will join and not read all the information freely supplied by NairaFund. I have to say, they are very transparent in their Legal Section and Ideaology Section. Naira Fund is not a Bank but a person to person money ‘gifting scheme‘, or as they call them, ‘donations’. These donations, once given freely, will be returned to you with extra cash thus making a nice profit. However, Naira Fund says it is not their responsibility if you do not be gifted any money back by another member and you par-take in their site knowing the risks. They Assume Much for Some!


What is nairafund.net in my review.

Not Recommended!


I will detail why many will lose, but first, let us find out who the creators are. They have an address on WHOIS from the USA. But, their Official Facebook Page states they are from Port Harbour, Nigeria. Why the lack of details in WHOIS but have it on FB? Anyways, that is never a good sign and usually a sign of concern. The registration date of NairaFund was in January 2017 and the expiration date is the same time in 2018!! Looks like they are shutting down soon so you should just leave it alone. The reason why some sites only register for one year is because they do not intend on sticking around to pay the many members they will recruit. For when new members stop coming in, they run out of money to pay older members, and so run with all the remaining cash. Please do not fall for their fake ideological brain washing tactics!! They pull too many heart strings to be sincere and true.

They are a Ponzi Scheme and a Pyramid with no way of knowing if you will ever get any money for your own kind cash donations. The writer on their site will say that you deserve to be gifted money as well but they do not guarantee this. Should you have joined them when first started then you will have made good money by now. However, should you have been late in joining it is more than possible you will lose money. When they shut down, due to low new sign ups, they will just redirect all cash gifting to themselves and shut up the shop for good. This will leave many new sign ups out-of-pocket permanently.

A Glaring Warning Sign that the creators are scammers I found on their Official FB page. They were praising the “GREAT MAVRODI!!” Do you know who that man is? He ran a Ponzi Scheme in Russia and stole 100’s of millions from the economy to a point people committed suicide and some threatened to set themselves on fire when the whole show collapsed. Go ahead and Google MMM Nigeria. Now there is NNN Nigeria, whom Mavrodi is now running, as another Ponzi Scheme. Mavrodi spent four years in jail in Russia for what he did!! I do NOT recommend you go anywhere near NairaFund!





They may still be paying out, however, such schemes pay selectively, and pocket the rest. As above, in their legal section, they have given themselves permissions for you not earn a dime! They express that you understand everything and agree that you may not make any money! NO! NO! That is NOT the way to do online business and I am actually astonished at their honesty = fair play I guess. They said everything else other than directly saying “Hello, we are a scam site“! STAY AWAY if you are considering joining – the risk is yours to take though.





Everyone is welcome to chime on in and have your say! There are going to be a number of people who did get paid, it is understood, and need not to be a sore point. However, many of people who do get scammed by such schemes need to be heard to expose them. You may leave your own experience below to help further inform others. Persistent rudeness will not be approved, so, if you are here to insult then don’t waste your time. I have not gone into the nitty gritty per work details, they have done a fine job on that themselves, but just answered What Is NairaFund.Net to help warn people online. Good luck guys and please report suspicious sites here. Looking forward to all of your comments. Take care. 🙂 . > #1 WORK FROM RECOMMENDATION!


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