What Is Naira Payout? Is Naira Payout a Scam or Legit?

By | January 11, 2018

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What Is Naira Payout and Why I Can Not Endorse this Illegal Website.

Googling What Is Naira Payout, or naira-payout.com, or asking is Naira Payout a fraudulent scam or real and legit? I do not promote NairaPayout because they promise 100% ROI per initial investment and no Industry online is that prosperous. Ultimately, they are a ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme that pay old members from new sign ups money. ILLEGAL! Why? For when new members stop coming, the last wave of people to join, will not be paid! This is bad because the last wave of people be always the biggest amount to lose their money. Early members will be OK and should earn well enough. Creator of such schemes tend to be able to buy cars and houses from just one successful online scam as this! SCAM! Stay away.


I will detail below the following:-

  • The Work.
  • The Level of Investment and ROI.
  • Why it is a Ponzi/Pyramid and a Cash Gifting Scheme – all illegal.
  • Scam Signs to watch out for anywhere else.
  • Scam Rating.
  • Have Your Say!


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What Is Naira Payout (naira-payout.com) Fully Detailed.

Before we get into answering what is Naira Payout I always have a look to see if I can Owner Details. They were registered on 11-2-17 and set to expire 2018-17-2! This is bad news as it already tells me they have no intention of sticking around. DO NOT INVEST NOW! Late comers to these schemes nearly always lose their investment/donation. No name aligned to website, fake address and the usual no email contact. All signs of deception from the outset!

The Work:-

They run a Referral Program but there is no Referral Bonus – very unusual. It is a Matrix set up (Multi Level Marketing, or, MLM – very similar to a Pyramid Scheme) at a 2 X 1. You join and pay the minimum amount of ₦10,000 to your referrer, or, your up line first. This is your ‘entry fee’.


Image of Scam Website Naira Payout.


Now you refer Two Others whom pay you ₦10,000 each (₦20,000). Naira promises to give you 100% bonus in the first 7 days of joining their site with a profit of 1000%! THAT’S IT! Review over lol. SCAMMERS! No one can pay this out without ripping off other people if it were real. Too Good To Be True? Yes, yes it is. Some lucky few new members may actually earn this but always at the huge expense of the masses that follow.

The above is Level 1 Package. Level 2 Package wants ₦20,000. Level 3 want ₦50,000 and Level 4 wants ₦100,000! Level 5 requires ₦200,000 to join!! Members basically just GIVE that kind of monies to other members once they sign up. Unfortunately, sites that run such schemes, are known for making tons of Fake Member Accounts and accepting those monies. This means, in essence, the Founder of the site is receiving most of the cash, ergo, a pyramid scheme – when most or all the money goes upwards.

They say you can grow your money by 100% within 2 to 14 days of initial investment/donation. This is a Peer to Peer illegal gathering and activities being performed to manipulate money out of most of its members. Please leave such complaints below in the comment box if you have not received any monies in return for your ‘donation’. People just ‘GIFT’ this money to each other in the hopes of doubling what they just gave away – that is all there is to this.



Signs of a Scam!

I will now cast my eye on their website to seek out all those clues that tell me, that they are indeed, a real online scam. See below:-

Sign 1 of a Scam is when they say you can get ROI! No legit online business can sustain running at a loss all the time. They are clearly operating on an unstable and illegal business model that their own collapse is inevitable.

Sign 2 of a Scam is how expensive it is to take part, and, comes with many nasty up sales.

Sign 3 of a Scam! There is no Central Account to accept member payments and pay members. All payments are made from ‘me’ to ‘you’. This tells me there is no Monetary Controlling Authority at the helm, thus, opening the way to fraud.

Sign of a Scam 4. They have grammatical and misspellings all over their website. Common for sites like this to exhibit this sign in particular.

Sign of a Scam 5. Notable absence of a Privacy Policy Section = very poor.

Sign of a Scam 6. Uses MLM (can be called a Matrix System as well – same thing). Though MLM is not currently illegal, they do run similarly to a pyramid.

Sign 7 of a Scam!! No Forum! Online Scams may not have a forum so to ‘mute’ member complaints so no new people can see what is going on behind the scenes.

Sign 8 of a Scam!!! They want your Mobile Number! Never Give out Your Mobile Number to ANYONE ONLINE YOU DO NOT KNOW TO JOIN!!

Sign 9 of a Scam!!!! They want your BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS! See advice just above.

Sign 10 of a Scam. !. Their ‘How We Operate’ menu button does nothing and is the same as their Home Page. If it is Peer 2 PeerWHY DO THEY NEED YOUR BANK DETAILS!!? PHISHING SITE! Surely,the person giving you the cash from their account can get yours privately. This tells me that the money IS actually going into ONE CENTRALIZED ACCOUNT WITH NAIRA!!! What other use would they have to ask for such details? I am sure someone may attempt to ‘garble’/’choke up’ an answer for this. Let me know why in the comment box below – Thank You 🙂 .


*You can apply any of those scam signs to any site in your own research in time.








Did I get something wrong about these guys? You are welcome to correct me below in the comment box. Do you know why they need your bank details especially when it is meant to be peer 2 peer donation community? I would be ecstatic to hear a logical reason for this below. I hope to have supplied enough info on What Is Naira Payout and hope you choose not to join them. Of course, that is your choice, but they are closing soon anyways, so I would not waste my time. Thank you for reading my post and all shares are welcome. Please see below for from #1 Work From Recommendation!



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