What Is Naira Lift? Is Naira Lift a Scam or Legit!?

By | January 11, 2018

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What Is Naira Lift (nairalift.com) and Why 200% ROI is ASKING for Trouble!

Need an answer to What Is Naira Lift, asking if Naira Lift is a fraud/scam or if NairaLift.com is legit and real? Well, Nairalift is a Peer to Peer Cash Gifting/Donation, Investment, Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme that runs at 100% debt 247! A member invests/donates and is meant to receive double that back. The money has to come from new sign ups (ponzi scheme) to pay the up line (referrer). When sign ups dry up – the newest members, which is the greatest numbers of members – will lose initial investment. The longer the website online the more selective payments become, meaning, many loyal members may not see any returns. The money will flow mainly to Tier 1 Members (first participants) and the founder. Because of their business setup, and being illegal, they have to be classified as a SCAM! Stay clear.

So, you see, I do not like to bury the answer in my posts 1K words down page. Now, you already have the knowledge that they are a scam. YES! Some will economically advance – make a profit! Most, well, they will lose like 90% of such participants do. But the good news is I do know one online job that will never rip you off. They are called Wealthy Affiliate. For full details to set up your own online business please read >HERE<. You can sign up >HERE< to have a look for yourself.





What Is Naira Lift and Why so many falls victim to it?

I shall further explain what is Naira Lift and why so many falls for schemes such as nairalift.com. I will also detail the work, pay, entry level fee’s/ROI and why they are a Pyramid Scheme as well.

First off I want to find out who owns this illegal online operation called NairaLift. ICANN ID details for the site are hidden! No name for owner, fake address which I have seen by too many scam sites by now, and the email is not available to view! Classic and reliable signs of deception. Why would you hide your online ID regarding our site if your intentions were good? They registered online 9-2/2017 and set to shut down on the same time 2018. No point joining up now anyways. Point of Note:- Email on their site is nairalift@gmail.com should you need to file a no payment complaint.


Image taken from Naira Lift website.


Let us now have a look at the work and the pay.

You refer two people and each one pays you ₦3000 a piece (₦6000) doubling your initial investment. Before that can happen you must pay ₦3000 to your up line as When you receive money then you repeat the same process continuously. That is all the work and pay they have detailed on their Home Page. The money is directly transferred from one victim (member) to another. There is no One Naira Lift Account where such monies are sent to and are paid out from. However, since the transactions are done via their site, and when the time comes to shut down due to low to no new members, are payments will point to owner(s) – who will run with most of the cash. The ‘POT’ could be astronomical!!

Please take a look in the comments section of my post another website called MLC247. There you will see the devastation people report when a site like NairaLift collapses. Below I will now detail why their actual website, per their own words and work, is a ‘STAND A LONE STAND OUT SCAM SITE’ anyways.



Signs of an Online Scam Website!

I will show you the signs to view on their site that can be applied to any scam site online:-

Sign 1 of a Scam is spelling errors. That is very common with scam websites. No professional site will misspell keywords on their site to such an extent as theirs.

Sign 2 of a Scam is they operate a Matrix. This is another word for MLM (Multi Level Marketing), and though not illegal just yet, many say it is the same as a pyramid scheme (which is illegal).

Sign 3 of a Scam is they offer back 200% returns. So, you pay in and get that back plus its double. No! No online business is that ‘legit’ to be able to do this and stay out of debt and online for any real level of time. We are seeing ‘SCAMMER SPEAK’ taking place here. Some will see those profits but most will not.

Sign 4 of a Scam is they have contradictory statements. Below on home page they say they will always be around. On the fancy slideshow above they say they “Must have a glorious ending!”. What does that tell you?

Sign 5 of a Scam! No privacy policy page. You can find mine when you hover your cursor over the Home Menu Button above. It is near pointless to have one, but, Google does look for it. No legit online business is ever without one.

Sign 6 of a Scam! No Forum!! Online Scam websites will not usually allow a forum in case it is flooded with member complaints. Should they have one, then usually, there is no activity, or, activity is limited to ÁDMIN and one or two others. Not good.

Sign 7 of a Scam!! Website at Naira is packed full of generic statements and humanitarian loving nonsense. ‘SCAMMER SPEAK’ at its finest (#scammerspeak).

Sign 8 of a Scam!! Their ‘CONTACT US’ menu button is BOGUS! They say they want you to contact them via their email with your name and your phone number! No, do not give them your phone number. Looks like a phishing exercise to me.

Signs 9, 10, 11 of a Scam! No Disclaimer. No FAQs. No TOS!

So why do so many falls victim such schemes? Well, many people know they really can make money with ponzi/pyramid schemes if they are the first wave in. However, there is not a way, I know of anyways, of knowing REAL MEMBERSHIP numbers when you first join (as scam sites like to lie about such numbers) and so many only hope to receive money by hoping they are one of the first lot of members. That is all. And, of course, if you are the first lot in then you stand to make serious cash online.

Need I SAY MORE? Have I got them all wrong? You are welcome to let me know in the comment box below – Thank You 🙂 .







Do you have experience with site I have written about? Did you get paid or not? Please let my readers and myself know below so we can gauge accurately was has gone on here. I have never signed up to them and so sourced my data online and from my own knowledge of identifying scams online. What Is Naira Lift I believe has now been answered, and should still wish to sign up to them, well – GOOD LUCK! I look forward to all of your comments and suggest you sign up t my websites newsletter to be kept in the loop regarding online scams. For now, I wish you all well, and take care. 🙂 .


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2 thoughts on “What Is Naira Lift? Is Naira Lift a Scam or Legit!?

  1. Scam Detector Post author

    Hi Mathew Owen,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and yes I know it is difficult to find a real online opportunity. This is why I only promote Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 recommendation, though, they are other fine opportunities online as well – just not as good as WA.

    I am delighted you have book marked my website as I post daily and hope to be of great use to as time goes by.

    Unfortunately, I get many comments to my site of people who have been ripped by many sites.One site in particular, which is now gone, was MLC247. They ran off with all the profits and set up as MLC247 along with other sites listed in my What Is MLC247, which, you can find here http://scamdetector.siterubix.com/what-is-mymlc247-com-a-call-to-all-mlc-members .

    Thank you for popping by and for you comment.

    I hope to see you again soon and take care for now Mathew.



  2. Matthew Owen

    It baffles me how websites like this can get sign-ups in the first place with all the problems that you have pointed out in this post about Naira Lift. I haven’t heard of them myself, I was just looking for ways to make money online so I thought that I would look to see what to avoid and put them on a list so I don’t fall for their scams as I have done so many times before.
    You seem to know a lot about what is a scam online and what is not so I have bookmarked your website instead of having to search myself. Keep up the great work of warning everybody about the online scams because every single day somebody does fall for them and these scam websites could possibly ruin lives.
    Great job man!


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