What Is Naira Guru? Is Naira Guru a Scam or Legit? Ponzi Alert!

By | January 11, 2018

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What Is Naira Guru (nairaguru.com) and Can We Make Money with Them!

Spotted NairaGuru.com and asking What Is Naira Guru, is Naira Guru a fraud and a scam or is NairaGuru safe and legit? NairaGuru is a Peer to Peer (‘SCAMMER SPEAK’ FOR CASH GIFTING) where members donate money to each other without guarantee of returns! Some know the risks while others do not. Typical with Ponzi Schemes/Pyramid Schemes stemming from Nigeria, as the site name implies, is riddled with almost evangelical statements to win the trust of their future victims. They close down on the 7/2/2018. There may be connections to Naira Payout and Naira Lift, which both, close down their sites around the same time as NairaGuru and have similar names and scam operations. Given its illegal online business construct it is a Total SCAM! Only the first sign ups would have made some money – later ones literally have no hope of ROI!!

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What Is Naira Guru, What is the Work and How are they GETTING AWAY WITH THIS SCAM.

In our pursuit to answer what is Naira Guru it is best we do some research on them first. The founders is not listed online along with a protected contact email. Fake address supplied is typical of one supplied by other scam sites. All signs of deceit!

The Work is simple. The Investments are without guarantee of success! The work involves signing up for Free. Once in, their system automatically matches you to another member WHOM you must pay. Once you do, you will then in turn, have four people matched to you. They will pay you (hopefully). All monies will go into ONE CENTRAL ACCOUNT and paid out to you INSTANTLY! The word ‘INSTANTLY’ is a Hall Mark of a scam site and when one see’s it then you should be very cautious. Check out scamdetector .info for such clues as this one. The problem with this one central account is, they were only ever around for 1 year, and so when new sign ups stop coming – they can just cash out the entire bank and run off. They can’t be caught because NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE! It is all trust from the members point of view, and even, some members do not know their ROI is solely dependent on new members. It is a tricky one for some.


Image of Nairu Guru Website.


They are abundantly and ecclesiastically emphatic that there is NO product to be sold! Thanks Naira – because that is a classic tell tale sign of a PONZI SCHEME! HAHA – love when these guys make my life so easier to LAMBASTE ( :-  ) them for what they are. Additionally, no E-WALLET. Why don’t they say they don’t do burgers and fries with your membership? Meaningless statements is another sign of a scam.

Once YOU make a payment, donate/invest/cash gift/get ripped off, incredibly, you have to ASK the recipient to CONFIRM YOU. Oh, that word ‘CONFIRM’, I have seen that word in many Ponzi Schemes associated with complaints of NO CONFIRMS. Here is a sticky point where the founders get you! Should you not be confirmed, and you write to ‘support’ to correct the situation, many times they just ignore or ban your account. What may have happened here in such an instance is the Founder/Admin will have made a fake account (many multiples) and received your donation on behalf of themselves = this is known as a Pyramid Scheme for that reason i.e. when most or all the money goes to the hierarchy.

Terms and Conditions makes some Interesting reading as well. You be redirected to websites that they do not own. Really! OK, just do not give out your details to satisfy this websites desire to make commission on top of what they are going or have stolen from you. Terms has far too many generic statements and ultimately dryly repeats itself into meaninglessness. Another sign of a scam website.

The Fancy Java Scripted ‘Register’, ACTIVATE’ and ‘Start Earning’ buttons do not work. No professional website could tolerate and allow such obvious blunders as these. They do not disclose how much you must pay in to qualify to earn and how much you get back. A lack of data for work details is never a good sign as well. Below I will detail a short list of more SCAM SIGNS that Naira possesses on their site. You may apply such signs in your research. See below:-



Signs of a Scam Website!

  • Sign 1 of a Scam. Pretty ladies flashing hard core cash – synonymous with scam behavior.
  • Sign 2 of a Scam. Websites speaks in super altruistic ways – I call this ‘SCAMMER SPEAK’. #scammerspeak = use it – I am trying to make that hashtag go viral on Twitter 🙂 .
  • Sign 3 of a Scam. Sheer lack of any real data regarding work and pay.
  • Sign 4 of a Scam. TOS outdated actual website.
  • Sign 5 of a Scam. The only buttons that work is the JOIN, HOME AND LOGIN buttons. THEY THREATEN THAT IF YOU DON’T MAKE PAYMENTS IN 48 YOU ARE BANNED! Nice!
  • Sign 6 of a Scam. They ask for your Bank Name and Account Number – NEVER GIVE THESE OUT TO ANYONE YOU DON’T KNOW ONLINE! BIGGEST RULE EVER FOR ONLINE SECURITY!! Phishing Attempt. Such details will be sold on for a profit once they have scammed you.
  • Sign 7 of a Scam. WOW! On Sign Up Page you agree you have the SUM of 10000 to pay someone else in 48 hours. $27.76 if my converter is right. One can only assume that is in Naira Currency as it is just a number stated.



Below we shall see their very low rating and then you can rant and complain, or praise them, in the HAVE YOUR SAY section at bottom of page.









Are or were you a member of the site I reviewed? I would be honored to hear from you so to let others be better informed. It is worth mentioning that I did not sign up to them and sourced my data online, and from, my knowledge of recognizing online scams. Were paid and treated very well by them? Then, yes of course, we should hear from you as well. It is common for just over or less than 10% of ponzi/pyramid members to make exceptionally good profits. However, the reminder will lose everything. I have had reports on my site of people losing every penny that they had!! I am not kidding either. Refer to MLC247 post and MLC247 post to see such comments. I have given a full explanation to What Is Naira Guru and suggest strongly you stay far from them. Thank you for popping by and I am happily 🙂 and looking forward to your comments. Please share and subscribe to my site. All the best for now and take care. 🙂 .



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