What Is MypayMylife? Is MypayMylife.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 9, 2017

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What Is MypayMylife – Detailed Review!

Have you landed on MypayMylife.com site before and wondered What Is MyPayMylife to payout $500 from Day One and $1500 in the first week!? My Pay My Life is not legitimate and are a complete scam site of which the owner has other scam sites operating the same online fraud. MypayMylife says you can even earn “$1200 today” in their FAQ’s section bragging that many of their members earn $10,000+ Per Month! Unbelievable isn’t it? THAT’S because it is a Fake Site and not legit, real, safe or genuine. This is per other sources as well!

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What Is MypayMylife and Why it is Fraudulent.

MypayMylife.com has been online since 7/8/2017! Per WHOIS details, MypayMylife has no name for the site owner, a completely fake registration address with no email to contact for support when you realize they are lying to you. Very typical of online scams to hide their online identity this way. They could at least put a fake name and email for a better impression to try to ward off further suspicion! Such is their arrogance.

MypayMylife is a fake site and the fact is they do not pay out. A simple Google Search will reveal to you complaints of no pay so there is no point in me doing that here in this article. The work involved is two-fold. You Sign up for Free with a bonus of $25 for doing so. You are advised to share your affiliate link to all of your social media accounts and where ever else you can find space to spam. Each successful referral earns you $10.

The second way to earn money with MypayMylife is to do ‘TASKS’. Stay well away from these. It involves being redirected to other unknown sites such as surveys, signing up to offers, watching and sharing videos etc. The problem with surveys is that they take up your time and disqualify you more times than not without any compensation. Should you qualify then the money is to small for it to amount to more than $1/$2 per month!


What Is MyPayMyLife Reviews



Another problem with a site like MypayMylife is they redirect you to sites that require your personal details to sign up, leaving you, wide up to thousands of spam mails within days! Not Recommended. Should you want to risk it anyways I advise you use a junk email account. They do not care what site they send you to as many such sites will download malware to steal your passwords and many are phishing sites as well.

That is the work and pay covered.


I have not signed up to the site under review but the scam usually runs a little something like this. Once you hit the required minimum payout they will ask of you to fill out a survey, upgrade your account etc. You have to pay money to do this to release your earnings. However, it is not true they will pay you and you should not complete this final step. It is the final step because you will be locked out of your account for false reasons. It happens all the time!!


MypayMylife Scam Rating







This is the part you are very much welcome to chime right on in and have your say. I respond to all comments in good time so know you are not wasting your time leaving a comment here. Did you sign up to the site under review just to find they ripped you off? You may leave your experience, if you wish, in the comment box below to help warn others. I certainly hope I have offered more than enough data to help you understand What Is MypayMylife website. Looking forward to all of your comments and hope to see you soon. Remember, you can out my review below or sign up >HERE<. Stay safe from online scams everyone! CHEERS!!


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2 thoughts on “What Is MypayMylife? Is MypayMylife.com a Scam or Legit?

  1. Mpho

    Hi Philip,

    I’m also MLC victim. I still have details of person I sent money to, but it was via FNB. You reckon I can try my luck with fnb to give money back? The person I sent money does not want to entertain my issue.
    There’s a new stokvel that I suspect is formed by Olsen/Mafikiri called Dream Chasers…the set up is similar to mlc. Also Lifegoals.co.za similar to mlc. Warn people, please Philip.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Mpho,

      First off, I am deeply grateful for the tip off regarding lifegoals! Thank you so much. I took your advice and did a post on them yesterday, and per my keywords, landed page 1 position = Keywords are = what is lifegoals.co.za. They are not getting a lot of traffic but if they are as successful as they were with MLC247 then that will soon change.

      You can find that review here = http://scamdetector.siterubix.com/what-is-lifegoals-co-za-lifegoals-co-za-is-mlc247-again .You are more than welcome to leave a comment for people that may not have had any contact with the crooks.

      Regarding DreamChasers – was not able to find that site. Do you have a URL for them please Mpho? Soon as I can locate that site I can write on them as well.

      Much appreciated Mpho and looking forward to hearing from you soon.



      Regarding FNB, You can always ask them for sure especially if you got legit bank details. However, I really do not know. No harm in trying I guess, and, why not let me know how that turns out please. Thank you.


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