What Is MyHerbalife.com? Scam or Legit!

By | February 1, 2018

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams

Investigation into MyHerbalife.com

What Is MyHerbalife.com and Why Did the FTC Investigate Them.

Come across and asking What Is MyHerbalife.com, is MyHerbalife.com a scam, is MyHerbalife a Pyramid Scheme etc. In my unaffiliated, unbiased review I will answer those questions while finding data on owner ID, FTC Investigation and is it actually running an illegal operation online since 1998 and only coming to light now. Though a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company, its ‘legality’, is under heavy fire of late. Let us find out if it is even profitable to join herbalife.com and its primary source of income for distributors despite their product ranges.

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Original Founder of MyHerbalife

Website:- www.herbalife.com.

Founder:- Mark Reynolds Hughes – 1956/2000. Owned by Herbalife International America, Inc.

CEO:- Michael O Johnson.

Fee’s:- Minimum $60 – Comes with Many Nasty Up Sales!


#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.

Answering What Is MyHerbalife.com and is it a Pyramid Scheme – Including Back Ground Check!

What is MyHerbalife.com is simply myherbalife login page or sign up page. It is owned by the same people as herbalife.com. You can sign up as a ‘Preferred Member’, meaning as a customer, or a Distributor to sell on product where you need your sponsors referral ID to do so.

Current CEO is, as mentioned, Michael O Johnson whom vigorously denies Herbalife is a Pyramid Scheme (Which, I 100% assure you, it absolutely is!) and who’s members exaggerate claims of product health benefits such as:-






I will compile a few more of ridiculous and unproven claims at the bottom of this post – It is GOING TO BE HILARIOUS 🙂 .

To complete the check on them, in WHOIS, founder name is not disclosed and all other details seem legit. However, Founder is clearly find able online and attaches his name to the company.


So, why is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Members are sold a ‘dream’ of a life if you join them. YOU can be your own boss, set your own hours and live a great life just by selling their healthy living food and drink ranges and referring others. Sadly though, once you get hooked with a low starter fee of just $60, the up sales go way up!


Here is how it works:- There are several levels to buy products on. Each higher level (increasing buying more and more in bulk) brings big savings on products. Thus, when you sell on that product per retail price you are to be good profits! That’s the plan in theory.

In my research I have come across reports of its members who have their Garages Full of Herbalife Products that THEY CAN NOT SELL! This is called ‘Garage Approved’ and a term coined for failed MLM Members of any kind.

At such a point the member makes a huge loss and quite as they have run out of money. We also have to consider the expiration dates and so I imagine many products were just thrown out.


Some Key Points on their website regarding making money:-

  • Most members join just to get the products at a discounted rate.
  • Many join to make a ‘little extra cash’ by selling to family and friends.
  • Per their site only 14% of their participants in the USA (78,000) made a minimum of One Referral and. 39,000 people, give or take, make above $245 in earnings – FOR A WHOLE YEARS WORK IN 2015!!!
  • Only 10% (780)made above 4K! Still, not worth your while for a years work and is a ‘slave wage‘ to say the least.
  • Only 1% (780 people) made above 82KAFTER BEING WITH THEM BETWEEN 3/35 YEARS – AVERAGE IS 13 YEARS!


As we can plainly see – money floats to the top members, hence a Pyramid Scheme. Very few members make any real money by selling the products they have bought. In particular, YouTube the Latinos Community complaints of being pulled in by friends, and getting into horrific debt. There are many tearful testimonies of this nature!

Many former members have come out on camera and said that the only real way to make money is to make referrals. Once your referrals start selling products then you get a commission for that. When their referrals sell products you still make commission. Per my understanding, this continues right through your down lines. Selling products does not even make you enough money to pay ANY bills!! I am STUNNED this is allowed to be ‘labeled’ as ‘legal’.

SO! Real Income for Distributors comes from new sign ups, without which, the whole program collapses leaving many without profit – wellthey are already doing that anyways.




Bill Auckman, an American Hedge Fund CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management USA, put out rumors that Herbalife was Pyramid Scheme. The conspiracy goes that many, after this rumor was spread, called the FTC (Federal Trade Commission who’s sole purpose is to protect consumers and prevent coercive monopolies) to tell them this.

Bill Auckman was accused of spreading this rumor in light of the fact he placed a 1 BILLION DOLLAR GAMBLE AGAINST HERBAL LIFE STOCK PRICES FALLING! This clearly shows motive and ads credence to his accusers who say he did this to MANIPULATE THE STOCK MARKETS!

The FTC had no choice but to investigate. After one year of doing so they said that Herbalife is not a Pyramid Scheme, but made a fatal ‘slip’ when they said they basically are a Pyramid Scheme. Keep in mind as well Herbalife has/had at least TWO FORMER STAFF MEMBERS OF THE FTC WORKING IN THEIR COMPANY.

Below is a fatal answer from FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez when asked that they admit Herbalife has all the hall marks of a pyramid scheme. 





SO, they intended to be a pyramid scheme?

For me, that is the final nail in the coffin for this ‘MLM’!! BELOW I shall collate a list of ridiculous claims by the company in the past and by its members desperate to sell products.



Unproven and Ridiculous Health Claims!

Before we begin this journey into madness, you should know, it is illegal under FDA Regulations to make deceptive and misleading claims about one’s products. Herbal Life has been doing this for decades. They were taken to court and ordered to STOP MAKING FALSE CLAIMS of this nature. They still persist in lying to the public openly and without regard to consequences.!!

I will now provide a list of the most and hilarious health claims made by this company and its members sourced online. I will leave attribution. Enjoy! 🙂 .



Comical Claims by MyHerbalife Members



  1. My asthma and bronchitis completely went away and never come back. I have never had another asthma attack since I have been taking the product“. Facts About Herbalife YouTube Channel.
  2. I haven’t had a migraine in over six years. It’s definitely because of the products.” Sourced as above.
  3. I had no more problems with my stomach. I mean like, in two days, I felt like a different human.” Sourced as above.
  4. You know what, you can literally eat all day, and fat literally melts away with these programs.(LOL!). Sourced above
  5. This is an incredible product for women, its get rid of the cellulite from right here.” (motioning to thighs, sides etc. Sourced above.
  6. I was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia.” (opening in diaphragm)and an ulcer in my esophagus. After starting using our nutritional products I was able to get off all medication.” All statements fly against very specific regulations about making false claims to cure conditions and false claims of weight loss despite calorie intake. Sourced from above.
  7. Whether they are looking for weight loss, looking for energy, looking for their skin to feel better, better heart health, brain health. Right here.CEO Michael O Johnsonall statements thus far are breaking the law.



I think you get the picture and I did not have to look far to find these false claims in one video.



Smiley face with love hearts floating.


  • Earn Money From All Down Lines.
  • Potentially Lucrative For Some.
  • Two Ways of Earning Money.
  • Gives Out Full Refund In The First Year.




round face with look of disgust and a stitched up mouth


  • Makes illegal health benefit claims without proof.
  • Puts heavy emphasis on recruiting new distributors rather than on selling products.
  • 99% of distributors rake in less than minimum wage.
  • 88% of distributors earn nothing.
  • Products are nearly impossible to sell per members experiences.
  • Members are training to lie to new recruits about their experiences on selling and earning.
  • Earnings are grossly exaggerated.
  • Herbal Life (prior to FTC Investigation) did not keep any distributor product selling stats records to prove the sell ability success of their ranges to new distributors.
  • Powerful friends to lobby on their behave.
  • FTC stopped short of calling them a Pyramid Scheme and was happy with 200 million dollars out of court settlement! By doing so, and admitting they are a Pyramid Scheme – WITHOUT SAYING THE WORDS ‘PYRAMID SCHEME’ – HAVE NEGATED THEIR OWN MISSION STATEMENT THUS THEIR PURPOSE. IN 4 DECADES THEY HAVE ONLY INVESTIGATED ABOUT TWO DOZEN MLMS! THAT IS A LOW SCORE FOR ME. HERBAL STILL CONTINUES!!!  🙁 . One can hope they no longer make such claims presently.




4th of April 1985, Herbalife made some exaggerated statements – see below:-


Fictitious Claims by Herbalife in 1984.



As you can see, they started lying way back in the 1980S, AND HAVE NOT STOPPED SINCE!





SCAM RATING:- 45/100 FOR LASTING 3 DECADES – DESPITE CLAIMS OF BEING AN ILLEGAL PYRAMID! PUTS INSANE EMPHASIS ON RECRUITING. NOT PROFITABLE AND HAS DAMAGED MILLIONS OF LIVES OF ALL AGES GLOBALLY!! However, they are legit and not a scam as they have made people money. What is the difference between those that were successful and those that weren’t? The successful ones had training in SEO! With such training only then could I recommend them as their products do have a Global Demand.



Have Your Say about MyHerbalife.com



THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Did you join the site I just reviewed? What was your experience? Did you earn or did you lose a lot of money as many have? Where did the emphasis lie – on sales of products or new distributors? Whatever your story, opinion etc you are most welcome to leave that below to help others stay out of harms way. Their up sales levels has people spending thousands that they do not have and still earn nothing. Now that I have answered What Is MyHerbalife.com, and revealed how destructive and misleading they are, I do hope you make a decision that is best for you. I welcome all your comments and look forward to them below 🙂 .




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52 thoughts on “What Is MyHerbalife.com? Scam or Legit!

  1. Dira

    I have heard of Herbalife before. There was a period when everyone at the office was into shakes and I remember that brand. During that period I was one of two people at the office who ate sandwiches and didn’t join the “Shake club.
    It is shocking to hear that they are so powerful that despite all evidence they are still running. But I believe that there will come a time where they won’t be able to stand tall anymore.
    Luckily I didn’t come across its affiliate program. but I can identify with the victims. There was a time where I didn’t know much about the dangers online and unfortunately, I came across a few scams that took a lot of my money. I wish I had sites like yours where I could be prepared for the dangers online.
    It is funny and sad at the same time to read about the health claims because while they are funny there are people who believe those claims, use the products and at the end stay with long-term health consequences thanks to the scammers. Health is sacred and is not something to play with.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dira,

      Yeah, I found the health benefits of Herbalife quite funny as they are not backed by Proof. I am not saying this for all of their products just that they should’t be saying without proof.

      Thanks again Dira.

  2. Ahmad Ballard

    Hey Philip, thanks for sharing another blog informing us on another scam online. Herbal life is something I’m staying far away from!!! Everyone needs to get with Wealthy Affiliate, and avoid these online rip-offs. Thanks again, and continue to work hard, you are doing well!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ahmad,

      I was surprised at Herbalife actually, and even wondered if I was too hard on them. However, with such obvious and intentional misleading campaigns, I no longer worry about it. I will never see Herbalife in the same light ever again. I always thought they were legit until I did my research.

      Thank you for your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate as they really do provide an excellent opportunity to make money online.

  3. Kseniya

    I have a personal experience with Herbalife! When I was in college, a recruiter wanted to recruit me into this scam! It took a few phone calls going back and forth to understand what the company is, does, etc. Actually, the second time I called her back, I didn’t leave a message and she called me back, screaming at me over the phone! All of this fuse was because I was acting “unprofessional” because I didn’t leave her a VM back. It was nuts and from there I decided if their so-called employees act like this, I want absolutely NOTHING to do with this company. Interesting enough, the supplements they sell aren’t completely “pure.” I’m really into nutrition and understand the importance of “vitamin brands” because most health companies (including herbalife) use fillers and added chemicals to their products – so you’re really not getting what you pay for! Always, always research the brand before buying and ingesting vitamins! TIP: the higher the price, the better purity – usually.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kseniya,

      That was an insane story about one of the representatives of Herbalife and actually screams OCCULT to me! So weird to behave to a young stranger at the time the way she did – SCREAMING AT YOU!! I don’t blame you from running away from something like that. That is messed up.

      Ah yes, this has been mentioned in this forum, and it is great to have it re-confirmed. I may do a really solid article on the legitimacy of their ingredients for some of their top selling products some time. Higher the price the purer it is- I will always keep that in mind and may feature it in another article some time.

      Thanks again Kseniya 🙂 .

  4. Kody

    Thank you for your post, I did not realize about the scams, lucky I have never heard of them until now. I am apart of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it!

  5. Austeja

    I have been a part of couple of MLMs but never part of Myherbalife. I never expected them to be a scam. To me they always sounded like another company using the MLM scheme.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Austeja,

      I think, one day, all MLM’s will be illegal. Its business model is too weak for all to have a fair shot at earning money. The weakness? Near Sole dependency on getting new sign ups!

      Thank you for your comment Austeja.

  6. Nathan

    I can really relate to this. Although I never did Herbalife (always thought the pay system was shady) I did promote Thrive for about a year. I did it because it really did bring me out of a funk that I was in and still use it to this day although I no longer actively promote it.

    I realize that in order to make a good living you have to depend to much on the people that you bring in under you and finding people that may have the same passion as you is extremely rare! This makes it very very difficult to climb that ladder, so to speak. You will constantly be back filling holes in your downline from people dropping out and this gets very frustrating after awhile.

    I really found the part about the medical claims very interesting because as a Thrive promoter, if there was one thing we were not to do it was to not make ANY medical claims what so ever!

    The one positive that came out of doing this kind of program is that it did give me very good experience as far as what it takes and some of the challenges that you will run into as a home business owner.

    I remember hearing about this lawsuit though so it was interesting to read the details about in this article so thanks for the good read!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nathan,

      Thank you very much for you indepth overview of my article. I too was shocked to hear herbalife was being investigated, though that is over now, but more shocked that they got away with it. 200 Mill get out of jail card – sounds about right in our current global moral climate.

      Thanks again Nathan.

  7. Danny

    Philip ! You have a great post, thanks for letting me see these scams.
    I’m glad you suggested Wealthy affiliate, That’s the best way to learn and get rich
    thank you !

  8. Danny

    Philip ! You have a great post, thanks for letting me see these scams. I’m glad you suggested Wealthy affiliate, That’s the best way to learn and get rich

    thank you !

  9. Davona

    Hey! I remember Herbalife! I was approached plenty of times by friends and family trying to get me to sell it with them. Even had some people i knew taking it. I never knew they were found Scammy, lol. Great read!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Davona,

      Thank you very much for your comment and yes some are reporting they have had some kind of contact with Herbalife in the real world. Its bad news and people are just manic to recruit others as that is the main source of income despite their vast range of products! Does not say too much for what they sell.

  10. Ileana

    OHHHHH herbalife… i have some experience with this, i never joined them, in fact i don’t believe on brands that claim to help you reduce fat or health problems if you buy their producs (amway for example).

    Herbalife was a boom in my country Venezuela, it was a way around the dollar restriction. Anyway Herbalife became a sect, everyone selling herbalife would do anything to get you into it, they lied about the product and they lied so much it became their reality. You could see them everywhere, in conventions that had nothing to do with health, malls, people walking around with the jackets, hats, even earrings…There was no way you could have a normal conversation with someone who was into herbalife cause as soon as he had the chance, he would sell you this crap. I personally lost friends because of this.

    Herbalife is a brainwash.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ileana,

      OMG, I am stunned! I’d say Herbalife could put any religious fanatic to shame. Thank you very much for experience surrounding herbalife products and the effects it has on people. However, I was sorry to hear you actually lost friends due to these guys. That is never nice for sure.



  11. Fai

    Hey, thank you so much on the review. A few years back, my mom wanted to start the herbalife business. But she stopped after a while. After reading your review i get a brief idea what it is all about. Thank you so much for enlightening me!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fai,

      Your Mum probably quickly realized, like so many others do not, that it is indeed a bloody scam! Herbalife is only interested about their changing their own lives at the expense of others whom do not have the capital to lose!

      Big scam,



  12. peter

    Very thoughtful of you Philip to broadly explain the hidden truth about Myherbalife.com, I must say i have not heard of them but i do know of MMM, which is similar in service to this. The fact is that online business creates so much avenues for people to earn money. So some people trickily would want to use that as advantage to themselves against the disadvantages of others. Though MyHerbaLife.com could be a genuine site and business, but its motives is really anti-people.
    A lot of people have shield themselves away from online business because of these issues. I am happy you thoroughly reviewed their service here for others to learn from. And more interestingly is your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate program, indeed it is worth belonging to.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Peter,

      The operating deception behind myherbalife and MMM is they are both pyramid schemes, though, their produc/services could not be more dissimiliar.

      Yes, I totally agree that these companies give legit online opportunities a very bad name and this is why I am going on an all war against these clowns as they rip apart peoples hopes and dreams as their CHOSEN profession.

      Thanks for your comment Peter.

  13. asen

    Hello there,

    I’ve heard of Herbal Life before and to be honest I though that it is a company worth checkin out.
    However, one should always be careful and do a nice steady research before deciding to take the plunge and jump in.
    That is why I love your detailed explanation about its pros and cons.
    Thanks for the insightful piece!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi asen

      I thought Herbalife was one of the most Legit Companies in the World, so, YOU CAN IMAGINE MY SURPRISE DURING MY RESEARCH!

      Every word in my post in written in REAL PER MY RESEARCH as I uncover more and more, it took hours, but it was worth it in the end 🙂 .

      People always need to do some research before whipping out their credit cards etc.

      Thanks asen and take care.

  14. Jasmere

    That’s crazy! I always assumed they were reputable but from what I read, now I’m beginning to think twice about that. That’s unfortunate. What do you think will become of this case?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jasmere,

      Legally Herbalife is a reputable company. However, since most people won’t earn anything approaching an income to help with bills etc, per time and collossal investment, then yes it is a SCAM! Stay well a way.

      Thank you for your comment Jasmere.

  15. akbar zaib

    It is so unfortunate that the website is still attracting so many innocent people to buy their products and become members. This is mostly because of those ridiculous & hilarious comments coming from paid actors.
    But luckily, there are people like you who do research and spend their time on checking the legitimacy of these products.
    Thank you so much for exposing these of scams and educating people about them. I really appreciate your post.
    Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Akbar,

      Good point and one I totally FORGOT to mention! TOP ACTORS are going on TV and endorsing this horrible company. The likes of CHUCK NORRIS for instance is blabbing on about how wonderful Herbalife is being a distributor! Like he really needs the money to be roping in other people whom have far less in life.

      I always recommend people do their homework and simply Google all such opportunities no matter how legit they seem to be. There are millions of bloggers like me online that have already done and verified their research to ensure people have a good understanding of what they are getting themselves into.

      Thanks again askar and I hope to hear from you again.

  16. stefanie

    Hi Philip, I actually looked in depth into Herbalife products not too long ago, just for the hell of it really, and you know what I found shocked me. A lot of their supplements and shakes were FULL of chemicals. Nasty, harmful, cheap, disgusting chemicals. I actually laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe they had the bare faced cheek to call this a health product! How they get away with it is beyond me. It infuriates me so much that they take so little responsibility and I am glad you are calling them out on it.
    For anybody reading this and thinking of joining Herbalife then please don’t. Instead build out your own reputable, long term business on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate and give people something that will actually make their lives better. You get all the training you need and it is easy, even if you know nothing about technology (like me). There is a great community that will help you with any questions you may have and you can even join WA for free and try it out first. I cannot recommend it enough!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stefanie,

      Thank you very much for your exquisite knowledge about Myherbalife.com (herbalife.com – same thing). I never ever thought of doing an article from that angle and might do some research along those lines.

      SO! I am surprised that your research turned up nasty chemicals in their products – makes me wonder how the FDA even approved of them per their Herbalife’s mantra of ‘healthy products’. Unbelievable! A true case of real world endorsed by some of the highest echelons of power on the planet.

      Thank you once again Stefanie for your invaluable insight.

  17. hong

    At one point I was so desperate for money. I came across herbal life several years ago. I almost fell for it. I was so broke back then and I didn’t sign up. When I landed on your page, I was like thank god. I didn’t fall for it. Some of the claims are so ridiculous. Thank you for sharing this information. You are helping many people from becoming a potential victim of these scams. I always enjoy reading your article. I am looking forward to your next post.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hong,

      For years I have seen Herbalife all over FB and I always thought they looked really good and even approved one such posts in one of my groups.

      How wrong was I! I only intended to do a ‘review’ on Herbalife. I NEVER EVER THOUGHT I’D FIND WHAT I FOUND!!! BIT SHOCK FOR ME AS WELL 🙁 .

      Thanks for letting us all know your experience and I am sure it will go a long ways to helping other decide for themselves regarding our opinions. Thanks again.



  18. Rick

    I have used herbalife before. A trainer recommend it and I so I started using it. The ones we used did have great flavor but you have made me step back and take another look at the product again. Thanks

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rick,

      I have no doubt that their products would have to taste good to be consumed. Only problem I have is the ‘fantastical’ unfounded health benefits they are so prone to make about Herbalife products. I mean, they were warned in court to stop that, and even the CEO is still breaking that court order – its wild how they are getting away with it.

      I would say, ask them for the science behind the claims they make on that particular product. If the claims are valid for that drink – then it is valid for that drink. There can be disputing after proof per claim has been established.

      Thank you very much Rick for your comment and hope to see you again soon.



  19. Carl

    Hi there. I have seen some of these people with their cars all painted up with Herbalife ads and have always wondered how they feel when they don’t make all the money that is promised when u sign up with them. I have heard some horror stories too from friends of a friend who was in Herbalife and lost almost everything they had because of it. It is really good to have reviews like this one that will warn people of some of the scammers out there so thanks very much for this. The fact that u get commissions from your referrals then their referrals and so on is a huge sign that they are a Pyramid scheme as far as I am concerned.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carl,

      Oh God, I can only imagine the losses those people suffered! Because, In order to get bulk product cheaper from Herlife, you MUST PAY MORE and continue to PURCHASE MORE PRODUCT REGULARLY SO AS TO STILL QUALIFY FOR THAT LEVEL!

      Ugg, once you invest a couple of grand, I guess for many, they become all in – in the hopes – that it will turn out OK.

      Yeah, infinite commissions on downlines is big scam sign for a pyramid scheme for sure. And since they put incredible emphasis on new recruits and is the main source of income for distributors in Herbalife, without which the whole show collapses (because their products are so hard to shift) then they are also a ponzi scheme! A double nightmare for any MLM’er wannabe.

      Thanks Carl for your comment and hope to hear from you soon.



  20. Donovan

    I have known of Herbalife for a few years now and there was a Netflix documentary that first opened up my eyes to what exactly they were all about. Surprisingly enough I had a co-worker who was buying their products, to consume and not resale, which did not last long. I think people need to do their due diligence and research these possible “life-changing” opportunities further before diving in and investing large sums of money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Donovan,

      Their products e.g. a box of powdered soup (which was likened to “rhino ejaculate” by one YouTube Channel) costs a small fortune and does not last.

      I agree with you that people need not get sucked into all the ‘hype’ and do some research to try and dis-empower these vampires.

      Thanks for your comment Donovan.

  21. Anna

    Very informative! Its sucks to hear about all the people that “failed” and wasted their time and money on companies like this.. Its sometimes easy to fall into these traps – thats why research is so important before jumping into anything.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Anna,

      Yes, I do feel for all those people who signed up through MyHerbalife.com and lost thousands of dollars to Herbalife selling their very shady products. It is always recommended to just Google any company you are not too sure about and look out for reviews. If you spot too many BAD reviews on a company, chances are, they are no good.

  22. Simon

    It simply baffles my how Herbalife is allowed to keep trading, your review spotlights on how much of a scam this business is. To be fined this amount by the authorities for misleading information including a business that clearly operates on a pyramid scheme basis yet is allowed to keep trading certainly raises eyebrows notwithstanding the big question: Why?
    Thanks for clarifying this scam, I will stay clear,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Simon,

      Its borderline insanity! Money seems to cover many levels of corruption our World for sure. You ain’t got it they will throw the book at you and say cases like Herbalife are a different situation – B.S responses!

      It does annoy me to say the least to see ANOTHER example of criminality activity but no recourse even when the authorities knows what is going on – Stinks to High Heaven of a Cover Up!!!

      Thanks again Simon for stopping by and I do appreciate your comment.



  23. Belle

    I disagree with Herbalife purely on it’s weight-loss claims, after reading this I’m so glad people are seeing through them!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Belle,

      Yup, MyHerbalife.com, or Herbalife.com, has been making outlandish healthy claims on their products since the 1980s!! Amazing they are still getting a way with it for so long after the FTC buckled for 200 Million Dollars out of court settlement.

  24. Tammy

    Love your site! Thank you for all the research you do on these terrible scams. I’ll be sure to stay away from this one. I’m glad you recommend Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the best for training and learning how to create an online business.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tammy,

      Thank you very much for your comment on MyHerbalife.com and yes Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation for very good reasons 🙂 .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nikola,

      Thank you and I am glad you found my article on MyHerbalife.com interesting.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  25. Daniel

    One of the most informative websites on online scams I’ve come across. Thank you for your work!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you very much for your endorsement and I am delighted you found the answers you were looking for.




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