What Is MoneyMyLife.com? Is MoneyMyLife.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 10, 2017

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Complete Answer To What Is MoneyMyLife.com

Would you like to Earn $50/$100 Per Day with MoneyMyLife.com? Well, it is a scam! I will show you, really, What Is MoneyMyLife.com answering why is MoneyMyLife a scam with overwhelming and damning proof and reasoning! Money My Life is no more REAL than the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus and I will submit to you excellent reasons why. Reason One being is the Owner of MoneyMyLife has other online scams that operate to defraud in the same fashion. As their site’s may aesthetically change from time to time the defrauding process is always the same. I recommend you stay clear of them and I will be adding them to my SCAM SITES list!!

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Online ID and What Is MoneyMyLife.com.

The ‘who’ of MoneyMyLife.com is difficult to answer as they have all of their ID Online hidden. A quick search on WHOIS reveals the Founder name is no where to be seen, email is hidden and fake is completely fake! The date of the site’s creation is the 19/8/2017 which makes it a new site with a stinking reputation online already. Disastrously Impressive!

MoneyMyLife is a site that offers payments for doing ‘TASKS’. You will be compensated per task and it is Free to Sign Up, with a Bonus of $25, for doing so. Once joined, you will find no tasks or very few indeed, but the whole idea behind MoneyMyLife, is they want you to share your affiliate link. This will be the bulk, if not, the only work you will do. You are advised to share your link everywhere such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, chat rooms and all this takes so much of your time.

When you make a referral successfully you will be credited with $10 to your account. Some of their site’s, which you can find an up to date listing of here at bestcashjob, will also offer $5 just for getting someone to click on your link and sending them to their site’s. That is a lot for just getting someone to visit. The minimum pay out is usually $150 to $300, of which both figures are ridiculously high, and you may ask for your cash at this point.


MoneyMyLife.com Home Page to Login in or Register



They cash is paid out monthly via PayPal, Payza, Cheque and Money Gram between the 24th/26th. Should your account remain inactive for 30 days they will seize your monies. Upon application of your request for your cash they will give you some options. These options, of which only one will be presented, must be completed and actually PAID FOR BY YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET! Such ‘tasks’ might be to complete an OFFER, SURVEY or UPGRADE your account. This is how they make money out of you and your referrals as they will make commissions from the site’s you were directed to.

When you pay they will lock you out of your account. Your account can never be deleted by you to allow your referrals to think you are still there and active. Their site’s download malware to steal your data for fraudulent purposes and your details, the ones you submitted at sign up, will be sold for a price to people online.

NO one has ever been paid my MoneyMyLife or any of the owners site’s. All payment proofs are fake!

Many of their site’s make extraordinary claims of riches in no time, telling me further, that they are not real and fake as anything. Such figures include $50 per hour. $1200 from your first day! All bogus claims. You may wish to do a Google search and find the many complaints of no pay outs from their very unhappy users. Please see one example below:-



No Payout Complaints from MoneyMyLife.com

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It is always a real treat to hear from you 🙂 🙂! Were you unlucky enough to sign up and get scammed by the site in my review? You can further expose them, in the comment box below, to help warn others. I, personally, have been scammed before and so know the utter 🙁 disappointment that comes with it. The only way to reduce online fraud, well one way anyways, is to make as many people as possible aware of them. This can be achieved by everyone telling their own stories within articles like mine. Regarding What Is MoneyMyLife.com I am sure there is no confusion to their nature and ill intentions towards their members. I thank you kindly for reading my article and can not wait for your comments. Until next time, stay safe online everyone and report what you find suspicious to me! CHEERS!!



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